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Aquarium Fish Update

By King of DIY on

Who sent this? This week I've been working on the Discus tank as well as the Angel fish tank and I'm happy to say that those are scaped and ready to go, for the most part, and ready to add some fish. Few little more things I want to do there. That video will have to wait. I thought I'd be done by today to start showing you guys some of that stuff, but I'm not.

In today's video I'm just going to show you the fish. We'll do a quick update.

Also got some mail from you guys that we're going to unbox, see what's in there pretty excited about that. I won't lie. Let's get started, of course, we'll start up with the African Cichlids, the peacock tank. I got to admit, this is definitely one of my favorite tanks in the gallery right now. I've been saying that with every tank I set up and you guys are actually saying it with me.

Like this is my new favorite tank for now until we set up the next tank and I'm really excited about that means a whole lot to me to know that you guys are enjoying these tanks. With that said, these guys are doing really, really well. Getting along, nobody really getting beat up. Nobody's really creating territories.

I will say that this guy is the boss for the most part, but time will tell and let them settle in a little bit more, but they are eating well and they are doing really well, as well. Then, of course, the Tropheus tank, this is not my favorite tank right now. I love the background and I love the rocks and I love the overall look, simplicity of it.

I love how easy it is to take care of, but they're so small and it's so difficult for me to kind of give you guys an idea of what these guys are truly going to look like when they become adults. When they do become adult this will probably be my favorite tank out of the two, but we're going to continue to say that and which one's your favorite and I like this one or that one for different reasons, but it's really exciting to say the least.

With that said, they're all eating well. They're all doing well. They're all active. There are no signs of any issues. You will see them kind of nipping at the rocks and stuff these guys are an algae eater. That's what they're looking for. There is no algae in the tank.

One of the secrets to Tropheus, if you don't have a lot of experience with them is to toss them into an established aquarium that has algae growing all over the place they'll clean it up in no time, but, yes, again, not enough algae in here at all. I haven't been cleaning the tank. I'm hoping that nitrates will start to build up and we can start to grow some algae, but give it more time, and we'll go from there.

This tank has a light on it now. I've been wanting to show you guys this background for a while. This is actually going to be the Uaru tank or another South American tank. We'll be putting the Uaru in here as well as a few other types of Cichlids, and some Cory Dora as well as some Tetras and we're going to scape it obviously. There's no substrate in it and no scaping right now, but you just kind of get a look at these detail in this aqua decor background.

Absolutely stunning. When I look at this background and we kind of dim the camera down and kind of make it a little bit darker. I can do that with the lights, but I'm really thinking that this is going to be a dark looking tank. I think that's what I want to do with this. I think it would look amazing like that. That's one of the things that each tank is going to kind of present something different.

They're not all going to have the same brightness of lights or the same look or feel. I want everyone to be a different slice of somewhere else. This tank is definitely an awesome example of what we could possibly do. And of course Frank. Frank's always got to be in the limelight.

He's got a bit of a spotlight there. I'm just messing around with his lighting right now. If you haven't guessed it all the tanks have new lighting on them. I'm just kind of playing around with them. If you're not familiar with Frank, Frank's my Flower horn. Frank likes to do three things. He likes to do barrel rolls. He likes for me to play with him and pet him and he pretends he's going to bite me. He never has, but his ultimate favorite thing is to eat.

That's all he wants to do and I usually feed him right up here. He's always down there, look, come here. Glad, he's still my little friend. Frank, can you do a barrel roll right quick? Come on. Come on Frank. I don't got all day, do a barrel roll. Yes. [chuckles] You guys have seen him do it goes up in a circle upside down. There he goes. [laughs]

Now, the angelfish tank is blacked out right now. I'm still working on that. The wood started floating. I got frustrated and just left it. I'm going to wait a couple days for the wood to sink. That's the real reason we're not talking about this tank today is because I don't want to sink it down with rocks it just ruins the entire appearance, but within a few days that's going to sink and then we're going to come back and do that.

Discus tank is almost ready for fish. If you could take a look at this background though and the way it looks it's pretty awesome. This is the mail we're going to be opening, but, yes, this is going to look awesome. Right now there's just some substrate in here. This tank went through a massive amount of changes earlier in the week. There's still some things I want to show you and talk about before we make it final, but right now it's not done. Let's just put it that way.

I just really, really, really like this background and these branches that are kind of coming up from the substrate there. We're getting a little bit of daylight on this tank right now as well as some of the lights that are on it, but I'm going to be messing around with a bunch of that, but it definitely looks really good.

