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The Aquarium Gallery Renovation Is Done!

By King of DIY on

Speaker 1: Oh, God. I don't want to do this today. Let's try this again, shall we? [laughs] Before I bring you guys in here, I want to bring you guys out back of my shed and show you my wood real quick. Just a sec. Now that the snows is all gone and everything's out, look at my wood situation. Don't mind the barrel, it blew over here. Don't mind the broken down lawn tractor, I promise I'll fix it this summer, like I say every summer.

Anyways, we have a ton of manzanita. We have some Malaysian bogwood. Just absolutely incredible pieces, massive.

I just want to show you guys what we have to work with. We have a ton of scaping supplies, but it's a lot of wood, isn't it? This is all manzanita. Check out this big massive block. Never mind, it won't tip. Here we go. You guys remember, that was in the 2000 at one point.

[phew] There's wood everywhere out here though. You can get a little bit right here, a little bit right here. Then, of course, we have some substrate I was saving, lots of rocks that I've been saving as well. I've run into a problem with rocks, I'll explain here in a moment though.

More substrates. It's just right outside the door because I'm bringing it right back in. There's another substrate in that's finer, a little darker. Then, of course, all these fake logs that we had before. I plan to bring all this back in this evening.

Okay, we'll talk about all that stuff in a second. Right now, I want to show you-- [laughs] Wait, this is night and day, guys. I don't even know if anybody ever is going to recognize this. I feel fancy. I feel really fancy right now. Wait, chill. I'll just show you. Okay, look at this place, it's like a brand-new building. Who would've thought it only took me two years to absolutely destroy this place. I'm such an animal.

Catfish is doing okay. There's mixed thoughts on this, guys. A lot of people think that this 375 is a waste of space. I don't think so. I'll tell you why in a second. The stamp got a repainted job, the floor, the trim. Notice how much I hate painting. [chuckles] I'm like, "You know what, let's just get it over with." I got paint everywhere, I don't care. It looks good, I'm happy with it. I'm going to destroy it anyways, give me a little while.

A lot of people think that the catfish himself is a waste of a 375, I agree. I totally agree. This tank is beautiful. We had it absolutely amazing previously, for those that have been around long enough, which is only about a year and a half ago. I mean, we've been making these videos for 11 years this week. That's right. I've been making YouTube videos on this channel for 11 years this week, sharing my hobby. [phew] I missed the 10-year celebration. Maybe I'll do an 11-year this year. If you have a suggestion what I should do or could do, let me know in the comments section below.

Anyway, people think that this is a waste of tank. I couldn't agree more, but I'm torn between that, because I think it's serving a higher purpose by keeping a redtail catfish growing them out in this. How many times have I told you guys how big these guys get, how long they live for, how big of a tank they're going to require, how expensive that's going to be? He serves as a warning continuously.

I think he's a cool fish. I think he's really fun to have. Ultimately, he's kind of boring. He just sits on the bottom most times until I come out and then he want-- I got to feed them. Type of like having kids. If you want to know what a kid's like, get a redtail catfish. All they do is mope around, a drain on your wallet, and you got to feed them all the time. I don't think my kids watch my videos. If they do, I love them. I take all that back.

Anyways, I like them. I think he knows I'm talking about, he's like, "Wait, bro. Bro, bro, bro. Are you thinking about getting rid of me?" I know what you see. He sees this big bowl of shrimp. Is this what you want? There's two pounds, there's no way you could eat this. In you go. Get it. Yes, this tank needs a water change. Yes, a little green from the window being open for so long. I ended up shutting it. It was doing more damage than good.

Let me know what you guys think I should do with this tank. Obviously, I like this guy. He's doing fine. He's completely healthy, nice and fat. Maybe too fat. I really like him. I think it's going to be incredible to have a massive fish out here. Plus, it's motivation to build a 1200, 2,000-gallon tank out here as well. We'll see what happens.

All right. Anyway, let's continue the tour. Check this out, things finally match. What? We have matching floors? [laughs] Tell me this doesn't look awesome. I do feel fancy coming out here. I'm going to tell you how fancy, and nobody's allowed to laugh. For the past two years, I have come in here and never taken my shoes off. I treat it like a garage type of thing, but I'm wearing socks out here. [chuckles]

I don't know, it's that feeling where you feel like you're supposed to take your socks off, like you're in the house or something. The tanks are looking absolutely phenomenal though. I don't know what you guys think. Let's get a few different angles and views now that we can see everything. 2,000, looking sexy. It's dim and down for the night, it is the evening here.

The problem with the rocks that I have outside is they're all one color, but look at the backgrounds, they're all different colors. This tank is done, we're not doing anything to that. Maybe at some point, we turn this into some sort of other African cichlid. I'm thinking tropheus, I'm thinking maybe something else-- not tropheus, I meant frontosa. Maybe we do something else from [unintelligible 00:05:20]. Let me know your thoughts on this one. I have some cool ideas, some interesting things I was thinking about doing, but we don't know. We, it's just me out here.

The vieja tank, the fish are staying. They're probably moving out of this tank. Everything's just temporary guys. Remember, this is a renovation. We had to empty all the tanks, move them all, just put water in them and chuck the fish in, that was it.

Yes, the vieja tank, I think what we might do here, is I want more rocks, more different colors. We're going to have to go rock hunting, clearly.

