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I Added The Discus

By King of DIY on

I'm just doing a big water change on the Discus tank because I want the water quality to be in pristine condition because today we're adding the Discus. Now, of course if you guys remember we've got 16 Marlboro red Discus now. There's no lights on this tank so there can be difficult to see, but not for long. The tank they're going into has plenty of light. Now, they've been in this tank quarantined and getting on a good diet before we move them over to the 120 and I'm happy to say they're ready to go. A tank like this, some substrate, a few like decorations will call the branches, the decorations a nice background is most likely what everybody would start out with when wanting to get Discus.

Again, I highly suggest starting out with bare bottom as well, but if you insist I'll go along with you for the ride. I hope that's what this tank ends up being is not only showcasing, Discus and putting them in an environment that would be visually appealing, potentially inspiring. Maybe even make you guys want them, but also be educational so that you can learn along the way as well. If you need more information right now, I got tons of videos on Discus from how to keep them, how to breed them, sex them, everything you need to know.

I kept Discus for about 10 years in the past, so tons of information there for you. I highly suggest you check them out. With all of that said, I'm going to go get the Discus. We're going to add them to the tank. So we got them in the bucket here all 16. These guys going to look amazing in here. We're going to have to acclimate them to the temperature though. Now the temperature in this tank and the temperature in their quarantine system is about 26 degrees.

Just to make sure that these guys are acclimated to identical parameters. I'll just dump a bit of water in here every couple of minutes that'll make sure that they're ready to go. When you have this many fish in a bucket, a lot of the times it's better to grab them with your hands, cup them and put them in instead of putting in a net and trying to get them. It just freaks everybody out. That's what I'm going to do here is catch them by hand and it shouldn't take too long. A lot of times Discus will just swim into your hand anyway. There's the first one. Got to admit, taking a break from Discus was okay, but that was before the gallery.

You see taking a break from Discus wasn't necessarily because I was sick of them, but it was certainly because I was running out of tanks. There was so many more fish I wanted to keep and show you guys that I had to make some decisions. Now we don't get to do that anymore. We can keep them again. I don't plan on breeding them or anything like that. I also don't plan on just keeping them alone. These guys will be kept with some tetras of some sort. Maybe we'll go with some cardinals or neons I don't know.

Also we're not going to be able to keep all 16 in this tank. Clearly will only end up with maybe a 10 or 12 of them, but maybe we'll end up keeping all 16. It is a 300 gallon system capable of doing it. If I do enough water changes it is possible. Then we'd have to skip the tetras though because this is too much of a bio load. You guys come in. What do you think just Discus or should we go ahead and add in some tetras as well? We'll have to dwindle the numbers of Discus though. So keep that in mind as well, but let me know in the comments section below.

This guy's a beauty. Look at this one. You see that? What a gorgeous fish, going in there. So this is normal where they're swimming at the bottom there. You guys can see them. This is normal just hanging out at the bottom. This is not normal where there's a couple just swimming around the tank. With Discus they tend to be a moody fish. They need time to acclimate and whatnot, but these look like they're doing really well. I'll move a little bit quicker here.

I'm not grabbing these Discus. I'll show you what I'm doing here. Look. Is not like I'm grabbing them or being rough or anything like that. I just put my hands in. There's already some by the sides. I was going to go ahead and let them swim into my hand like that. Look. So he's not hurting. Just want to make sure he doesn't jump out. Discus tend to not flop around a whole lot, but they can. You just want to be careful. If one's dashing a boat, move onto a different one. I don't think you guys will be scooping out 16 Discus from a bucket with your hands anytime soon, but just in case you do now you know.

Looking good though. Yes. I don't know. Having some plants in there would clearly look really good, but so does this. You been laying down the whole time, what's your problem? Okay, so this guy's got some peppering. I'm going to show you quickly, but not for long. Look at the back here. Look along his back see the black dots. It's peppering. As he gets older he'll start to lose that. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad, but I've also seen a few people say, "When you show us the fish, that's so mean. If you're holding it out of the bag like that."

Well, not really. As long as I'm supporting the fish properly. A couple seconds out of water is not that bad at all. It's not hurting them. If it was half my fish will be dead because I do it to all of them. I wouldn't endanger my fish. Two reasons. I love my fish. I don't want to hurt him. Second reason I got to come back in a couple of days and show you these tanks. How long you guys going to watch me, If I'm sitting here killing all my fish? Not a very credible person, if that's going to be happening. These guys are beautiful. Love them.

One left and he's feisty. He's the smallest one. It's always that smallest one. Got small fish syndrome running away from me. Look at you guys. Now picture these guys. This big. Downside about moving fish in buckets like Discus, flat fish is that they'll swim around the bucket like in a tornado, just when they panic and what's going to happen is they're going to scratch their eyes. A few of them did that. And that's that. They're all in the tank. They're all piled up over here. One thing to note about this tank and all of the tanks is the tanks are encapsulated.

They have blacked out sides and of course every tank has a background, all different background. So the fish are going to feel far more comfortable in these tanks than they would in say a typical tank simply because the sides are blacked out. With that said, the Discus we're just added. I'm not going to feed them for a couple of days, get them nice and hungry and active in this tank and go from there. I'm really excited to simply see them grow up in this tank. Of course, sooner or later we'll add the tetras. That's going to be up to you guys.

Like I said though, do we keep all 16 or did we dwindle it down to, let's say you're 10 or 12 or even eight, and add in a large school of tetras and of course in a few months will scape the tank and plant it and whatnot. I'd love to know your guys's thoughts. Leave them in the comments section below and if you're not subscribed to this channel yet and you are as excited about this tank as I am, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss any of these videos.

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