But if you can get an idea of the contrast and lighting and how they're kind of lit up and look it's going to be pretty amazing. Then, of course, the rainbow fish tank, these guys clearly are always hungry. The moss is just going nuts though if we look here. This is that flame moss if you guys remember how it was when we first set it up compared to right now. You can see that it's clearly just completely filled in.

I haven't done any maintenance on this tank whatsoever, so we do have a little bit of algae growing here and there, there is some fish waste scattered on the floor of the tank, but I had the wave makers shutoff right now because the moss is doing well, but the Val back here isn't growing as fast as I'd like it to and because of that, I think I just kind of chose the wrong plant.

It's not as fast growing as I liked it to be. It's not finishing off the tank fast enough and to be honest with you, this section of the tank is going to cause me more problems than it's worth. It's putting a lot of nutrients in the tank. It's not really adding that much to the tank. I think what I might do is simply remove this part of the tank, completely remove it, and then move all the wood back.

We'll still get this look, but we won't have to deal with this stuff down here. I don't know. I'd like to see what you guys think though. I think I'm definitely going to do it. I think it'll look pretty awesome. I think I might even add in some more wood and cover it with some more moss or potentially add in some different types of plants, but we'll see in time.

That's one of the things that I'm going to change about this tank. The fish though, these guys, even though they're really small, they're starting to exhibit some good color which is a nice sign. This guy here is a male. We got some females in there that are lighter in color, but with 200 of these guys it's difficult to appreciate individuals, but once they start really putting on the size, doubling and tripling in size, we'll dwindle this pack down and will make it a lot less busier in this tank in terms of being so chaotic, but these guys are absolutely insane. This tank is by far the funnest tank to be around. These guys will follow me everywhere.

Now the 2000 Asian Arowana is doing fine. This guy is, or this girl has been an absolute treat to have in this tank. She'll eat anything. Anything at all, whether it's pellets, flakes whatever the rays eat, whatever I put in this tank she will eat it. That's pretty awesome. One of the things about this tank though is, I've been letting the algae cover the back. I think I want to see what it looks like with the entire back covered in algae like basically turning green.

Now algae is ugly, but it's also beneficial. It removes nitrates from the tank, makes it easier to maintain and whatnot. Yes, there's not a whole lot to update on this tank and to be honest with you it's kind of difficult to think straight when you're sick, but Rays are doing great. We've got two here, and then one under the sand at the back there. Probably just resting a little bit, but these guys are doing awesome.

The Pearl, again, getting quite large always looking like she changing the patterns on her back and whatnot, really great fish. I can't wait to see what she looks like long-term. Yes, love this tank. Again, I'm just going to try to see what it looks like with the algae. It's not a big deal. I couldn't find my scrubber anyways and before I knew it algae started to grow on the back so I said, “You know what let's just see what it looks like.” It's not that bad.

It'll be a more natural color and beneficial in the long run, but again let's see what will happen and see what it looks like and of course all the Discus and the other Pearl Stingray in quarantine or the grow-out. This tank doesn't have a light on it. It's going to be difficult to show you guys what's going on in here, but the little baby pearl is still here, still doing okay. It's going to be a while before she goes into the 2000.

I think she'll stay out here for a few more months. Discus can go out to that tank almost any day now, but if you remember when we unboxed them compared to now they're almost a completely different fish. They're coloring up. They're far more comfortable in the tank. They look really good. Still have all 16 of them, but they're going to look absolutely stunning in that tank. These guys are red. I think I'm going to add in with them, maybe some cardinals or some neons, but I'd like some blue tetra to go in with them. Then of course down low another quarantine tank. No light on this tank but all the angels are fine. This is going to be too difficult to show you guys these guys, but they're doing awesome. Eating, responding, just floating around in the tank. Aren't they pretty? Now we're going to open up some of the things you guys have sent. I apologize if you sent me something and you don't see it here. I haven't checked the P.O Box for a few days.

There might be still more there and I don't know about it. Okay. This one's from Cindy. Says Joey in memory of Buddy. Thanks for all you do to keep your fans educated and passionate in this fantastic hobby. Take care, Cindy. Cindy, you are welcome. Wow. Look at that. It's like a glass ornament. You see that it's an Arowana. I wonder if she made that? Isn't that pretty? Thank you Cindy. Oh shoot, from Brian. He's always been a friend. I'll always love him to Joey from Brian. Look at this. That is got to be a picture of Buddy, isn't it? In memory of Buddy.

Bethany, thank you. This is a-- oh wow. To Joey, so sorry for your loss, Duncan. Another picture. He's got the whole tank in there. He's got Buddy. I get the raise down low, the wood. You can get the wave makers in the corners. Very nice, Duncan. Thank you very detailed. Ed and Haley got a picture of a silver Arowana. I wonder if that's there's? Thank you Ed and Haley. I appreciate it. I struggle with reading these types of things, not because I can't read, but it will make me emotional and we'll save that.

