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New Aquarium Reveal – Saltwater Tank

By King of DIY on

Speaker 1:
We're live. I didn't have time today to film and edit a proper video because the gallery is absolutely destroyed. We might have to run through this video quite quickly as well, simply because I don't know when my phone is going to crash. Last time we went live the phone crashed, I blamed it on the internet, it was clearly the phone heating up. It was like 300 degrees. The gallery has now it's own internet, so eventually I'm going to go through my laptop, some proper microphones and some proper cameras and we will do some really nice looking live streams until then, however, we got to deal with the phone.

If you're watching this right now you are live. Chances are you might not be. Today I want to talk about and reveal the plans for the saltwater aquarium. As you can see though, it is quite a mess in here. We've got canopies everywhere, equipment everywhere, this place is an absolute disaster area. However, if you follow me on Instagram you guys wil have been watching me from the aquarium last night and we talked about a few things. So far the aquarium is plumbed and ready for water. The next thing I want to do here is hook up the equipment and of course install the sump and so forth.

I also need to get on to scaping. Bonus, I have everything I need in order to get this tank up and running. However, I know tomorrow and the next day people are going to be like, "Where is your saltwater tank?" It takes six weeks to cycle an aquarium, I only have fresh water tanks, so I have to do a normal cycle on this. I'll show you guys how I do that in the near future. The tank is empty right now, of course, ready to move forward, but I know what you guys want to know and that is what I'm going to be putting in it. We are going to briefly talk about that, then we are going to run through the tanks and take a look how everybody is doing, I'm pretty excited for that.

You guys know that top aquariums have to have mindless fish, this is because they're almost eight feet up in the air. Bottom aquariums could have some more of the interactive fish. What I've always wanted to do with the saltwater aquarium is to have a predator aquarium. I know a lot of people are going to say, "Joey what about a reef?" Well, maybe if I build a reef it would take a couple of years, but I'm not too interested in doing a reef right now. I want some predator fish and by predator I just mean they are a carnivorous type of fish, which classifies them into a number of animals.

However, what I really want to stock and what I'm going to be getting for this, I'm going to tell you the fish. I want a porcupine puffer, google it, the first image that comes up is this fish with big eyes and he is smiling at you, adorable. I'm going to blame that on Rico from Rico's reef for showing my wife all of these fish and she really wants that porcupine puffer. She's already picked a name for it. I hate it, but I'm going to probably name it that. I want a porcupine puffer fish. I also want a snowflake eel or some sort of an eel for the bottom of the aquarium. I also- the main feature fish, I know some people will get upset, but I want a lionfish.

I've always wanted a lionfish and I've always told you guys I want a lionfish. Those are the three main fish that I want to add to this aquarium and I have played and doubted with the idea of maybe one day we turn the 375 gallon into a predator tank. Then last night, on a live stream not of my own, but it was on Rico's I said, "If I were to happen to change the salt water tank over or the 2,000 gallon over to something, it would be a salt water predator tank and I would probably put some sharks in there." Just some small sharks. That's what I want to do here, but the main focus of that is not just to do that, I want to show you how easy it could be to set up a saltwater aquarium with very easy to take care of fish and very minimal equipment.

I think a lot of people want to jump into salt water but it's too expensive and they don't know where to start. They see this beautiful stunning reefs and it's like going from a 0 to 100. How do you get there? I think we should start with salt water just like we started with fresh water. For me, I got a little 10 gallon tank, it was a ridiculous aquarium, I had ground pure gravel, I had internal filth, it was ratchet. This was 16 years ago and I tossed a prawn in. Clearly not the best stock for that tank, but we progress through the hobby, don't we? We don't start off with this massive aquarium with all the best equipment, et cetera. We build up to that.

What I want to do is do that with salt water and I think by leading the way I can get a lot of you guys in the saltwater, including myself, and we can enjoy the journey together. How will I do water changes? How will I run it? I'm going to do some very simple equipment. The only piece of equipment I'm going to have on there-- Well, two. I need a return pump clearly, but I'm only going to have a skimmer on that. No other equipment, I'm not having reactors or anything like that. For water changes I'm using my well water. I'm not going to be using RODI.

If you have a reef, go ahead but there's so many industry leaders that tell me behind the scenes that you don't really need RODI for a fish only system that are easy to take care of. Just mix your salt, add it to your water change it to saltwater. I thought, "That's what I was going to do anyways," and to be honest with you guys, that's what I was doing with my saltwater tanks, the three that I've had in the past, I had success with them and I never used RODI. I want to keep this very simple and easy to take care of and I simply want more people to give it a shot with me.