Uaru got to get moved because this is going planted. We're doing a planted tank substrate, we're doing a carpet of hair grass, we're doing the standing logs, and we might even put the barbs over here, because the barbs don't really fit into the plans out here anymore, neither do the angels really. There's a lot of fish in that tank. There's like over a hundred. The Exodons and my four loaches. I'm kidding, there's way more. If you guys watched the last video, you'll know that we've seen them-- they're hoarded in there. They're just stuff packed in this log. They come out when they sense or feel food in the tank.

I think I might take Susan and put her here because this is a gray background. I think she would look a lot better than on brown. Look at this background, gray. Then this one here is identical, it's just brown, so no color differences, no details. It's all the same color, just a different shape type of deal. These are AquaDecor background. These are the ones that are hand-painted, handcrafted. That's why they're tremendously more expensive, but they are tremendously more realistic.

2,000 is doing good, needs a water change though. Water is evaporating, I got to get this on the go. That's what I'm focusing on this week is all the little stuff, which includes water changes, tidying up all the lighting, and installing the rest of the equipment.

I don't know guys, I think it looks absolutely phenomenal of here, but I do have a question for you, guys, and that is, I want your input, I need your input. Pick a tank, any one of the tanks, but these are numbered tanks; one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and then you just call 375 that and the 2,000 that. We also have a space here for another tank, so that I make eight of them 120 setup and then we've got to figure out the last two, but the main focus is getting this room done and then we'll come back out here and finish up stuff.

What would you do for stocking, layout? Be specific. The more specific you are, the more helpful it actually is. Not just to me, there's other people that read the comments and they'll also gain inspiration and ideas from you. Maybe it's not the whole tank but maybe it's like one or two things, they jump on Google or continue to watch some other videos and see like maybe that's something they want to keep as well.

I got a couple pounds of food I got to get rid off. Let's give some full-sized shrimp to Susan. This would be tough eat for the bass, but I know that Susan can eat it. Here, guys. Yes, Susan loves that. That's her favorite meal, fresh. She's fancy. She's a diva. Susan, the gourami. For those that are new to Susan, Susan is actually a boy, but we're letting her choose and live her life. There is no judgment out here in the gallery.

Okay, who else wants some of this? I want to give some to the vieja. It's like sometimes-- I'm so guilty for this. I give my favorite fish the best food, everybody else gets prepared pellets or something like that. No, of course, a lot of the fish can't even eat this. It's too big, or they just don't like it, whatever the case might be there. We'll give this to the vieja, as well as to the Uaru.

Get over here. Come on, guys, there's enough for everybody. No one's got to fight. Get it. I came too close to the tank, I get they're scared. Go get it. He's just sitting there, he's hovering over, I think waiting until he's safe. I'm no longer a threat, and there you go. [laughs] Uaru, you want some? I'm just so happy I don't have to paint anymore, like really, really happy. I hate painting. I hate painting more than I hate a lot of things. Maybe I've just done it so much than I'm just bored of it and so monotonous. I like building or doing new things. Go get it. The big fellow. He's the biggest one. They look small on camera, little Timmy. Timmy always looks tiny.

All right, I'll drop a few pieces in here. Now notice that there's only four loaches out right now, and then of course the Exodons. Watch this. As soon as the other loaches taste that this is in the water, they should all start bundling out. We've seen this in the last video, but I think it's hilarious. Look, there's one. They'll start coming out. Look, there's another one. [laughs] There's another one. It's like a clown car. Oh, God. There's more in there. What are you, the gatekeeper?

All right, folks. You guys are getting the leftovers, the slops. Kidding. There is where most of it is. You guys ready? Something to eat. They love this. Let's just drop a bunch in. You guys can have them all. I'll save a little bit. So much. Let's get to the other side so we can see them. A little ray pile. One, two, three, four, five. Three Arowana, five freshwater stingrays. Get it, guys.

This light's dimming down for the evening, that's why it doesn't look so bright. I also still got to get these lights taken out of here. I've got to do it during the day because I've got to shut power off to the entire building, open this up. Somebody said, and shout yourself out in the comments, but somebody said, "Get rid of these drapes and put in black blinds." I'm going to do that. I'm going to do that. I've just got to get them. I think it'll look a lot more finished or something along those lines. The blinds, I guess, you're probably right. I thought they were going to look good. I'm not good at interior decorating. I am a guy after all, one with very little interior style, I guess you could say, but I am listening to you guys, I do take your advise. Even if it's something as silly as, "Joey, get blinds instead of drapes." Heck, yes. That's a great idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Let me know what you guys think we should do with each individual tank, or at least one. Label them one to seven. I also want to know your thoughts on the 375. That is an important aquarium for a couple of reasons. One, we can use it as a serving point, as a warning for those big type of fish. It's also a really awesome tank that we could do something really cool in. A lot of people are saying go salt, go salt, go salt. That sump is a saltwater sump. Oh man. Oh man.

Also, we did have 10 120-gallon tanks originally stacked up. We have five rows, two stacks, making 10. Now, as you can see, there's five on this wall, and then, one, two, so that only makes seven. This area here is cleaned out for eight, and then we'll figure out the final two. Maybe over here. I don't know what we can figure out. I'm thinking about all different types of things, but for sure, if we only set up another one out here or immediately would be here. I'm focused right here right now. We have seven tanks to deal with. We'll worry about the other three when the time comes.

I need your feedback. Let me know in the comment section below. I'll see you guys tomorrow or the next day when we meet the next video.

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