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Last Aquarium Moved!

By King of DIY on

Speaker: We're done, or at least all of the ranking system has been removed. Just a quick, late-night update on what we've accomplished thus far and what's coming next. First and foremost, of course, you can now see that the last rack in the aquarium gallery has been taken down. If you're following me on Instagram, you've seen me do all this and you know a lot more than what you're seeing now but all I have left to do here is, of course, hook up the lighting, wrap the stand, well, I got to wrap all of them but the fish are moved, everybody's doing fine. Move that other tank over to here, excuse the light, still need to level it out, fill it, hook up the plumbing, plummet, of course.

Susan's aquarium is getting a big water change now and establishing a new tank or doing a move like this. Even though I am using fully cycled biological media as you can see it in here and even seated it with bottled bacteria, I still like to do large water changes the next day, the next couple of days and that sort of thing. That is just to help dilute the ammonia that the fish are producing in case there was some bacterial die off and let the tank bounce back. I'm just draining that now, of course, the automatic or the water change system that I previously had.

I still need to hook that up, get it running and going but I'm just focusing on getting the big things done which is moving the tanks and getting them all set up which is essentially what we've done almost entirely. I will be slowing down in terms of setting up new tanks on stands. We will be focusing on the five, seven that's in here right now. We've got the Tobias tank. There's some spill, some wall rue, the burbs, the expo Don, Susan, and this tank here. I do have to put this tank right on this wall, but we won't be doing it right away.

I'm actually going to clear out this entire area so I have room to work because I got to wrap all these stands and make it look actually presentable and nice because I do not like the way it looks but you got to admit this is looking, in my opinion, it's looking so much better than it once did. On the note of moving fish, somebody said that they no longer have a friend. The red tail catfish, I swear, is noticeably sadder, just moping around constantly. Well, of course, to come up to the tank but he's definitely hiding more often than he was when Susan was in the tank.

I feel bad for moving him but I think he was just worried that he no longer has a future meal because he was growing faster than her. I think well, Susan's a boy, we have to start calling it her, but he's ultimately doing just fine in there. I know that some people like this fish and some people don't, but I think it's going to be pretty cool to have a big massive fish in here. Perhaps someday, we'll do something different there. I had mentioned that 2,000 gallon was perfectly balanced the other day and others wanted me to add in Susan to this tank, or even the red tail cat, the red tail cat is just too boss stresses. He's going to create an absolute mayhem in here, especially with the freshwater stingrays.

These are really expensive rays and a few nips from red tail cat could potentially killed them. There's not a common tank mate to put red tail cats with fresh water stingray. That's out of the question. Others said how about adding Susan to this tank eventually. That's not a bad idea. However, she's going to be just fine in here for a little while until we build a much larger tank. That's not for several months to even upwards of a year like I mentioned the other day. Right now my main focus is I want to get lights hook back up on here, get that other spare tank set up in terms of plumbing it, the filter hooked up and lights on it up and running type of thing.

Then, I want to get all these tanks wrapped. I want to redo the outside of the 2,000 just touch it up. I want to paint the floors out here. I want to make it look good out here and get everything actually finished and then move into the re-scaping of all tanks stocking some of them again, and getting them up and running and looking absolutely beautiful. I can say and I will admit up front, I'm already ordering in some plants and some fish. Within the next couple of weeks, I should have a lot of what I want or at least some of it. I got to get the ball moving and get going on all of that.

Another little thing, and I got to mention this again, I've said it in the past, some people heard me say the word bisure there it is back there. Some people said it's pronounced biker, or in another different way. Bisure is pronounced in three different ways, biker, bashir, and bisure. There's no wrong way to say it but those are the three most common ways it's pronounced. I also should admit the more and more we do out here, the more and more I am inspired to switch up from the plants.

These tanks are going to stay here, but I'm not entirely sold on the idea that this tank is going to stay there. I might bring my computer in here so when we live stream, we have this room to finally stream in, and then take that tank and put it out here with the red tail catfish. I think this evening, the only thing I'm going to really focus on is cleaning up the tanks, feeding the fish, hooking up the remainder of the equipment, perhaps, get this tank up and running as well.

This week, I would love to focus on getting the tanks wrapped and painted, getting the floor painted out here and then just touching up the 2,000 where some of the paint and some of the Styrofoam has chipped off. Just make it pretty out here and get ready to start doing the scaping, getting new fish and all of the things. I know many of you guys truly enjoy. If you've not subscribed to your channel, this channel you had or your channel, whoever's channel you want to make sure you see it. Make sure that you subscribe to this channel so you don't miss any of those videos.

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