I'm sure you guys don't want to see that. Somebody did Frank. Then we've got blue cross cross-back Asian Arowana. That's a big one. All these pictures you guys are sending me, I'm going to find a place to put them. I just got to figure something out, and that was from Alex. Hi Joey, my name is Alex and I'm 13 years old. I have two map turtles and a bunch of fish. I look forward to your videos every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. You know my upload schedule. Some people have no clue when I put videos out.

The upload schedule is going to be changing here soon. I'm still going to be making three videos a week. I'm just changing the days FYI. I'll let you know when it happens. I've learned so much from you and your channel over the last year. I'm currently building a replica plywood aquarium system of yours for my turtles. Check it out on YouTube. My channel is called Alex Groff. That's A-L-E-X G-R-O-F-F. I drew this Arowana and flower horn for you. Sorry about Buddy, but looking forward to more videos of the galleries. Sincerely, Alex Groff. Thank you. Alex.

I'll check out your channel. [laughs] Who sent this? I wonder if they ordered it online. This is like an anonymous thing, but if you're watching it then you know who it is. A while ago I was live and I was in this tank and I think I said for 500,000 subscribers I'll jump in the tank with the fish in it. Then like an idiot, I said I would also wear a mermaid suit, and to keep it PG, I would wear a shell bra or something like that and somebody sent real coconut bikini top. I've got to open this.

I'm not putting it on. [laughs] How would you put one of these on? Nope, not doing it. This came from Bodie. Oh, sweet. What's this? This is like a little mini fish tank with a little fish in it and some gravel. This looks like the first fish tank I ever set up with the clown cute gravel. I wonder if there's a letter in here that says that. And an octopus. Some sort of a toy, and a magazine. No, it's a calendar. Oh Wow. You took a lot of time doing that. It's almost like graffiti when you sign the back. Thank you.

Hey, Bodie Kelly rest in peace Buddy. Man, you spent a lot of time on this package. Thank you very much. He's got Buddy and Frank over here says I will always miss you. Dear Joey, my name is Bodie and I'm 11 years old. I love your videos and I'm sorry about Buddy. I hope you enjoy these items I have sent you. I do Bodie, thank you very much. Can you mention by YouTube and Instagram? Of course I can. YouTube is called Aquarium Time and Instagram is Waddled D4. I'll have to look that up. Trying to get a flower horn, I find your videos both entertaining and helpful. You guys could pause this to get those YouTube and Instagram. Thanks Bodie, that was pretty cool of you to send that for me. This last one. I think I actually know what this is. This is exactly what I thought it was going to be, and a calendar. Another calendar, perfect. This stuff is in German. I think I know who this is from. Yes, I'm right. This all came from all Oliver Knot. It's his new book. Training Days in Japan. Is when he was training with Takashi Amano I believe.

I don't know a lot about it. Oh Wow, it's a huge look. You want to read that. For my special friend Joey, Oliver Knot. Thanks Oliver. This is a pretty cool book. Yes, Takashi Amano is in it. I always look at pictures of him, of Amano and he's always surrounded by so many people. I always thought, "Man, that guy was an absolute boss," and to do what he was doing fish tanks and to be such a star like that, that's pretty incredible. What a talent. It's a massive loss for the hobby. If you guys don't know who Takashi Amano is, look them up.

You don't know who Oliver Knot is. He's Okay_Aqua on Instagram. Thank you Oliver. Then this book here, this is the aqua log for the Asian Arowana. Oh, English version. I got to open it right now. I've seriously been trying to get this book for a long time. This is exactly what I was hoping it was going to be. I'll just do a quick couple pages. It's a bunch of pictures for example. I set the tanks up. It's going to be nice, raise. Yes, this is awesome. Thank you Oliver. You know what I like. Thank you very much.

I got to clean up without putting these on. That was pretty good guys. Thank you very much for everything you've sent me. I appreciate it. This totally changed my day. I wasn't having a very good day, but you guys certainly make it better for me and I appreciate it and I hope this video maybe made your day a little bit better as well. I will see you guys again in a couple of days. If you want to send anything P.O Box is in the description below, you don't have to. I don't care what you send.

If you do, I think it's hilarious that you guys send me things based on what you know I like and what would be funny. That was pretty awesome. Anyways, I got a lot of cleaning up to do. If you haven't noticed in the backgrounds of the videos, this place is ripped apart, the carpets out of here. I'm making a lot of changes out here. I just have so much to do, so thanks for watching me guys and I hope you enjoyed today's video. If you're not subscribed to this channel yet and you want to see me put these on, I'm not. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it.

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