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Bryan’s 300 Gallon Custom Aquarium Project – Part 4

By Bryan Evans Aquatics on

Hey, guys. Welcome to part four of my 300 gallon project from Custom Aquariums. Last video, we left off without any water in the tank, without any fish in the tank. The seamless sump system was not up and running yet. I was getting the rocks where I wanted them, and all that kind of stuff, but now, that's all changed. I am a huge fan of the seamless sump system and sumps in general. Like I mentioned in other videos, I had always had hang-on-back filters or canister filters. This is technically my first sump. Having what we have here in the seamless sump, I will likely never go back to those.

If you're looking to get a new tank, even if you don't order the the tank from, you should definitely look into their seamless sump system because it is worth every penny in my opinion. I know some of you might be looking at this thinking, "Whoa. That looks complicated. There seems like there's a lot going on under there," but let me tell you, it's not. It's a pretty easy setup. The benefits it provides to the tank and the fish are amazing. The fish look like they're floating, plus you get the added water volume. You can have a refugium for those of you that need it, but anyway, I'm going to do a separate video just on the sump at a later date.

You can see here more towards the evening without all the glare on the tank how it looks. Stocked so far with some frontasa, a couple trophues, blue dolphins, there's clown loaches, there's some synodontis catfish in there. It's nowhere near being fully stocked, but this is a decent start. I'd like to get some yellow labs, some venustus, and maybe a few peacocks here and there. Huge thank you to Ted, Judy, and everyone at I am really pleased with this project so far. When I first started planning this out, this is exactly what I had in mind. I will say I had one minor problem in the plumbing of the sump with one of the tees.

They had a leak in it, but I emailed Custom Aquariums, and I think they had the part out to me within two hours of my email. Okay. Stay tuned, there's more to come. Still waiting on the doors. We're going to install those. My goal there is to get some soft-close hinges so the doors aren't always slamming and scaring the fish. For the top part, the canopy, those three doors need to stay open while I'm doing regular maintenance, but then also I'd like those to soft-close as well. You guys have any questions, comments about the set up, something that you see I could be doing better, feel free to let me know. I'd love to hear from you.

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About Bryan Evans Aquatics

Bryan’s project features a 260-gallon custom glass fish tank and Seamless Sump filter system built into a wall of custom cabinetry in Bryan’s home.

"I ordered a 300 gallon, 10' long aquarium from in December. A few short months later it has been delivered and covers most of the wall of my favorite room in my home just waiting to be surrounded by bookshelves and a canopy to become the new home of some of my favorite African Cichlids. This video is the first of many documenting this project."

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