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Extreme Indoor Rainforest with Beautiful Golden Poison Frogs!

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Speaker: Hey guys, welcome to The Rainforest Exhibit. This vlog is just going to be called, Enjoy It. I know that I like to take a chair and sit in front of the Rainforest Exhibit and just check out the frogs moving around and the fish. Even at night, I'll sit there in the dark and I'll watch the tree frog make his moves and I have a little red light that-- Well, they can't tell the color red so they can't really see the light. They know it's bright but they don't know where the light's coming from so they can't see other images of it. I don't know how that works actually, now that I'm saying it. They can't see the color red.

I know they're from the Bronx Zoo, the World of Darkness, used to be this incredible exhibit. If you looked at it from the top, it looked like a black letter C. Every time I would go to the Bronx Zoo, that would be the first place I would go because it was so cool.

Everything was in red inside, it was real quiet and all the animals were walking around, moving around. At nighttime, they would turn the lights on bright. Basically, they just trick the animals into thinking that the night was daytime and the day was night. All the animals were active at night and all they had was red lights on and certain areas had doors. You couldn't see the light from outside going inside and the animals were walking around everything. It was real cool.

That's why I like doing that kind of same thing with the Rainforest Exhibit and then none of it shows on this video but I will make a video of that as best as I can. Actually, you can't really film that well in the dark but it's really neat. Anyway, I'm just going to let you enjoy the rain forest exhibit here. I'll chime in when I see something I want to say and we'll go from there.

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The golden poison frogs that I got from, Phyllobates Terriblis. These guys are just one of the coolest animals I've ever owned, I can say that. They are just so neat, so inquisitive. Everything that I put in the Rainforest Exhibit that I would hope that they would either use or walk on or something, they've done it. It's like, "Wow." They use a little wooden driftwood bridges. All the driftwood was from Life is Beautiful and Unique Accessory Store. My friend Amy, she all hooked us up, if you can go check it out. I'll have the links in the description. I always put all the links in the descriptions and at the end of the video.

Anyway, they use all the driftwood, they're constantly climbing on everything, on the plant, the moss from, the bromiliad's from We've had some great help making this exhibit and it's actually beautiful. The red-eye tree frog is from, as well as the morning geckos which they're in there. I think I've had them on a couple of videos but they are hard to spot, except when they're feeding at night. Then again, even when I come up there, they'd see me, they'd take off. They must really think they're in the wild.

I don't know what he's doing here opening his mouth. I think he just grabbed a fly that's why I went to him but I've never seen them do that before. It's weird. I don't know if he was talking. He was like, "Greg, feed me." There are thousands of fruit flies in there. They're constantly hunting all day but they still want me to bring the food at night because they go down in the area that I usually feed them so I know they're ready. Here's one of the scenes where he's on that little yoke of this driftwood that I was hoping they would sit on. Once in a while they go up there. It's really cool.

What I was trying to do here is, it's rare that they're all out at the same time. Either four of them are around or three and then I have to find the fourth or fifth one or the last one but this day they were all right where I could see them. The moss is beyond what I expected. It's just taken over which I was hoping, I was so worried that it wasn't going to do it but it has. It's done really well. Also the wandering Jew plant, I don't know the scientific name of it. That thing I've trimmed back at least five times. If you ever get one of those, you really have to keep an eye on it because it will take over everything and block out the sun.

If you'd see close up right up on the left-hand screen, you see that little white line there? That's the mirror that I put. That's not an original idea. I got that from the Central Park Zoo. They have it in their Puffin Exhibit. I always used to love that and I said I was going to do that in the exhibits that I make. You can see it, this is just after feeding time and all the flies all over the place. These are the ones that probably from the night before, something that-- Hey, he's going, he's not very smart, this one. "Wait a minute, what am I doing up here? Well, yes, let me go near the danger zone. No, I'll go back." Okay. [laughs]

Money shot. Just the beautiful frogs, really. Poison dart frogs, they're just incredibly animals. It's a close up of the golden prison frogs, so beautiful. I think it just rained or was about to and they are huge. You got to imagine when I first got them they were about the size of that little pile of dirt right there next to his foot. That's how big they were, maybe a little bit bigger than that. They were tiny and now they're huge. He's looking at me. They're just some beautiful animals, I tell you. If you could get them, get them. They're gorgeous, they're great pets to have. I love them.


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