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Greenhouse Saga: Finally Moving In

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Dustin: This is what life is like at 2.0. I'm in the middle of moving. I got Aaron, Ryan, Josh, Andrew. Everybody behind me. I got my fat $2,800 garage door. I spent the money because that's what I wanted. Right now, as we speak,my neighbor, not the lady. My neighbor is actually in the middle of going and fetching his car for me, his truck because I don't drive a truck, I drive a mini van because I got no balls. He's going to go fetch his truck.

Now just think about that for a second here. What if I was across the street? What if my team was smoking cigarettes and the lady was out on the front porch calling the police, saying that I did whatever, whatever, whatever I wasn't supposed to do because of my conditional use. Every seed of adversity, every failure, every heartbreak has with it the equivalent in greater value. The old Napoleon Hill quote.

We're opening up the vents and we're about to do some drywall. This is a moment that my neighbor is like,"Yes, man, you can borrow my truck, go pick up a bunch of drywall, I don't care." He volunteered, I didn't even ask him. Life's good. I think the lady lend me her truck.

I've had a lot of memories in 1.0. A little sad. I'm not too sad, I hate to see her like this. This is how we're looking right now. Let me switch this. Barren 20's, Barren 125. Empty, empty, 125 gone, 475's empty. Empty 125. More plumbing than I care to see. Then, of course, over here. How about that? It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but now I get to have part of my life back, like not having people in my yard working. Not worrying about the plants in my backyard.

I get to feel like do Dustin's Fish Tanks. Dustin's Fish Tanks is not sell stuff to make money. Dustin's Fish Tanks. Can come back. 1.0s has been devastated today, but she will be okay. 2.0 is on point, but it's the end of an era. My guys are pumped. You should have seen the way they drove out to here. I'm looking at a ravaged my baby for the past few years. Moving is tough, but it will be awesome when the new place is all set up.


What's up fish tank people? Dustin's Fish Tanks is bringing it to you on a Sunday, baby. How's everybody doing? I hope you're doing well. Doesn't get any better than this folks.This is post run, Dustin. I've had a bowl of cereal. I've had a cup of coffee. I could use some more coffee. I'm trying to bring it to you all with the video. Today's video, we're going to check out the greenhouse 2.0.

We're going to talk about the hardest part with fish tanks and that's moving them. We're going to show you some of the progress that we're making at greenhouse 2.0. We're also going to show you a plant that we're planting because it's Sunday and it is species Sunday. I've got a couple of species that I've been dying to plant. Here comes the madness that is moving out of greenhouse 1.0 into 2.0.

All right, first things first, you'll notice this video is being shot pre-shower, post-run. I've got my written goals right here that I write every day. I've got my notebook here that I've absolutely scribbling it out on how I'm trying to plan out my day. I got to keep my vision clear as Arnold Schwarzenegger says. He says, you've got to have your vision clear. The clearer your vision is, the better. Right now, my Feng Shui, my flow. Everything in my life has been turned all around and flipped. I moved out of a greenhouse I've been in for like nine years. I've got a big 350 out of my garage. It's a big day, folks.

That's my man Aaron. He grew up in Michigan. Everybody says they're going to come down and help. Aaron actually comes down to help. He's going to be doing drywall today. Fellas, you might be married, you might have a lady in your life that you want to make happy. Happy wife, happy life. The first freaking thing we're doing here today, folks, is we are removing this 350 gallon aquarium that has been in my garage not since last November, but the November prior. The last year that The Aquatic Experience was in Chicago. Shout outs to our friends at Custom Aquariums. Josh, do not dribble that ball while I'm making a video.

Crew: Come back, come back, come back, stop.

Dustin: - to their patience with me as I do this here. I've had this tank forever. My wife hasn't pulled her car in the garage in a long time. It's about to leave. It's about to be amazing. This is a five-man job because this tank probably weights 500 pounds. Each of us, except for me, because it's my tank, it's my problem are getting a suction cup. Aaron has nine suction cups with him. I get to use one, everybody else gets two.

