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Incredible New Background For Massive Aquarium And New Fish Room Walk Through!

By KG Tropicals on

John: Hey folks, it's John with KG Tropicals. Super excited to bring you "Flog" number 2. Somebody suggested that name in the comment section, and I like it, it kind of sticks. Fish room vlog, fish vlog, flog. I like it. So, we're gonna stick with that. Last time, I showed you the progress that we had made out here in the fish room and there's been a lot that's happened since then. Some good. Some bad.

First things first. As far as the room goes, we got some paint on the walls, we got some lights hung up. Definitely looks better, looks more homey out here.

It's starting to not look like as much of a garage as it was before. We also, I wanted to show you here: we got things set up to do Tank Talk Live out here. We've got the microphones, the webcams, all that stuff. And the other thing is we got aquariums out here! Which is HUGE, that's a big deal. We've also got some fish out here, except for that tank. I'm gonna show you the progress of getting that tank up and running, but we've got to talk about something first, and that is I had a HUGE issue happen.

Not going to go into great detail about it, you can watch last week's episode of Tank Talk Live, where I go into much greater detail, but I lost my hard drive and it had everything in it. I had a ton of footage in there for the flog that is all now gone. So, unfortunately, a lot of what I was going to show you out here is now gone, so there's nothing that I can really do about that now, except for just move on and keep on going.

So, I want to show you some footage that I did save that involved getting the room kind of started, getting it organized, and also, getting that tank in place and getting that background unboxed and installed, so let's take a look.

Okay, so here we are. I'm standing at the door to my kitchen. This is three steps that go down into the garage. You can see it still looks very much like a garage, but it's kind of starting to morph its way into a fish room. Little by little, we're making progress on it. And this is some HUGE progress here, what we've made. Got the 240 in place, that's where it's gonna go, it's gonna be permanent. All of this cat stuff is gonna go, except for the little crate back there in the corner. The only reason that's gonna be there is if we need to open the doors, we don't want the cats to run out, and you know, get loose in the neighborhood and end up like they were before. But that huge pen there is gonna go and we're just going to have to find a place for that little crate, but anyway, this is not about cats, it's about aquariums. So, the 240 is there, it is in place, that's where it's gonna be, and the 8 footer is gonna go here, so that's going to be perfect. The old refrigerator has been put back where it's supposed to be and then we've got this: this is, I showed you this in the last video. Just an old table, but that's where it's gonna be, and that's where it's gonna stay, because this is where we're gonna start doing Tank Talk Live. It's right there. I've already ordered all of the stuff we've probably already done an episode out here since or before this video goes up, but got some little stands for the webcams, and then got a whole bunch more stuff coming too. So, this is where we're going to record Tank Talk Live, and/or broadcast Tank Talk Live. I'll be sitting here, the tank will be, the 240, will be behind me, and then over here, is gonna be where Lisa is going to sit, and this will be behind her, but it's gonna look a whole lot different. Tomorrow, I'm gonna bring out her 75, and put it here.

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