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Amazing Indoor Rainforest 750 Gallon Vivarium Tropica Moss Unboxing

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MAG: Hey, guys. This is MAG from The Rainforest Exhibit. Today, we have something really special. We just received- Well, everything is special in this thing, but today we received a big box of aquatic plants from Kyle who is the CEO Of the North American branch of, and we’re really excited about this. Now I have to be honest. I did a take earlier and I cut the tape and I looked inside. Then I said, “Oh my Gosh, I got to reposition the camera because there is a ton of stuff in here".

I can't even believe how many things he sent us. Kyle, I personally thank you so much. We really, really appreciate all your help. All the sponsors have been great. I am just calling out Kyle right now because he really sent us a lot and I was really taken aback by how much he helped us out with. I already cut the box, I am going to open it now and let you guys see what we have. I have it on, turn on the GoPro so you could see the box from the top, and it’s right there. Here we go.

They put it in a nice, like a refrigerated box. Holy cow. Are you looking at this? This is about 18 inches deep. Well, let’s say, 16 inches deep, this box. Hold on. I’ll tell you right now. It’s a foot across, and about 16 inches deep by 20 inches across, and it’s full. Come out. Here are the little flat packs. This is Taxiphyllum. Am I pronouncing right? Spiky, it’s called. I think I saw this on their website, and I think this is a moss that grows up, like a tree is almost.

It’s neat but they are actually a ton in here, and there’s different kinds. No, this is a Taxiphyllum and I’m just going to take all of them out. You can see it from this video, how many, from the GoPro. No, there’s different kinds. Taxiphyllum and then there is-- I am terrible with these names. Vasicularia, I think that is. I am going to separate those. There’s a bunch of these Taxiphyllum. I am going to put there. That’s there. Let’s see, yes.

This is amazing. Thank you so much, Kyle. That was so cool. We really appreciate everything you sent us. You can see how many there are. They’re all flat packs of moss. All this moss is going to grow on the branches that are in the water system. I’m just going to lay it all out there, put it out on rocks, on branches. I am going to tie it with a thread onto the branches to hold it in there, and that’s it. Pretty cool, yes? Check it out. Is that crazy? I got to get going.

All right. Anyways, I use this to move a lot of the gravel because it had all that treated water in it. We’re going to go for the Taxiphyllum. Smells good. Look at that, they’re gorgeous. All right. I have just a little, I am going to put it here. Is this shut off? Weighing it down. I want to put a little bit here.


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