Now we're going to move this bad boy out of my garage. There's a think called feng shui. I don't know the exact definition of it. Basically, it means everything is in order and your house is clean. This has been ruining my feng shui for over a year. Not anymore. Today, we move into 2.0. It's a big opportunity here. It's a big tank. It's going to be awesome. I'm excited to get it out of my garage. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and that notification button because we're going to do a lot more videos from in here.

I'm having to keep my eye on the prize right now because all these pieces have been thrown up into the air. We're slowly putting them back together and I'm really excited about it, but I got to keep focus on what's the most important thing and what the end vision is because right now things are a little crazy. Now I'm freshed, dressed like a million bucks, threw on my white socks with my all blue cuffs. Stepped out the house, stopped short, no, I went back and I forgot my-- Kidding, I forgot my bananas.

Rolling out of the house, killing it, heading to 2.0. Crew is already there working. Feel's good. Notice, dressed up for success. Dress for success, practice success everyday. Why are you dressed up to go to a greenhouse where you're going to get sweaty and hot? Because when I walk in there, I'm ready to work. I'm ready to get it done. I'm ready to call people. Get my electrician there. Get my HVAC guy there. Get my plumber that I trust there and get this show on the road.

That's it. The plumber is on his way, HVAC is going to come there today. Call everybody early in the morning to get what you want. Who owes you something? Get them to give you what you need. It's good. Now we're going to roll up in there and get organized. Get the feng shui right, get the flow right, get some of this trash picked up, get everything organized.

Did I mention this part? It never really gets old. Rolling up here. Where are you from bro? Aaron, from Detroit.

Aaron: Detroit, Michigan.

Dustin: Why'd you come down?

Aaron: To swing the hammer. Get the plywood and drywall up.

Dustin: Helping out. Everybody is like, "I'm going to come down and help". Aaron is like, "I'm coming down". It's been now three times now?

Aaron: Yes.

Dustin: Yes, dude. Thank you so much bro. We're going to do a tour of it in a minute.

Aaron: Right now, I'm sitting on the soon to be toilet. Putting in the ADA compliant handrail things right here. If someone gets up off the toilet, they can do so quite easily. We will have a urinal right here. Getting some drywall up on all the interior walls of our structure here. Right over here, we've got Dustin's office. This is where all the hard work will be getting done.

We got to cut in some boxes for him down there to get all the high speed interneting and webby nets up and happy. I think that's about it. Just get the rest of this sheet rock on the wall and pretty soon we'll get to texture, mudding and painting.

Dustin: I'm taking a break from drilling really quick just to show you all plants. I actually have more "work, work" to do, but I like to play with aquarium plants and that's what I'm about to do. I talk about this plant quite often, but I want to show a couple of different angles with one of my favorite plants and that is Jungle Val. This is actually Jungle Val Americana. You've seen clips of me walking around shirtless with this. There's a reason. Love this plant. It's a thicker variety.

This is actually sellable. This is actually not-- I want to show what I'm going to do. Currently, I buy this plant from domestic suppliers, but I have a lot of pieces that simply are not doing that well, are not long enough and just are not up to the quality of plant that we're trying to sell. I want to show two things, both how I'm going to prototype the Val growing and also this great system right here. First, I want to work on this system right in here.

I don't know if you can see it but plants are growing absolutely bonkers. Those of you should be taking notes plants. Taking light from everywhere. This tank particularly has the most light because it gets that wonderful Eastern Sun that comes like this. It gets hit from the top down and from the side. Val is a tall and skinny plant. It has been growing tremendously in here in a poor nutrients, but all this actually came out of my pond. I knew it was going to grow good. It's my demo. It's my proof.

This is the Vallisneria Americana that's new growth just in a random little cup of sass. What I want to do, Josh has actually never grown plants with good substrates. I think this is the Brightwell or the Fluval Stratum. I'm a substrate hoarder. What I'm going to do is I'm going to plant this in here. While I do it, I want to show how this system works. I'm going to take this water level halfway down.

