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What Happened To My Yellow Tang? Karma 1 fish 0

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Travis: What's up guys, welcome back to FishOfHex, my name is Travis. Today, we're going to talk about what happened to my Yellow Tang here in the 300 gallon. Now, if you follow me on social media, I posted a picture, I think it was Saturday. of him. He actually passed away due to the Powder Blue and the Sailfin.

Now, if you guys have been following the channel for a while, he has gotten really skinny over the last several months, but understand that he went through quarantine, never had any issues.

Never had anything other than the fact that he was really aggressive. He was super fat when I put him in here but as I started adding more tangs, his aggression got worse but unfortunately, these tangs grew up a little bit quicker than he did. Now, usually which I said before, unfortunately, the Powder Blue did most of the damage. He has been really good. He never bothers any other fish. He does this all day, that's it. He just picks around, does nothing, swims, has a great time.

The Sailfin and the Powder Blue are the only ones that are really bump heads in this tank and then there was the Yellow Tang. I think he was the third man out. Now, when it comes to the Yellow Tang, he actually killed another fish that I had in here when I was trying to introduce Tangs and this is well before I got the other fish. He's always been really, really aggressive. He's always beat up on everybody and I think that this just might have been a little bit of karma.

He got weak over time, of course, not being able to get food the way he usually does because these guys were beating up on him because of the aggression in the tank. He just wasn't eating like he was and you guys could see that they're going at it a little bit. It's nothing crazy, that's about it, just fin slapping a little bit here and there. Anyway, he just never ate as much as everybody else because every time he went for food, they would bat him up into the powerhead. Well, I had WP6s in here before, they're actually being cleaned.

They would hit him up into the powerhead and then they would eat and he would just watch and get whatever scraps he could. Now, this has been happening for several months and that's why he lost a ton of weight. I think between the back getting beat up, he just got really weak and then one day, those two decided that they were going to finish the job. I walked down here, really wasn't paying attention to the tank and it wasn't really a splashing sound, it just seemed like there was roughly around at the top that wasn't usual.

I looked over there and they had him up into this powerhead just beating him senseless and then eventually he just gave up and then got sucked to the side of the powerhead and then his eyeball got pushed out through the powerhead. He was gone at that point. They really did a number on him very quickly and it's just one of those things. I mean there's a lot of fish in there that have similar facial structures like the Sailfin, the Scopus Tang, Purple Tang, they all have similar facial structures but they don't bother anybody.

There's always an oddball or an odd man out that just seems to be really aggressive. Every tank I've ever had, there's always been one fish that's always been that way and usually, something happens to him. One of the fish just get sick of it and they take care of it. Now, as for the tank, when it comes to stocking, it's pretty light. I mean we got the Manos here. Everybody asked about these guys, the Manos. Let me make this very clear, if you don't have a large tank and at least 125 gallons or more, that's minimum, do not get these fish.

They get massive, they grow really quickly, they've tripled in size in just six months. Don't get them. Everybody likes them but don't get them unless you have the room, that bigger tank. Before I'm done with this system, they are going to outgrow the tank as well as this bad boy right here. The Lyminge tang, he's going to outgrow this tank too. I'm going to have to remove those five fish at some point. Hopefully, not anytime times soon but the way they're growing right now, they're going to be out.

Just keep that in mind, everybody ask about them, they're really cool but if you don't a big tank, stay away from the Manos. Now, as for stocking for this tank, there's definitely future plans for adding more fish. Blue Hippo Tang, I want to add a Naso Tang, there's a couple more that I want to get in here when they were smaller so they can grow up like we have the Purple Tang that is pretty small. He's going to be in here for a while. He's just in there. He's going to be in here for a while.

Then, of course, once they get too big, they're going to have to go. Tangs just get huge. Blue Hippo Tang can get up to a foot long. It's a pretty big fish especially even for a 300 gallon tank, it's still a massive fish. I'm going to be adding many, many more fish to this tank, it's just going to take some time. It's not really on the schedule of things to get done just because we have a lot going on in the fish room, we're adding a new frag tank, there's just a lot of stuff. It's on the list but it's not really a priority.

That's about it. I wanted to give you guys an update and say goodbye to the Yellow Tang. Actually, I never even had a name for him because I didn't really like him from the beginning because of how mean he was and when he killed a $50 fish, we weren't friends at that point. That's about it this video, hope you guys enjoyed. If you have any questions let me know and I'll see you hopefully tomorrow with another one. Later.

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