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180 Gallon Custom Aquariums Tank, Stand, and Sump Delivery

By Real World Reefing on

Speaker: All right guys, so here it is. The dream, a reality. 180-gallon, Custom Aquariums' tank, welded steel stand, and their modular sump system. Tell you what guys, it's absolutely unreal. When you've been dreaming about something as long as I have, a decade or better, and finally have the opportunity to make it happen, it's just awesome.

I wanted to do this video, showing the unloading off the truck and everything, but I try to be courteous to the truck driver and anyone else involved, not to take up too much of their time. They have a schedule to keep, so I hope you guys can understand why I couldn't do that, but I thought I would just leave them mostly crated.

I obviously had to uncrate them somewhat because I had to inspect everything. But here it is guys. The build starts. As you can see, these things are crated up really well. Good, strong, there was no damage to any of the crates or anything like that. Everything's just great. I will say this, you're going to be taking out a lot of screws, so if you don't have a power drill, you might want to borrow your neighbors.

I'll give you guys obviously some more in-depth looks at this stuff once they're completely out of the crates, but I just wanted to show you guys. There she is. I'm almost speechless. So happy.

Well, guys, if you haven't subscribed yet, I sure hope you do. Things are getting pretty real. I appreciate all my subscribers, all my viewers, and I'll be seeing you guys soon. More updates to come. Have a good one guys.

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Brandon’s 180-gallon reef display features a complete setup with tank, filtration and stand from Custom Aquariums.

"The Beginning of the 180 Gallon Custom Aquariums Reef Build. This is a quick overview of the equipment I'm starting out with. 180 gallon aquarium, custom steel stand, H2Overflows, siphon stopper returns, stealth box overflow, seamless sump system. Enjoy the sneak peak and subscribe for more updates. All comments and likes are welcome and appreciated! Have a good one!"

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