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Custom Aquariums 180 gallon review part 2

By Ed Hensley on

0:00:00.2: Here is my 180 gallon from Custom Aquariums with the super clear glass and the recycling stoppers and it returns a lot of space in here. This thing just swallowed up all my stuff for my 75 and my 29 gallon. If you look up here you can just see... Look at these doors. I mean these things are beautiful. Look at the hard wood, all the joints. They took so much time. It's so sealed like that little wet corner is not water it's just a nice seal that they use. Just see the canopy the aquarium again.

0:00:56.2: There's so much room in here. Like one of my favorite things is I have like space behind my little live rock or my fish and coral and everything, more water flow for it. I'll just let you look at the stand. This is the stand, it's really nice. I mean look at this, gosh. This thing is beautiful. 36 inches, there's one other seamless sumps that's actually there are many return that's really pretty large. It has these awesome glass tops. I was able to... I hard plumbed everything and I put a manifold there but there's where the return pumps are which has got a really nice spot in the middle to put your heater and on the left side it's got trays of ceramic media for biological filtration. That was really nice.

0:01:58.7: And then also a place I could put the carbon on top of that and the return pumps. I've got pretty large return pumps. I've got Barrios, the 8Ss, it swallows them up no problem. This is the sump tub which is really good. It's really tall so that they can accommodate these really big socks. It's not hard to change. I've already changed them twice so far and they're really nice so... And then over on the side is my... This is their main return. Then I used a reef octopus, it's actually an external recirculating skimmer and this thing just handles it okay. It is so big. I love the sump. With the modules you can... They can come apart, you can take them out, you can clean them. They're just really nice. Anyways, I thank you Custom Aquariums and I'm very happy with this build.

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