I can't be the only one doing this, I'm going to come up with an idea of some sort that maybe I can showcase some of your aquariums and showcase your salt water adventures along with my own, we'll see how it happens. I think I just missed a super chat. Creepy monkey head game, thanks for the $10 super chat my friend. You really don't need a lot to get salt water at 20, read that super chat absolutely spot on. I'm excited just to make this simpler.

There's not much to reveal, those are my plans. I'm going to keep it simple. I'm going to run it almost like a fresh water aquarium. I know the saltwater industry's going to lose their minds like, "Joey with all these followers." They're just going to get upset that I'm not doing it their way. I'm going do it my way and I'm going to have success and I'm going to teach a ton of people and the industry will thank me in a year type of deal.

We'll see, maybe I destroy everybody's fish tanks, I highly doubt it though, I think we are going to be okay. The lights in the gallery here shut off at 5:00 P.M. Oops, I forgot that. It's 4:00 P.M Eastern Standard Time. I'm ahead of that, I'm in Atlantic Time so it's 5:00 P.M here. I forgot that all the racks shut off at 5:00 so I just turned all the lights on, randomly blasted them, that's why I was a little late. The discus tank, I didn't have time, but I'm going to show you some of the fish here.

You know what I can't do? I can't do anything until I show you guys Frank, so let me do Frank first. Frank my man, is this what you wanted? The light is on you, and the camera is on you. He's like, "That's not the regular camera." Frank, can we get something? Can you do something? Can you do anything? You guys noticing Frank's wood? His wood is huge, I mean this here by the way. I added in a piece of wood from the 375, tossed in some spare moss. This tank is looking really blue because it's actually a saltwater light on it, really highlights his red and blues in him. Plus it's the only one I have left, but it's looking good. I like it a lot.

There's Frank. I know I can't do anything without showing him. Let's take a look at the, 2000s since we are here. Again guys, this place is an absolute disaster area. It's difficult for me to move around, but-- How many chins does Frank have? He's got a solid seven. We are working on getting him eight, but will see where it goes. We got an ultimate blood red, we got the the pampered gold supreme, we've got the scripters and another red over there. All these guys are doing fantastic. Of course, the rays on the bottom, a little baby ray over there, another ray over on this side. I've adjusted the lighting patterns here-- ray belly, that's a female.

I've adjusted the lighting spectrum so the algae grows more spotty, I guess you could say. it looks more natural from the-- I want to hear. See? They are always waiting for food. They swim over to get something to eat, I'm going to put my hand in there, they might confuse it for food but I got to do it for you guys. He's really waiting, wait till he passes. Stop. See? [laughs] That's enough of that one.

Can we take a quick look at the other fish please? How much time we got? We are in here nine minutes. I'm worried that at 20 minutes this is going to time out, so give me a minute. I know it's running first, I only remembered to turn on one light. They shine down on each other so the middle is brighter and they kind off add shadowing, but I like one light on anyway. These guys are pretty cool. These are all Malawi cichlids, they are all male peacocks, mostly obese. I fell in love with-- where are you? Not you, you? No, not you, you and I had to have more of you, so got more of you. These guys are outgrowing their tanks quickly though. I don't how many I'll end up with, maybe 12 or so, but these guys get relatively large.

I always drop them off at my local fish store or give them away to a local hobbyist or something, it's easy for me to do that. Tropheus. If you guys have ever seen a full size tropheus, these guys get five inches long and they get like big fat torpedoes, so these guys are only tiny. It's looks like not a lot of fish in here, but they truly will fill out this tank, I think there's about 20 something, I haven't been counting. You guys are looking awesome.

We'll come back to the war room. These guys are always a blast to watch. Lights are truly blasted, full blast on right now. There's no shadowing. It doesn't look as good. I like messing around with the lights, how dim and how bright. Of course their color spectrum and where I'm pointing them, but when they're full blast it just illuminates the whole tank. Look at these reds though.

The thing about having so many rainbows, it's fairly difficult to make sure they all eat the same amount of food without overfeeding the tank. This is the only tank that eats several times a day. The rest get once. Of course the wall rue, lights just got blasted. I got to clean this glass. Oops my bad. Wall rue are getting big though. Look at that. I love when they put their dorsal fins up there, because it's like 50% of their body height or whatever, and they look absolutely stunning like that. Look at this. Snails crawling out of there. Tetras are still doing fine. They're all over the place.

