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Moving Tanks Into The New Fish Room And Adding Fish! FLOG#3

By KG Tropicals on

John: When major things are happening out here, every single week, how can I possibly get it on video? I don't know, I'm gonna try.

Hey folks, it's John. There has been so much that has happened out here in the fish room over the last week, and most of it, I can't even show you right now, but I'm looking at it right now, and it's so beautiful, but I can't, I can't show you because that's gonna have to wait till next week. Let's go through some of the things that we've had happen recently out here. There's been a lot, but I'm only going up, so far to where we are with the flogs.

So first of all, we got the 240 up and running. There's fish in it now. You've probably seen them on Tank Talk Live if you've been watching that. They are in there. They are glorious, and we've got more fish coming for this tank next week. So, I guess before we move any further, let's talk about getting this set up, getting it up and running, and getting fish in here.

Well, things never go exactly as planned. We realized we're a couple of things short to get both of these tanks up and running, so we're on our way to Petco. Fortunately, there's a Petco right around the corner, (Yay!), and it's Lisa's favorite place to go. So, yeah.

Of course, when you go to Petco with Lisa, you're never gonna be able to just go in and get what you need and get out.

Three hours later...


So, when I went to Petco, I picked up these filter pads. These are actually kind of nice. You buy the whole pad and then you just cut it to fit whatever size you're looking for. I wanted to get them to fit it into the tower trays; the sump trays that were included from Custom Aquariums. I got the ammonia remover type, and then I got just the regular polishing pads, and then filled the rest of these trays up with the ceramic balls that came from Custom Aquariums.


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