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Goldfish Aquarium Upgrade

By Solid Gold Aquatics on

Hey guys, it's Jenny and welcome back once again to solid gold. In my last video you guys saw me putting my new custom aquariums tanks up on their racks, I'll zoom out a little, so you can see them all behind me there.

It's going to be fancy goldfish only in these aquariums. My first love and I'm so excited to finally have my goldfish, my adorable beautiful little goldies in aquariums where I can actually see them from the side and I'll be a lot more excited about sharing them with you in videos too because they'll actually look interesting.

We're saying goodbye to the days of the big old black tub on the floor and they are getting an upgrade for sure. Now before I can add the fish to the tank though I want to check the temperature in the tank they're going to be moved into and the take they're currently in now to make sure it's within a couple of degrees of the same temperature. If it's more than that, then it could cause temperature shock, so I don't want to put them right from their tub into the new tank. The tank is running at about 78 degrees, so that's probably warmer than what the goldfish are at currently. The goldfish tank is currently at about 70, 71 degrees. That's quite a big difference I can't just put them straight from 71-degree water into 78-degree water, I'm going to have to acclimate them for temperature.

I'm just going to do that by bagging up each one of my fish in a plastic bag with water from the tank that they're currently in and then float them here in the aquarium. How much you want to bet that the first thing they're all going to do is start digging through the substrate to find morsels of food that are actually non-existent because it's a brand new tank, but it's a goldfish thing so watch and you'll see it.

Look at how cute Denzel is being, oh my God he is so adorable. It's so cool to be able to see them from the side like even though they're in these bags, it's like oh my gosh. This is what I've been missing all along. It's seriously going to be so much more fun having my fancy goldfish now because I'll be able to appreciate them so much more. Like they have so much personality, it's incredible, and they have so much like derpy cuteness too that you really can only appreciate when you can see them from the side in a glass aquarium, what can I say? It just is what it is. It's super exciting.

Yes, Denzel is in with the big group now he's in with everybody else, his quarantine is over. I had him in quarantine for probably about six weeks, I think, it ended up being-- Here he is, I've already scooped him up into a bowl so I can transport him out into the fish room, look at how cute he is. Are you ready Denzel? For those wondering Orandas are very prone to getting these little white spots on their wen. It's usually referred to as wen growth. It's not a health issue, it's perfectly normal for Orandas to have that as long as they look healthy, otherwise you can usually assume that it's just wen growth.

There he goes. What do you guys think? He's going to blend in so badly, I'll never see him again. Got him from the Central Florida Cagle fish show, I couldn't be happier with the little addition to my group, he is so so stinking adorable. I think I'm going to let marshmallow into the tank first.

There goes marshmallow picking at the gravel, what did I say? What did I say? There's no way, no way back there. Oh, she's going for the substrate. She's like, "Oh, hey this is fun", they're all going for it. Here it goes [laughs] no I'm just kidding. This group of goldfish is really really well-trained for hand feeding, so I'm going to give them their first feeding. This is for patchy Soylent Green but I also have used super gold, I just ran out. Right now I'm using Soylent Green gel food. I wonder if they are going to just catch right on even though they're in an aquarium now, as opposed to a tub. Up here, guys. Remember? Here she comes, such cute little derps.

Sammy, are you in the fish room? You want to live out here? Do you like it? Is it big enough? Oh my gosh, they're so cute. This is really going to be awesome, I am so excited. Look at how adorable they are, so much fun. Anyways I'm going to let these guys settle in overnight and then I'm going to come back in the morning and film them some more, but for now I'm going to turn out their lights, will probably let them finish eating first, and then turn out their lights and head to bed but I'm going to come out here first thing in the morning and check on them make sure they're doing okay and film them some more for you guys.

Thank you guys for watching. I can't wait to continue to show you, guys, my goldfish and their new beautiful aquariums, and show you guys the new goldfish that I'll be getting really soon too. Stay tuned for that, I hope you enjoyed this video, thank you for watching and until next time, stay gold.

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