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I Love These Fish

By King of DIY on

Speaker 1: I was never into Africans before this but man, I'm telling you these guys are beautiful. No wonder they're so popular in the hobby. Look at them, aren't they beautiful? Just absolutely stunning. More African Cichlids have shown up to finish off the African Cichlid rack.

If you guys remember we have Lake Tanganyika down below and we went with some Tropheus Ikola all of which are doing fantastic. Then above it we were going to do Lake Malawi. Up here I wanted to do some Peacocks or Aulonocara.

Here's the problem, these fish need to be quarantined and you guys know that these racking systems share the same sump. You'll also remember that I plumbed these aquariums so that I can run them Individually if I want to and just separate the sumps. That's basically what I did. I'm all out of quarantine area, but I had to get these guys before they were no longer available. Now these came from Jeff at One Fish Two Fish he brought them in to me from Thailand.

The plan here is to run a Malawi tank with all male Peacocks. It's a beautiful tank and really awesome display tank to have. However, with that said I have to buy quite a few of them to make sure I get what I'm looking for. I do have a few DOAs there should be at least 30 in here though. I was accounting for that. I knew that these guys typically don't travel that well from that far away. I do see some ammonia burn and what not but let's go. Oh boy, some of these are absolutely stunning.

What I'm going to do is quickly go through what we have here. I should have three of each They're too far along in condition. Usually I would temperature acclimate them, I'm just going to get them out of the bag and into that tank. That's more important right now. The water is basically too sour. I don't I don't feel comfortable with this. Even the box stinks might have a leak in the package or something like that.

Get them out of the bag. Get them into some fresh water. You see that? Beautiful. The packaging is done really well, but simply put they're coming from Taiwan. That's a long ways. Wow, look at him, he belongs in the ocean. What a gorgeous fish. I was never into Africans before this. Man, I'm telling you, these guys are beautiful. No wonder they're so popular in the hobby.

That's me being narrow-minded and liking what I like. I can see that with other people saying, "I don't like that fish that you have or this fish." You've never owned it. Maybe you need to show some appreciation, maybe keep one. Look at that. Look at it. Come on, beautiful, this is ridiculous, they're beautiful. Yellow Peacock that's what that was, you got another one here. Again open the bag get them out. Get them out of that disgusting water. Look at this. You can't tell me that's not beautiful. Gorgeous little thing. Now I don't know if all these guys are going to get along or not. I don't know if I got the right ratio of males to females. What I do know is I got a variety.

I've seen them and I was like, "If I don't get these guys now winter's coming these guys aren't traveling well. Because they come in so big," but look at this guy nice and active beautiful little fellow. I felt it was a must to get these guys quite large. Since they're so big they simply just don't travel. I don't find they're a tough fish at all compared to some that I have. Look at this. Man, this gallery was the best decision I ever made. We get to explore and experience and check out all these amazing fish. I'm so excited to do that. Look, so this is how I do it. Cut it open. Get the fish out.

Beauty, the the tanks are at about 25 degrees Celsius, maybe 26. By the feel of the water it's very similar. Typically I would temperature acclimate, but these guys are in a dire situation. The water is quite bad and it stinks and you want to get them out. This guy's a bit banged up. He is a Lawanda. Look at him, so he's more of a dark blue. He's got like an orange fin there. He's not going to jump. I'm going to grab him like this if he tries to get out of my hands. Plus they're quite weak right now.

his guy's losing air in the bag. He might be okay. He's upside down. I'm hoping we don't lose too many, but I did buy extra because I thought I might. He's a beauty. Look at him. He's going to be fine. He's quite happy in my hands. Oh, isn't he gorgeous? Look at that. What a stunner. What a beauty. Look at him, isn't he gorgeous? Poor guy. I think he'll be okay. I've got about 33-36 in here enough to fill the box. That number is to account for losses and to sex them make sure I get all males. Maybe let be left with 15.

This is an OB. This is like a calico type fish, multiple colors you see them there. Just a beauty and he's a stunner too. Fantastic. Be nice. Malawi blue and boy is he ever blue so you're going to get a lot of blue peacocks. You're going to get a lot of blue colors. You'll get some reds and stuff and there are some red fish coming. It was basically a variety of colors. He's bluer than the net. Let's see if we could see him here. See that? Beauty. He just said hi. Look at him.

I was never a huge fan of African cichlids and I think a big part of it was every african cichlid tank started to look the same to me. Everybody had the same fish, but now that we've looked at them, we got to admit that these are beautiful, aren't they? Hopefully, I can help change a lot of more of your opinions as well. We'll see. I don't know what this guy is. So many blues. This is a strawberry peacock. Should have bought three of these guys too. Stay, easy ooh, she's strong. This might even be a girl. You can see it. Some of these are a little too feisty once they color out they're going to look stunning. That's another red.

Pretty nice indeed. You can already see the little red behind its gill plate. Isn't that pretty? A lot of blues in this fish. The ruby red feels quite nice. Blueface can have a red body. What a stunner. It's one of the nicest ones so far. I like that. Malawi red Jacobs we got a lot of blues and a lot of red fish. It's the two options that you have, but lots of different patterns and different looks. It's a red Jacob.

It's literally the next day. I put a temporary light on this tank, flourescent shop light or LED shop light actually. Also know that I also added in some of the rocks. These are those hollow Aquadecor rocks. I felt like they match the background. They do have fake algae on them too in extent so once that background grows the algae these will look absolutely amazing.

With that said, in total, we lost I think it was five in total or four. There's about 28 in here now. Clearly too many. I'm going to grow them out, pick my favorites and that sort of thing. Guys, these are absolutely gorgeous fish, aren't they? The plan with this scape here, we're not going to be doing a lot more than that just because too many territories will form. What will happen for example is this guy will create a territory over here and literally the rest of fish will be forced to swim over here.

In not creating these territories and not scaping it too densely. I can move these rocks by the way, they're literally sitting there. In not scaping it too much, we're going to keep them all swimming out in the open. These guys are eating right now. Keeping them all swimming out in the open, and hopefully we can only have males in here so there's no females that are going to create fights and whatnot but ultimately, I just want a display of really beautiful colors, like a rainbow of colors, and I think we're going to get that. I'm in love with these guys.

We got a lot of colors. A lot of these guys are colored up really nicely since being added, and they're only going to get better. I mean, they haven't even been here 24 hours, but I'll closely monitor them and we'll see. I don't think we can keep all of them, but I do have the water volume to do so, and the more the better just because it's going to diffuse a lot of the aggression and whatnot and stop all of the fights, but what a tremendous amount of colors here. Maybe over time we'll have some issues or some fighting and whatnot, but I'm positive we're going to be able to handle it. I don't know.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tag, I hope you are as excited about it as I am, and maybe if you're like me, I always gravitate to Lake Tanganyika almost snubbing my nose up at Lake Malawi, but this has definitely changed my mind, and I hope it's changed many of your minds as well, just to see the true beauty in colors. Malawi definitely has the better colors in my opinion, but Lake Tanganyika has a lot more interesting fish but again, that's just opinion and experience.

Again, I'm excited about this tank, and truly excited to show you guys these fish and bring you along for it as well. Anyways, if you're not subscribed to this channel yet and you would like to see more of these videos just like this, I've got a ton of unboxing and scaping videos coming up, I've been working on them all week. Make sure you're subscribed if you're not subscribed yet so you don't miss any of them. I'm also sick, so maybe a sound a little different.

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