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John’s TWO Custom Aquarium Displays

By KG Tropicals on

John Hudson (KGTropicals) has two large Custom Aquarium displays.

"My name is John Hudson. I'm from KG Tropicals, a YouTube channel, talking all about the aquarium hobby, and obsessing over these fish."

"I learned about Custom Aquariums at the Aquatic Experience in 2015. Walking around, they had a tank just like this one with African Cichlids in it, which was kind of my thing at the time and still is. I was immediately drawn to it and immediately started talking to the people over there. This tank is actually a carbon copy of the one that they had as the display unit at the Aquatic Experience in 2015. It's a 240 gallon. We use it as an African Cichlid tank."

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There are many aspects to keeping an aquarium. Many newcomers to the hobby can be quickly overwhelmed. The KGTropicals YouTube channel was created to be a place for no nonsense information about the hobby, a place where the information is delivered in a way that even the most inexperienced fish keeper could understand. Whether you want to breed aquarium fish, heal a sick or injured fish or you just want to know how to set up your first tank, KGTropicals has you covered.

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