I might turn this valve right here. Got the Fluval S6 pump I believe. The water has now stopped from going in there. This is the crinum that had a little rot problem, it's growing back nicely. This is another crinum doing the same thing. This is the return. This actually feeds directly back into the basement to come around here. This feeds here goes down into the base and down here. It goes down to the base and here you can see the bubbles here.

What I'm going to do now is I've got this feed line. I'm going to flip this lever open inside of here is one of these, I'm going to take this. You can watch all this stuff, I'll stir it up. Let's say I have a problem in here.

Let's just say some plants all jacked up and it's losing all of its leaves because plants do that. I can flip this lever. You follow me. It comes here. It's going here, going through here, through here. These three are off at this time. It's going to go down through here. It's going to make a turn here. It's going to run here. Now this water is going out the back of the property which will spare you the look at that.

This water level is slowly going down. What I'm doing is I'm doing a full water change on just this system or this part of the system right here. This is a modification of the original 1.0 design where it had an overflow siphon. My guys used to always get upset with me and how often they would break the siphon. There's no breaking of a siphon. It's right here. It's a valve. That's pulling water out.

While that's pulling water down, I'm going to show you what I'm going to do with the val. Val is an incredible root feeder. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take this stuff right here. I've got some of this Vallisneria, Italian Val actually. I'm going to put it in here. I can grow Val super fast. I actually wish it wasn't restricted to this container, but Josh will yell at me if I just start growing plants in a random system.

I'm just going to put these in here like this. We're just going to watch this little tub. We're going to come back in a video later on. Some of these are not sellable so I'll just pick through the shorties and all that. Some of them have little live runners on them so they're okay. If I sold somebody this, they wouldn't like that. We'll take a little runner like this and we'll shove these down into here. Me and my toes.

What you want to do when you're planting plants is you want to get the roots further down and then you think you need because that's where they do a lot of the feeding. That's a nice piece. It's going in here. Then these little slobs right here which are not bad but they're just not long. Now Val is going to melt back and we know that. Here's the beauty of it. These are actually the same type of conditions in the other tank over there.

They've been living for a while in the same water. Now this is low. Turn this on right here. Then I'm going to put this in here. This is going to overflow and probably make a little bit of a mess. You see that's dirtied up all the water. Now what's nice is none of this water until this dirty water hits here, it's not going back into the basin. I'll open this up. Dirty water will slowly pull out of here. Get all the dirty water out and see this real quick here.

You can see it's pulling it all in, see sucking it in there. A little particles and everything are going down. They're not going into the basin, they're going down out of the actual building itself so I don't ruin my whole sump in the process with that. Loving the way it is. Giant Val is doing. My goal is to have entire beds of it at some point here. You got to crawl before you can walk. Quick tip for you guys doing this here.

Ideally, I actually do have-- If you have one inch here, you want to have two inches of drain size but because this pump is split out over actually five outputs, it's not a big deal. By the way with elodea has been growing like crazy. That's another plant we're never going to buy again. Just going to have it and grow it. Good pond plant. Good aerator. It doesn't matter with this because in the old days, in the old greenhouse 1.0, if this were to break siphon right here and you hear that sound, it breaks siphon because air is getting into the system, right here, it just stops.


By the way, you want as much atmospheric air as possible in there. I want to show this system while it hits the top. This is the return. It hasn't reached this level yet, but when it does, it's coming up here. It got quiet as soon as it came out there. Now this is actually the return. This will go down into the basement. I just want to show you all if I wanted to have a secondary overflow thing.

That will not be able to keep up with that, but that's going to dump out like that. Now I'm going to put it back in the basement. That's good, it just got the full pump, but then what I can do is open up all these because these have been closed to see how fast I can fill it and everything is good. We'll go on that one. Now it's back to normal running speed. Jungle val is over there. We've also got some fun jungle val shirts, you all should check out.

I'm super excited to watch how fast that's going to grow in that little container right there. Now I'm pulled off. Now it's time to go drill again. All right, folks, we're getting closer everyday. Feng shui is slowly coming back. Do me a favor, drop me a comment on what I should do for the opening party here at greenhouse 2.0. Everybody make it an awesome week and take on, later.


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