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New Baby Tree Frog

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Hey guys, it's Jenny. Welcome back once again to Solid Gold. I'm really excited for this video because today I finally get to introduce you to my new little pet that I've had for two weeks now to the day. It is a white's tree frog also sometimes called dumpy tree frog. Here's an adorable clip of him exploring around in the little fake plant that I have in his tank the first day I got him and you can see that he's looking a little thin, a little skinny in this video. He is just a baby frog so that's called a froglet. He is pretty newly transformed or metamorphosed from a tadpole.

These guys are really delicate at this small size and this young of an age. I didn't know he was going to be this small when I ordered him. Otherwise, I may have held off on getting him because I don't know how good it is to ship frogs that are this tiny and I think that's why he was a little skinny when he arrived because he just didn't handle the shipping very well. Even though he was skinny, he was a little bit stressed when he first arrived, he ate two crickets almost immediately upon arrival. That was really really cute and encouraging. Oh my God. It's so cute watching him eat. I'm going to put these clips here so you guys can enjoy it as much as I did.

Two weeks later he's doing really well. I've gotten him fattened up quite a bit. I'm really happy and I'm going to show you guys his quarantine tank setup, talk a little bit about that and talk a little bit about the tank that I'm setting up for him to eventually move into. The new little guy is being kept over here in this corner of the fish room. He set up in this Exo Terra medium-low tank that actually used to be Sylvia's home before I set her up in her new cage there.

His quarantine tank here is set up with a bottom of unbleached brown paper towels and I mist this tank just once a day just until the paper towels are a little bit moistened but not so that there's excessive sitting water under there. They really prefer somewhere around 40% to 50% humidity with occasional spikes up a little higher like right after misting. I just mist his little cage here once a day. This is, of course, dechlorinated water. I, of course, have a fake plant for him to climb on. This is where he spends all of his time. He loves his fake plant, loves hiding in all the leaves.

I have a ceramic heat emitter up on the top of the cage right there and I have a thermostat that is plugged into that is set to 90. 90 degrees is what I have it set to. The temperature that white's tree frogs prefer is they like the top of their cage to be at about 85 degrees with a slightly warmer basking spot of no more than about 90 degrees. This area right here is right where the heat emitter is concentrated on and this area when I measure it with my temp gun stays around 90 degrees, whereas the top of the tank like the highest part of the leaf here is 85 degrees.

Then they like a temperature gradient. The farther down in the tank you go, the cooler it should get for them to the point where it's about 72 or 75 degrees on the bottom of the tank.

This way the frog can decide to travel around the tank depending on his temperature needs. He's also got his water dishes. When I first got him, I didn't know he was going to be this tiny. I had this huge big old water dish in here that took up like a quarter of the bottom, but I quickly realized that was going to be way too big for him. Thankfully, I had these two smaller ones on hand already and I gave him a couple of different water depth options.

He hasn't done it yet, but supposedly white’s tree frogs are notorious for pooping in their water dish. It's just what they like to do. Definitely, you want to change out the water dish every day for them. I'll show you guys what his final tank is going to be. This is the top tank on my rack of the variance. It's going to go way up there. Now, eventually, I want to get a group of like four or five white's tree frogs, not just the one. They'll all go in here. This cage is plenty big enough for all of them.

This is one of the hybrid reptile tanks from custom cages. I also have a screen top on this one. That way the humidity level in this tank is not going to get nearly as high as it does in my dart frog tank. I have the tree stump background in here from Aqua de corps, and then I have these really awesome foam hollow rocks and these are from Universal Rock. They're hollow. They're really lightweight. They're made of foam. What I can do with these is just silicon them onto the glass in a stepping up pattern.

This will be way up here and this one will be here and then these two on the bottom. They'll be able to crawl up that side of the tank. Once his quarantine is up, that's going to be his final home and I'm really excited for that one. I think it's going to be beautiful. Let's feed him some crickets. This is where I keep my crickets if you guys are wondering.

