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Paul Demas’s Paludarium

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Paul Demas designs and installs beautiful vivarium and paludarium displays. He chooses Custom Aquariums enclosures for the overall quality and the ease of use of the filter system. The enclosure in this video is a custom amphibious aquarium with the overall dimensions of 36" long x 36" tall x 24" wide. The water section is 12" deep and has a volume of 45-gallons. The display is filtered by a Seamless Sump filter system. The stand and canopy are oak with custom panel upgrades.

Have questions about our tanks, or how to get started with your own paludarium? Please give our paludarium and aquarium experts a call today at (844) 244-8265 and we will walk you through the process of custom building your own dream paludarium. Or visit our contact page and send us an inquiry there.