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Custom Aquariums’ Hexagonal Saltwater Tank at Aquashella

By Patrick D. Neary on


Ted Judy: Ted Judy from Custom Aquariums and this is one of our hexagonal aquariums and we are excited about hex tanks at Custom Aquariums because of our patented bracing system that goes around the tops of our tanks. We can make custom hex tanks out to six feet wide point to point, seven feet wide point to point, and really as big as you want them to be. As far as I know, we're the only people that are actually producing hex tanks like that.

Some of the reasons we can do that besides the frame, if you look at the way we do our edges in between the frames, they're all beveled edges. They're all actually going to a straight line, instead of taking two right angles and trying the silicone them together at a bent hexagonal angle. All of these edges are mitered and smoothed out to the correct angle so that those panes of glass are looking as straight at each other or not at a weird cockamamie angle.

The stand is a majestic stand, a contemporary white, clean stand. Inside the center of the tank, this is a rock and reefs insert that they did for us, and the sea horses in here are from Seahorse Savvy. I want to show you this concealment column, which is the way that water is getting out of the tank and into the tank. It is a dry column. There's no water going down through the column. It's all piping coming through.

This is our siphons stopper emitter, which will put water back into the tank. If the power gets shut off, the air cap will suck air into the system and just stop the back siphon, so you never flood your sump. This is the H2Overflow screen. It's got 17.5 inches of skimming surface area and this tank is pretty tall, but basically, the whole skimmer sits right above the lip of the tank.

In an aquarium, it's hard to see on this one because you have this big concealment tower, but if you think about this on the back of your tank, the only thing you see is that elbow. You put that on a black background, it disappears as well. Inside the tank, again, it's a seamless sump-filter system with a sack tub going to a baffle tab. Now, this one has a protein skimmer in it because we're using it for marine.

We also have our seamless sump system. We actually have tubs specifically designed for protein skimmers. We are just not using one on this particular setup, but again, it's a seamless sump system. It's modular, you have different types of tubs. You can mix and match and [inaudible 00:02:26] them together to do what you want with them. That is a hexagonal aquarium at Custom Aquariums.

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