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Update On All My Aquariums – Fish Room

By Fish of Hex on

Travis: What's up, guys? Welcome back to FishOfHex. My name is Travis. Today, we're going to do an update on all the tanks here in the fish room.

Last week, I posted on the community tab, I guess, you want to call it, here on YouTube, asking you guys what did you want to see. It was a little poll between this type of video, a rambling video, and the pros and cons of quarantine. That was really close between the quarantine and this video. Don't worry, I will still make that video, I'll probably just do it next week.

Here we're going to go ahead and look at all the tanks. We have three salt water, one fresh water, of course, we have the quarantine system. We'll go through all of them to tell you what's going on, what projects, and what's basically going to happen in the future for those systems. 300-gallon is going to be our first one. It looks pretty decent. It's definitely getting full. I got to come in here and start trimming, but the only problem is I've run out of room to put coral.

I have all these racks down here, we have one on the back. Don't worry. You guys have been saying, "Add a frag tank to this setup," and I ordered one a few weeks ago or a couple weeks ago. It will be here soon. It's going to be 14 inches wide, by 20 inches long, and it's going to have a grid style frag rack in it. Basically, I do sell all the coral in this tank. Well, at least most of it on the website. It works out well because I can sell it from the tank and I can just cut it, put it down here at hills. I'm more into the WYSIWYG type of selling.

You guys will notice that when you go to the website that I've actually added a lot more WYSIWYG stuff, and that is what you see is what you get. Once that new frag tank comes in and gets set up, we'll have the grid style type of frag rack, and I'll go ahead and put all the coral down there and then add it to the website underneath FishOfHex Personal Coral as WYSIWYG. Once that's done, I'll announce the video, because we're going to do a whole build video on that frag tank anyways.

Once that's done, I'll announce that everything is up and you guys will be able to purchase coral what you see is what you get. I really, really like that style of selling coral. I just feel that it's more successful and it's a lot easier when you're online trying to buy coral to know exactly what you are actually purchasing instead of getting some little nub when you thought you were getting a three-inch frag or something like that. Tank is doing quite well.

Now, a couple of changes that I've already made. I actually removed most of the acans from this rock, going to be putting some acros there instead. I like acans, but I like acros more. I just moved most of them throughout the tank. I think we have one over here. Just put them in different spots, see how they do. I'm not really an acan fan, I just had them and put them in there. They're in here still. Trying to see if I could find another one. I don't know where the heck I put them.

The next step once that frag tank is up, we're going to go ahead and remove some duplicates. We have this green stag. Excuse me, fish. That guy's coming out because we already have a whole colony of it up here, so we don't need it there. Then this whole colony to the left-hand side of FishOfHex. See my finger. Here we go. That whole colony is going to be gone off that FishOfHex milli because we have a whole colony up here.

Getting rid of the duplicates, going to put in some higher-end frags. I know where that FishOfHex milli is, we're going to be putting a Walt Disney. Throw that out, and then of course, sell it on the website once it's decent-sized and it's going to be beneficial to look good in the tank, but also make some money on it as well. Let's go ahead and move over to the frag tank. A little dark.

Speaking of WYSIWYG, with the previous system, I have converted this whole top lowboy to what you see is what you get. Now, from, I guess, this point over there is-- That stuff's already on the website. It's dark. That stuff's already on the website. I still got to put all this coral on. I have yet to do it. My plan is to do it this weekend. We got a lot of acans, ricordeas, hammers, torches, and just some miscellaneous.

Like I said, WYSIWYG is my style of selling. I'm going to just have to get through and get that stuff on the website. It does take a little bit more time, it's quite a bit more work, but it's worth it because it does sell and I like to show you guys what you're actually purchasing. Check back Monday. All that stuff should be on there by then. Now, the bottom tank is going to be just what I sell.

Still sell multiples and Zoas and birds nests and all sorts of stuff that I could fit down here. That it's not exactly WYSIWYG, but once something sells up top, I tend to come down here and pick out a nice frag and then sell it as a WYSIWYG. That seems to be doing quite well for that setup. Now, it's going to be hard to see, but I do have-- It's going to be dark. It's too dark. I'll probably just take the filter off and come back. I'll do that real quick. Okay, I'm back. I just figured I'd take that filter off, it's a little bit easier to see.

The refugium, the 40-gallon refugium on this thing is a beast. It still looks dark with how much macroalgae's in here. This stuff is selling relatively quickly online. I haven't thrown any of it out yet, which is nice. My whole plan with this system is I have the foxface up top, of course, the hippo tang on the bottom, and a couple damsels in there. I feed the tank heavily, to not only keep the nutrients high so the coral is happy, but to also feed the macroalgae, which sells, like I said, relatively quickly online. I can't believe how dark that is regardless of what I do. ATO, let's hear it, just enjoy the old times. It sells like crazy and I really like to provide you guys with that stuff. When I was looking for it when I first started, I couldn't find at the local fish store, they didn't have it. Having it here, ready to go is awesome. I also have it down here in my 300-gallon sump. When this fills up, I just take it out, put it into the 40-gallon and just keep selling it from there. Definitely, like all of that. Everything down here is good. Of course, we had the doser. I don't know if I showed you guys that. Who knows, I make too many videos to remember.