The little spots on the logs, that's the knee right snails laying eggs. If I didn't just turn all this on, they would probably be out more. Rainbows don't care. Angelfish are just like "I'll do anything, just give me food." These guys are always out, always a pleasure to keep the camera-- Of course it's going to blow them out, they're going to look horrible like this. Talk about beans, I gave beans away to a kid. The discus, I forgot to turn these on. People are asking about the reef tank, already talked about that at the beginning of the video. This video will be up later.

Lights are off in here, but as you can see, they're still looking good. This is probably the best colored one and a better idea of what they'll all eventually look like. What do you feed your rainbow fish most? Oh, sorry. What do you feed your rainbow fish most? Pellets, I'll feed them tiny pellets or I'll feed them some flake foods. I'll feed them some frozen foods or whatever the case might be. It's all depends. I'll do a feeding video here shortly. The Asian aquarium. I actually haven't shown this on video yet. We haven't updated or anything like that. In it, you guys remember the rest boras, the harlequin with rest boras. These are always a pleasure.

Now, if we can find the baddest badass in here, or Dario Dario, whatever they’re called. They’re in there, but they're so darn tiny. Now, look at the programis. You can see them back there. These guys have been hiding non-stop. They'll come out for feeding and whatnot. They're all healthy, but it's going to take more time to get them to come out, very skittish compared to what I'm used to in terms of gourami. This tank is empty, that's going to be another fresh water tank. I can't wait to get what I think I'm going to put in there. We're going to see.

Then this tank is empty. The thing is, between these two though, is this is a saltwater tank but I'm plumbing them individually, so they'll be on their own sumps. I can do a predator tank run easily and I can do a crazy reef up here run independently, or I could do salt and then do cold water up here, or fresh or whatever I want to do. This tank is open for suggestions.

Okay, let's approach the 375. The clownfish should be okay now, but they don't necessarily like me bugging them. There we go. Leave us alone. The glare here is going to be intense. DJ Argentina or Argentine TSO. We got a heart wiggy back there. That's a heart wiggy. These guys look better as adults. The one that nobody is really commenting on is going to be the synspilums. These guys are like rainbows once they mature and grow older. If you google vija or vieja synspilum, you'll see some adults that are absolutely amazing. Look at all these clowns. Just clowning around, having a good time.

I love this tank though. Look at it from this angle and you can see the tint from the wood. Harmless, but it's just ugly. Iim going to adjust this wave maker. What it's doing here you’ll see. Every once in a while it's creating a vortex sucking air in and then pumping out microbubbles. I'll put that down a little lower. The vieja follow me around. I can't wait to see how this tank matures. Out of all my aquariums, I can't wait to see what happens here. The funny thing is like everything else I've already kept before, I already know the outcome per se. I already know what the adult discus are going to look like, I bred them. Adult angels, everything else, even the war room look fantastic and I've done the adults. Everything I've grown to adults including Asian arowana and freshwater stingrays, but I've never had a tank like this before.

I'm really excited about the results for that. That's it. I'm really excited about that saltwater aquarium. I can't wait for that to happen. That's going to prove to be a really exciting tank to have, especially given that we haven't had salt water in here for a while and I said I was going to do it, and I'm doing it. I just need to get inspired and excited about something. When I went on my trips, especially to Maryland and we went to a local fish store and seeing a bunch of their saltwater fish, I just got excited. When I go to my local fish store the same thing happens, but when I'm trapped in here surrounded by fresh water, I'm like, “Why would I want saltwater? I got all this.”

It's just a matter of also being inspired. I hope that these videos do that for you guys as well, where you can watch these and you just get inspired to like, "Oh, that's a cool fish. Maybe I want that," or, "I want to escape like that," or something along those lines. You don't have to replicate this. This is going to be entirely too difficult. I will say what originally inspired the entire racking system at one point was, I've always wanted a bunch of 120 gallon tanks like four of them on a rack in the house when we used to be in the house.

What I wanted to do there was have an aquarium showcasing one area of the world each, then I thought that four is not enough. Six would do it, but eight of course would be better now of 10. I just didn't have the room. I always wanted to do that. Then I go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and I see that they are actually doing that, where a lot of their aquariums are like, this is like Malawi, Antigua this, that, the other thing. They're not one on top of the other, they're spaced out like this in an oval design.

If I didn't have the 2,000, I would have wrapped this entire building and just 120s. That would have pretty cool. One thing that's always been interesting to me was-- And one of the things that challenged me the most with this entire gallery was trying to keep it an actual gallery and showcasing the tanks, not having a bunch of wires running everywhere or having it too loud in here or uncomfortable or anything like that. I wanted it to be an enjoyable experience on and off camera, of course.

