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Kasia: The rare double tailed. For major award.

Host: Major award.

Kasia: This is my snake friend, his name is Onix.

Speaker: We're doing the longest wave in Dallas, Texas history. Because the line is really long, we want to get everybody excited. I'm so hyped up, this is going to be the best wave to ever happen. This guy is running, we don't know who he is.

Speaker: Let's go, get your hands up.


Speaker: All right Joseph, this is your section.

Joseph: All right.

Speaker: All right, let's go.

Kasia: We're outside right now, I'm super cold. Why is it cold today? We're going to do a wave. I don't know what we're doing. We're out here, Ray is right here.

Ray: I'm drowning in hair

Kasia: We got to face the wind and it's going to be like yes. Can you believe?

Ray: I'm trying so far.

Kasia: Something. Rob's getting the hype. We're excited, this is fun.



Speaker: Banana, come here and save me.


Kasia: Aquashella, how cool is that? Hello and welcome back to Creative Pet Keeping, my name is Kasia and I'm hanging out at the magical fish tube. We've got all, look at that, cool posters, and there's Banana, which is, in reality, the most important one. Banana is doing her job, she's greeting people. She takes meet and greets very seriously. Oh my gosh, this is so cute.


What happened?

Speaker: What happened, Banana?

Susan: Banana, get up. All the way.


Kasia: We are improvising. This is our awesome photo booth area. Are you excited? Do you like it here?

Speaker: Yes, it's super fun, so many people are here, it's amazing. The line outside was incredibly long. It's cold outside. People were waiting outside for like two hours to get in here, but once inside, it's totally well worth it, so tons of fun.

Kasia: It is. I'm sorry, that you have to go. This is so much fun, guys. I hope that if you are watching this and maybe if you come to Chicago, we're going to be doing this again. Are you going to come to Chicago? Please try.

Speaker: Most likely.

Jason: Just say yes.

Speaker: I've got to go to Jason's house.

Jason: Yes, he does.

Speaker: I'm coming to your place too.

Kasia: See, you can see my little fish house.

Jason: You heard it here first, full commitment.

Stella: Hi, guys.

Jason: Say who you are.

Stella: I'm Stella with Simply Better.

Jason: They broke the light.

Kasia: I'm sorry.

Jason: No, that's all right, it's just my super expensive heavy duty awesome light.

Kasia: Yes, I should and it's on film too.


Kasia: What kind of snake is this?

Speaker: It's a Mexican black king snake.

Kasia: Yes, it's beautiful, are you happy?

Daniel: Yes.

Kasia: Is this a cool experience?

Daniel: Come on over, come on. Yes.

Kasia: Help. Is he making? He's coming up this way.

Daniel: Yes.

Kasia: Now he's a bracelet and a necklace. You look terrified, are you happy?

Daniel: I'm not terrified. I'm just being cautious, I don't want to hurt him or her.

Speaker: It's a him.

Daniel: It's him, yes.

Kasia: What's his name?

Speaker: Onix.

Daniel: Onix.

Kasia: That's an appropriate name.

Daniel: Like in Pokemon.

Speaker: Yes.

Kasia: I like how you just keep your hand up like you're raising.

Daniel: Because I don't really want to bend him.

Kasia: Yes, that's true.

Daniel: Onix, you can climb over my other hand.

Kasia: Are you happy?

Daniel: Yes. He's so cute like me.

Kasia: This is my snake friend, his name is Onix. He's very gentle and very nice to me. Maybe he knows I'm a beginner. I don't know why, I could probably put my arms down, but I'm taking being a tree very seriously. Let's go, let's head on over.

Ted Judy: Yes, let's go. My name is Ted Judy, I work for Customer Aquarium and Custom Cages. Kasia has asked me to talk about these Vision cages. We've actually had this product line for about a year. We bought the company about a year ago. Vision cages have been around the hobby for 20 something years, we consider it like a rescue. We bought this company so that these wonderful cages and rack systems you can see over here as well don't get lost on the hobby. Now, we've had them for about a year. They're doing very well for us, it's a really good product line. We've made some improvements to the cages.

We're using anodized aluminum track frame for the glass so it doesn't bend or warp like it used to. We actually have tempered glass on the larger cages so they're not as easy to break as they used to be. The glass pieces just comes right out. If you see this little sign there, it means that it's tempered. The smaller cages don't use tempered glass but the bigger cages do. We have, you can't see it on this one, but we've actually changed the type of material that we use for screens, so it's stronger.

It's an aluminum plate with perforations that are stronger than a regular screen material on all the heat vents, and we've also increased the amount of HDPE material that we put in the molds so the cages are steeper and stronger. Those are the improvements we've made to Vision cages in the year that we've had them.

Kasia: That's awesome. What kind of snakes do you have in these?

Ted: This is a bull snake. All the animals here are provided by DFW Reptarium, are one of our resellers here in the Dallas area and they provided the animals here today. Here is a bull snake and I believe that this was the, well, it's not in here right now, this is the Mexican black king snake.

Kasia: That was his?

Ted: Yes, and then somebody has the boa out, there's an albino boa. A big reptile.

Kasia: Look at him. What's his name?

Speaker: His name is Banana.

Daniel: Our dog is Banana.

Kasia: Our dog that's here, her name is Banana too.

Speaker: Really? His name is Banana.

Kasia: Did you find a better Banana? Banana is going to be replaced.


Host: Put that on your chain when you leave.

Kasia: It's a major award.

Host: Major award.


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