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About Creative Pet Keeping

Kasia's YouTube channel, Creative Pet Keeping, is all about betta breeding, betta fish care, and betta community tanks. She also breeds dwarf cichlids and keeps freshwater neocaradina shrimp. In addition, Kasia is the owner of 15 freshwater aquariums in her apartment fishroom, two cats and a rescue Border Collie named Banana.

"My name is Kasia and I create educational and family-friendly videos for "Creative Pet Keeping" , on YouTube! I started Creative Pet Keeping in January of 2010. For several years, I lived in a tiny apartment in Chicago, so I wanted to share how I had been able to create stimulating (and creative) environments for my pets despite a limited budget – all right in the middle of a big city! I started off with a few betta fish and a single tank, and since then, the channel has grown into so much more. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with tons of pet owners and animal lovers around the world – teenagers and college students, busy parents with curious kids, people looking to get just one fish (or cat or dog) who don’t know where to start, and hobbyists wanting to get serious and give their pets an upgrade."

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