I think I've accomplished that. So far to go. We're not even one year into this project and we've come such a far way. I'm really excited and so happy that you guys have stuck around for so long with me. What else do I talk about? There's always something I forget to talk about, if you guys have any questions ask now. That is the reveal. I never reveal plans for an aquarium until it actually starts happening and I really wanted to give you guys an inside look as to what's going on with the saltwater tank, because there's been so many assumptions and so many people guessing what’s going to happen. I just don't want anybody to be disappointed because I just want you to know what's happening.

Are you just doing a salt water swim tank or reef? I'm not sure what a swim tank is. Do you mean like fish only? Yes, it's going to be a predator tank. I can't have reef or coral in with a lot of those fish that I'm keeping and I simply don't want to. I want to keep things as simple as possible at the beginning, show people how easy it is to actually just maintain a very simple aquarium and then potentially we move into some more difficult areas.

There's all kinds of channels out there that do that, but I want to take a grasp at my own perspective and apply what I know in fresh water to salt water. I think it's going to work out just fine. Already been doing it and has success with those saltwater tanks in the past. That's going to be about it guys. There's a several thousand of you guys watching but we only got 1,300 likes, what? You guys know I'm a YouTuber, I survive off likes and approval. Will I ever come to the UK again? I'd love to. I really cut down my travel over the past few months. There's some behind the scene things that have been happening to me with travel lately. I'm really ready to talk about them, but to summarize it, Joey's getting taken advantage of by extreme amounts. See where that goes.

Oh, here's a good one. No, missed it. Sorry. Will you come to New Jersey? I've been in New Jersey a few times. I'm going to be in New Jersey this coming June, June 22nd to 24th, or the 24th to 26th. Go to I think it's called? and select New York. I'm going to be there. I'm speaking. Yes, I've been to New Jersey several times already. Can't wait to go back there, do it again. I will be in Miami in August. That's the plans. I'm still waiting on a few things there, but we'll see what happens.

This chat is moving way too fast. You know what I need is I got to get Tanya to get in here, on a computer and feed me questions or something like that so I don't miss any. It'd be funny to see what she selects anyways. Yes, Miami in August. Time to start planning. Go to the Miami Airport. If you're flying in, start booking rooms, etc. That is going to be an awesome, awesome time. I will confirm that probably within the next week or two and start talking about it a little bit here and there. New Jersey is already booked, hotel, flight. I will be there guaranteed. Again, , I think it's called. I'm sure if you google riverpalooza New York, you'll find it.

This place is such a mess here. This is what I'm looking at right now. I mean it doesn't look like a big mess, it's just there's not a lot of room in here to begin with. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing worse than watching somebody re-comment so I'm going to let you go. Hope you enjoyed today's video. I'd also like to thank you for watching. It's my pleasure to do these live videos. I apologize for doing it on a cellphone and not having too much to actually show and do. However, it doesn't negate the fact that I appreciate you guys for joining me live. For the superchats, all of you will receive a private message from me. All the people that liked the video, I appreciate that as well.

That's going to be it. I should mention when these videos go live and what not, and not to be a jerk, but if you self-promote on the livestreams or you say hateful or hurtful things to people, I'm not a babysitter. I'm going to block you and you'll never be able to do that again. I hate to have to say these types of things because it just ruins it for other people's viewing experience. Every once in a while, I've got to remind you guys.

Thank you guys. What can I mention in Miami? There's a grand opening and I'm going to be doing a meet-up. Have I ever done Q & A? I've done some times, yes. I've been doing a lot of Q & A's on-- best place to interact with me right now, before it gets too polluted, is Instagram. I can see the comments more frequently and I can respond to you guys. Forgive me, I like to troll and I enjoy having fun and cracking jokes. My jokes are not funny, but they were funny to me at the time so if you're not following me there, the link is in the description.

Okay guys, that's it. We're just repeating ourselves. Thanks everybody for joining in. I will see you guys again this coming-- What day is it? Is it Tuesday? You know what I'm getting ready for? We're getting hit with a storm tonight. That would be fun. I've been working on that, getting the generators and everything ready. Every time you run a generator, you got to do an oil change, so I had to do the oil changes and what not. Everything is going well. Not looking forward to that storm. I was supposed to go on a trip with my wife this week. Our flights got cancelled because of the storm coming. Hasn't been a great day. I didn't think I was going to be able to do a video today. I feel like this livestream was kind of horrible but hey, better than nothing. No, it's not better than nothing. If I don't like it, I won't upload it.

Anyways, thanks for joining me guys. I got to run. I will see you guys later.

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