Unfortunately, at this point, my crickets are all getting a little bit large. I ordered them at three-quarters of an inch, but that was a couple weeks ago. Actually, it was a few weeks ago now. They've grown a lot, but I'm going to search through here for the smallest ones I can possibly find. I do have some smaller crickets coming tomorrow and these guys are going to be only a quarter of an inch. They should last at a small size for a little bit longer.

Maybe this one's too big for him. You know what? I'm actually going to make a quick unexpected trip to Petco because I want to see if they have anything smaller. Those crickets are just a tiny bit too big and I don't want him to go a day without eating because that wouldn't be good for him and his small little size.

Okay, get in, get in. You want to go pick out a toy? No more grabbing treats right off the rack anymore though. You have to ask first.

Can I be in the video?

Yes, do you want to?


What's your name?


What are you getting today?

Looking for snakes.

Oh yes, he's Palmer.

He’s pretty excited to be here. Palmer, get down. He's my guard dog. Come on, pick out a toy. You want the elephant? Get it. Get it.

Well, that was a bust. Petco didn't have anything that was small enough. I thought they wouldn't but I thought it was worth checking just in case. There's literally no other pet stores around me that would have small feeder insects like that, which is so weird because back when I lived up in Minnesota, there was at least a couple different reptile specialty stores that you could go to and they would always have little small feeder insects and all kinds of awesome reptiles and amphibians, but not so much here.

At least Palmer got a toy though. All right, Palmer, please like your new toy so I don't feel like it was such a wasted effort. Get your toy. Good boy. I’m so sad that we don't have better pet stores around here. All right, let's get the smallest possible cricket.

Got it. Wow, okay. He really didn't have a hard time at all. Oh my God. I was over worrying as usual.

A few hours ago, I asked my family in our group messaging chat what I should name the new little guy and my dad said- he had a write-in vote because I gave some name options, but he had a write-in name of the Great Gazoo. He's a character from the old Flintstones, which I do remember watching and I do remember this little green alien character on The Flintstones. I just don't remember why he was part of the show. My dad said he was a little Martian with magic powers that would help Fred and Barney out of trouble. I think his name has to be Gazoo. I think it does.

There are different color types of White's tree frogs. Some of them are-- They range from like a really light honey brown to dark brown to light green, kind of a light bluish green like this guy or they can be a bright intense kelly green or they can even be a really deep blue-green. They have a lot of really interesting different color variations. Also, they come with white spots on their sides. Some of them do, some of them don't have it. This one does, but he doesn't have a whole a lot. The ones with white spots on their sides are called snowflake white's tree frogs. You can see he's got the little white spots on his sides and on his back.

As he grows, he's not going to get any more white spots, but they will grow with him. The white spots will get bigger as he gets bigger. Just to give you an idea of what white's tree frogs can look like when they get bigger, here's some examples of some really, really gorgeous ones. I follow the froggy momma on Instagram and Facebook and she posts the most beautiful pictures. All these pictures are used with her permission by the way. I definitely recommend that you guys go check out her Instagram because she has the most beautiful froggies and she takes really great pictures of them too.

That'll give you an idea of what little Gazoo here is going to look like when he gets bigger. Right now he's just a teeny tiny little baby, but they grow really fast and I'll be keeping you guys updated on his growth progress as time goes on. I'm really excited to be able to watch him grow from just a tiny little froglet to a big old frog.

There's the great Gazoo my new little white's tree frog, the new addition out here to the fish room. I absolutely love him already. He's only been here for two weeks and he's already grown a lot. It's crazy. I really thought that those crickets would be too big for him but I completely underestimated how fast he's growing because he took those crickets with no problem. That's really good. He's just so cute.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know what you think of the great Gazoo down in the comment below. Stay tuned for his upcoming tank build video because I just need to go to the store and get some black silicon and then I'll be setting up his tank. Stay tuned if you want to see the video about that's all going to come together. I'll be putting it up on the rack way up there. I'm going to need a pretty tall ladder to be able to check on him every day. Thanks for watching. I'll see you next time and until then stay gold.

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