Dosing 2-part, our Curve 9 Plus Protein Skimmer, filter socks, everything's good. Only running carbon on this system. It's finally done. It took a little while, especially getting that lighting. The lighting, of course, was expensive with those AP-700s. Even getting them at a wholesale price, it was still ridiculous. Love this setup, takes care of itself. I really like selling coral and I like having the two different tanks to give you guys the option of having the personal stuff, but also being able to get stuff that I get from local hobbyists and also transship. Let's go ahead and move on to the next system. Might as well back up. Naked quarantine system. During my yearly maintenance, I mentioned this on Instagram, basically, just going through and cleaning all the tanks. The only one that's not being cleaned is the freshwater. You guys can see it. I have two Oscars in there. Just got these guys yesterday. They came in as a random. I basically had a choice of picking out a specific that was the size that was too big for the one that was in the tank already, or just getting two three-inch randoms. It came out good.

They came in as a tiger and a albino tiger, which works out great because we have the red oscar in here already, same exact size, and he's in there with a couple buddies, which will be removed as soon as I put the other two oscars in. He can't really eat any other fish in here right now because he's too small, but he's got an awesome personality. Now, I did originally state that I only wanted two oscars in this tank, but it looks like I'm going to have three for now, then I'll have to upgrade the tank to a 220 at some point.

Three oscars that are roughly three inches right now. They'll be in here for about a year, a year and a half, depends on how much I feed them. Now, this tank is definitely a lot different than what you guys saw before. I'll post a picture of what it was before. Now, when it comes to the plants, I love planted tanks, but this tank became too much work on top of everything I have going on here in the fish room.

Every day, I did come in here and clean up the overflow. I don't know if you guys can see that. Kept on getting clogged, both sides, no matter what I did. Then I had to cut the plants and just throwing out handfuls, after handfuls, after handfuls of plants. I couldn't get around to getting them on the website. People don't really buy plants from a saltwater guy. They just don't do it. It wasn't really going to be something I could do successfully so I didn't bother.

I like this now. Like I said, it's a little darker, but I really like just the overall look. It's going to be nice with the three oscars. They'll get big, they'll have their oscar personalities. Maybe just a cool chill tank. Now, we're going to go ahead and move over to the clownfish tank, and that'll be our last setup that we look at for today. All right, here we are, the 30-gallon bubble-tip tank. You guys can see, there's a lot more clowns than I had before.

Right now, I have a total of six. We have three mochas, two ocellaris, and then I think it's a snowflake, I want to say. Then there is about 12 of the rose bubbles and one long tentacle here. Now, there's definitely a glare from the window. I have a hard time dialing in the color of these because they're like an orangish, reddish, greenish color, and getting that to come out on the filter is just impossible.

I'll probably just post a picture of what they actually look like. You can see that one decided to take a trip. Now, I just adjusted the MP10, probably, early this morning, I would say, maybe like seven o'clock. Let's say like 1:00 in the afternoon. Everybody's closed up and you can see that he's already jumped ship. I'm going to have to get him, see if he gets back up on the rock so it doesn't get sucked into the powerhead.

I want a little bit more flow, so I adjusted it. Probably could've done it yesterday, that way they looked a little full. Everybody's pretty good. The aggression isn't too bad. It definitely, with the more clowns that I had in here, the aggression is a lot less. You would think that the little guys got beat up. Nobody bothers them. Everybody seems to be going after the white one. It's not too bad. She goes into the anemone and hangs out.

They all go in and out throughout the day. I think I'm going to feed him or something. She just does it all day, little twitch factory. I love the setup. I don't really talk about it much on the channel because it's just self-sustained. I do a 20% water change once per month. I target feed the bubble tips every single day and then the clowns just pick off of it. They split, they grow. I'm hoping to add a couple more different types at some point.

It's just hard to find ones that I like. Then just let the tank do its own thing. It's got the protein skimmer on the back as well as the 302 Aquatics algae scrubber. Everything seems to be working out quite well. That's about it for this video, guys. I do have one tank upstairs. It's a shrimp tank. I don't really mess with it much. It's just in the kitchen. The shrimp do their thing. I got a couple neons. I'll show you guys that here probably in the next month or so.

I just planted some grass. It's starting to grow out. I'll show you guys that at some point. Yes, that's about it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I will see you next week with another one. Peace.

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