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The Aquariums Are Here

By King of DIY on

I don't typically do videos on Fridays. In fact, I was going to wait until Sunday to give you guys an update on the gallery and all of the really exciting things that are happening, but something happened today that simply cannot wait. We need to make a video about it. Everybody in the tank is doing fine though. We got Frank, we've got the arowana, the rays. Again, everything is doing fine. I do get questions about how all the fish in this tank are doing everyday. It's pretty much the same thing. They're all doing fine. They're all eating, they're all active. This is an exciting tank just to come in and see everyday.

For this, we got to go outside. The day I know many of you guys have been waiting for. Guess what showed up today. The aquariums and racks are finally here from Custom Aquariums, that are going inside my aquarium gallery. To be more specific, those 10 120-gallon tanks are going to fill this entire wall from floor to ceiling, each aquarium showcasing a different aspect of the aquarium hobby, every aquarium beautifully aquascaped. All right, at least I hope that's what's going to happen.

The racks came in this morning on a large truck. A forklift had to be sent separately to get them all off. Now, my forklift license expired a little over five years ago. I actually used to drive one, however, I did bring Gary over again, and he has a valid license. I didn't know if they were going to need one or not, so I let him do it which turned out better because I'd rather orchestrate the move rather than take the responsibility if they crash down. Didn't take that long at all though.

Let's take a look inside each crate here. Now, this isn't going to be typical shipping from These were definitely overly packed up and overdone on the shipping. Definitely not something you can expect when you order your aquariums, however, these had to travel over 1,300 miles and into another country here in Nova Scotia, Canada all the way from Wisconsin. You could imagine what these possibly would have had to go through, however, there's not even a dent on them. These guys did an amazing job.

I can see that we have most of the aquariums and we have all of the racks. Clearly, I haven't actually opened them up yet, but from what I can tell, we have all five racks and possibly six stands or six aquariums. Which means they're going to have to send another crate with the rest which is no problem. I think that was the plan anyways. I've been so tied up with a lot of-- Orchestrating everything within the gallery that it's really difficult for me to keep track of all these things that are going on.

Man, if you just look, these are beautiful. I can't wait till these are set up. This crate here looks like we have what could be one of the bottoms of the stands and that full rack on the other end. Mind you, these are 60 inches long, 60 inches wide. These are absolutely huge and they stand about seven feet tall. It looks like on the inside, we have some hose, we've got one of the racks. Inside here, is one of the aquariums.

The next one, we've got an aquarium down low. I'm assuming there's a one on the other side, so that would make four tanks, and the same idea over there. These two were actually packed identically from what I could tell. I did break open the front and the sides just to see what was in in each one. To be honest with you, the most important thing for me to get right now is the racks. The tanks can come at any time, but in that order for me to make sure everything is going to fit, it's all going to fit, these were all custom-made, but, I want to make sure they're all evenly spaced.

I don't want to set up one rack and then have to move it or drain it or something like that. I'd love to be able to set at least the bottoms of all the racks, so everything is evenly spaced and we're ready to start installing the aquariums and equipment and so forth, so making sure all the racks were here was perfect. These are exactly what I was expecting though. Just to take a quick look into this rack, you can see-- The sun's quite bright out here which is nice for a change, but this-- We've got an aquarium in there. We've got this Seamless Sump.

What else here. Over there, through that hole, we can see through it there into the other compartment area. That's what I've been doing, just peeking around. I'm not sure what I see over there, but yes, so ultimately it looks like there's six aquariums in total and then of course, it looks like we have the sumps to go with them. Yes, we have all of the racking system, and this is just a first look with the crates' couple of panels off. I don't know for sure. I haven't asked for specifics.

I actually prefer to be surprised, do a proper unboxing, but here's the thing. These boxes are going to take a while to just simply rip apart. See the way they're packed is these are packed so good. It looks like I'm going to literally have to disassemble the entire frame, and all of the plywood and everything in order to get everything out of it, and disassemble the tanks that are already put together. Not really put together, there's still a few things I have to do, to assemble them.

Ultimately, this is just getting them ready to move into the gallery. It's going to be a day or two. I'm probably going to wait till Monday to start that, simply because I have a huge garbage dumpster coming so that I can chuck out all of the packing materials. I can't have that laying around the yard, my wife will kill me. Trust me, in order to keep her happy, I have to make sure there's no messes, but man, is this ever exciting to have finally here. It is on time. This is perfect timing. I'm almost ready to set these up.

I've a got a few other things on the go in the gallery that I've got to do first, however, I'm just going to have to start doing a lot of things all at once. I'm already having really long days. Working in the gallery and building things, setting things up is taking sometimes two, three o'clock in the morning, then back up at six or seven. It's been like that for the last three months or so, but as difficult as this is, I'll admit it right now, I'm in my element. I love this stuff.

Suppose maybe we can get a peek back into here. Look at this, isn't that beautiful? That's going to look amazing in the gallery. We're in real sunlight. This is going to expose every inconsistency with these racks, or if they're not looking their best, the sunlight clearly is going to show it, but man, these are flawless, all flawless, absolutely love them. Again, it was only about 20 minutes ago when we got these all in the yard.

Clearly, I don't have a lot done yet. Like I said, I'll probably start ripping them apart on Monday or Tuesday, but knowing me, I'll probably start tomorrow. I wouldn't expect much to be put in the actual gallery till next week at some point. I've got to move the 375 in there before I set these up. We need room to move that in. That's posing a problem there. We'll update on that tomorrow, but we're going to get this done.

I absolutely had to make today's video. It's an exciting day, and I had to share this with you immediately of course. I know many of you guys were waiting for this to happen. With that said, a huge shout out to Custom Aquariums. You can go to Check out the racks, tanks, their filters. They make everything, if you're interested in any of this. I'll also mention that there's only four days left to get your DIY Fishkeeper shirt before they start shipping. I'll leave a link in the description below so you can get your own.

You guys are sitting in my office chair right now. That's my view of this aquarium, so I can see it from both ways. Your guys' idea or pressuring me and pushing me to installing two panels was genius. I'm glad we did it. Anyways, I'll give you guys a proper update this Sunday. We'll go over a lot of the things I know you guys are dying to see and I keep getting questions on it. This coming Sunday, again, I'll have a proper update for you. I hope you enjoyed today's video. I hope you're getting as excited as I am. If you're not subscribed to this channel yet, and what I'm doing is something you want to see, make sure you do, so you don't miss any of it.

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