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Most AMAZING Fish Show I’ve EVER Seen!! Aquashella

By SC Fish Keeping on


[Chung: Oh, wow look. Rocks, hardscape.

[SC: What did you find?

[Chung: I found hardscape, tons of hardscape. Good for aquascaping. Good for throwing it at your sister or brother. No, don't do that.


[Jonathan Taibel: All right, so this a 200-gallon acrylic tank. It's made by A.G.E, which is our manufacturing arm. A.G.E is acrylic and glass exhibit, it's located here in Dallas. There is about 600 tetras in there, about 50 gold rams.

[SC: If you stare at this tank long enough you're going to get dizzy. This is sweet guys. What do you think of that scape? One of the coolest things about coming to this event is included with your ticket, you get these sweet orange specs, but these are not just for show. Every aquarium here is loaded up with really awesome corals, but underneath the fluorescent lights, they look good. Let me give you a peek here. Look at the difference. Unreal guys. If you don't have a pair of these glasses you are missing out, that is for sure.

[ [background noise]

[SC: All right, guys, you never know who you'll find or what you'll run into here.

[Ted: Ted Judy, Custom Aquariums. We're talking about what stuff we have here shown at Aquashella. We're pairing up with a couple of people Reef Savvy for the seahorses behind us, DFW Repatarium for the cool animals that are in closures over here. Come by Aquashella and see what we've got.

[SC: Absolutely guys, we're going to get a closer look at some of the stuff he has to offer. I appreciate you for filling me in.

[Ted: You're welcome.

[ [background noise]

[Ted: They will climb up into the trees, but typically their in trees overhanging water.

[SC: Nice.

[Ted: If a predator comes by they'll just dive off whatever they're overhanging and straight into the water and they can swim fantastically. They'll actually sleep under water.

[SC: Oh, that's cool.

[Ted: For long periods of time, sometimes longer than an hour underwater.

[SC: What did you say it was called again?

[Ted: It's called a caiman lizard.

[SC: Caiman lizard. That's cool.

[Ted: They actually have molars similar to human beings teeth for crushing snakes.

[ [background conversations]

[Speaker 1: They eat frozen Mysis shrimp. They're from our farm, Seahorse Savvy in Maryland. We're the largest seahorse farm in the country.

[SC: They're cool.

[Speaker 1: Thank you very much.

[SC: All right, what's up guys? One of the coolest things about being here is some of the people that you meet. You see a lot of other You Tubers who do the fish. Perfect example-

[Mike: Hey, welcome.

[SC: Tell us who you are.

[Mike: I'm Mike, I'm with the Fish Tank Bar.

[ [background conversations]

[SC: Don't mind me.

[Speaker 2: Good morning.

[Speaker 3: Hi everybody, how are you doing? Welcome, welcome to Aquashella. Welcome to the YouTube booth. If you are here you can collect all the cards.

[SC: All the cards?

[Speaker 2: All the cards. Cards are here, the people are here.

[Speaker 4: If this is McDonald's, you have to get a happy meal every single day for the next two months in order to get all these things.

[Speaker 3: It’s like a buffet, a Youtuber buffet.

[Speaker 2: These are going to be highly valuable someday.

[Speaker 4: Hilarious story. When you set up a software tank, now we do a reef tank-- Holy- What is that?

[Speaker 5: That is a Jay Wilson's body-

[ [laughter]

[Speaker 6: What's he doing?

[Speaker 4: Photo bombing with the Fritz-

[Speaker 5: That actually is really good.

[SC: All right guys, I had to jump in here just for a quick second to show you one of my favorite things that I have found since I got here. If you know me, you've been following me for a little while, you know that I love Flower Horns. In the very back of Aquashella is a Flower Horn competition. Just like any other best of show type award, but there are some really incredible Flower Horns over here, and I really want to show you. Check this out. Every single one of those tanks, an unbelievable Flower Horn, seriously just look. All right, check this stuff out guys.

[ [background conversations]

[SC: Look at the colors on these things. Look at this guys. Look at this one, unreal. Look at the size of that. Then you get into the big ones over here. That's crazy, yellows, blues, reds, oranges, white. This one looks like mine, awesome. Flower Horns are amazing.

[Chung: Hey, thanks for watching. Get out of here. Hit that subscribe button, hit that like button. He loves you.

[SC: Yes, I do.

[Chung: Yes, he does.

[SC: It's true.

[Chung: Thanks for watching guys.

[SC: Yes. We'll wrap this one up, guys. I really appreciate you tagging along for this journey of Aquashella. I had a blast, but yes, check this guy out. Chung, The Water Box.

[Chung: Hey, I'm not doing this to get a pimp out of you.

[SC: I'm giving it to you.

[Chung: What are you my pimp? All right pimp me out.

[SC: This is my buddy. Thank you guys [laughs].

[Chung: That's Priscilla, show Priscilla.

[SC: Oh, yes.

[Chung: Priscilla, say goodbye, he's doing his outro.

[Priscilla: Bye, people.

[ [laughter]

[SC: Okay, we are officially going to start wrapping this video up. I just wanted to jump in and say thank you for watching this one. I know the style was a little bit different than I normally do. I tried to do some more music and just make it a little more exciting to watch. Hopefully, you all enjoyed that. Thank you to everyone that was in this video. There were a lot of You Tubers who kind of made cameos. A lot of people that I met, a lot of really awesome people that I met through this event.

[I am excited to be going to the next Aquashella which is in August, up in Chicago. I'll be part of that same kind of Fishtube booth, helping them set up and doing all that stuff. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought of this one down in the comments. Until the next video, I will see you soon.

[Baby girl: Goodbye SC, see you soon. Bye-bye. Subscribe.[00:10:13] [END OF AUDIO]

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