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Bryan’s 300 Gallon Custom Aquarium Project – Part I

By Bryan Evans Aquatics on

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Custom Aquariums. The best choice for a custom aquarium system providing unmatched safety, strength, integrity, and cosmetic appeal.

Hey, guys. It's Bryan. A couple of months ago, I ordered a 300 gallon aquarium from, and they were kind enough to send me a picture of it as it was curing on the glass shop floor. It's 10 feet long, 18 inches wide, and 30 inches high. If all goes as planned, it's eventually going to be along this wall in my house.

What you see here is some extra floor support that we've put in place to support the weight of a full tank, plus the seamless sump system which I also ordered from

The plan is for it to look something like this, but without the open space above the canopies, and with 18 inch bookshelves on each side.

Fast forward a couple months, and the tank is being shipped. In this case, because my tank is greater than 96 inches long, it's being shipped to a loading dock of my choice at no extra cost.

Custom Aquariums will ship directly to your door for tanks that are 96 inches or less, but just because I wanted something to fill up my entire wall, I went with the 10 foot. It really wasn't that difficult getting it home until I could park it in the garage, paint the background, and get a couple buddies to help me move it inside the house.

One of the things I was most impressed with, up to this point, was how well everything was packed and shipped.

The crate this thing was shipped in was literally built around the tank and every single piece of plumbing that they could do for me was already done before they shipped it.

This tank weighs roughly 700 pounds dry, and took six of us to move. I think the key to making this move as easy as it was was to borrow the suction cup moving kits that Custom Aquariums offers. We had 12 of them, and it really made it easier for us to handle a tank of this size. I'd recommend using them for the larger moves.

The other thing that impressed me, and honestly was probably the deciding factor in why I placed an order with Custom Aquariums, is seeing how they made their tanks.

I'll link to a video below by Joey, the king of DIY, if you'd like to check it out, but the fish geek in me seriously watched this video about 27 times as I waited for my tank to be delivered.

I just feel like they are not cutting any corners whatsoever when they manufacture their tanks. The amount of equipment and the amount of precision that they use to produce these tanks is ridiculous. For me, that was enough to spend my money with them as opposed to searching Craigslist or Facebook marketplace or whatever trying to find something that was close to what I wanted and potentially spending the same amount of money. It just wasn't worth it, in my opinion.

Now that the tank is in place, the next steps are for me to finish the plumbing, the seamless sump, and then build the rest of the stand in the canopy and the bookshelves around the tank.

The seamless sump, the filter sock tub is already underneath the stand. That's the largest of the four tubs. From left to right and front, we've got the baffle tub which will contain the media baskets, the pumps, and a heater, eventually.

The middle tub there is evaporation tub, and then the fourth tub is just for added water volume at this point. I've also placed a crate in there for dispersion of weight for the rocks.

If you'd like to follow along with the rest of this project, feel free to hit the subscribe button below or follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Thanks for watching.

About Bryan Evans Aquatics

Bryan’s project features a 260-gallon custom glass fish tank and Seamless Sump filter system built into a wall of custom cabinetry in Bryan’s home.

"I ordered a 300 gallon, 10' long aquarium from in December. A few short months later it has been delivered and covers most of the wall of my favorite room in my home just waiting to be surrounded by bookshelves and a canopy to become the new home of some of my favorite African Cichlids. This video is the first of many documenting this project."

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