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My *BRAND NEW* 6ft Cichlid Aquarium Setup from START to FINISH! (Fish Added)

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 the new Big custom aquarium is here to  set up behind me it arrived about a week  ago it was delivered right to my house  my brother showed up to help me unbox  and get it down to my basement  to show you what we have today it is  absolutely freezing out today  but I have Quinn and Alec here with me  we're gonna get right into it so let's  Dive Right In  [Music]  okay so we have the tank stand on top  and the tank below the stand itself is  very tall it's actually 36 inches tall  so I'll explain why I did that later but  it's absolutely freezing it's like the  coldest day for March 18th that we've  ever had it's like 10 degrees out we  planned this  we're there so we got the plywood off  now we just have to get all the rest of  the boards off the tank and the stand  you can start to see the tank down here  some holes drilled in the back there for  the plumbing that we'll walk through but  overall the tank looks great can't wait  to get it down into my basement  got everything on box on the top now we  are going to move the tank stand  downstairs which is always one of the  hardest parts of these the tank stands  are always heavier and harder to get  down than we always expect  Ed  it's a few angle your way a little bit  all right  what would you say you do here  [Music]  so you don't see a lot in our videos all  the hard work and labor that I put in

 behind the scenes I really don't know  where we would be without the muscle  that I provide  you want to do something here oh hey  truck  we're going to go up and over that  let's go back up a little bit  is it too early for a pivot joke shut up  shut up difficult twist with all the  help that I gave them we finally got the  stand upright and in the basement we're  good now it's time to get stand and  let's find our resting place  [Music]  thank you  bro okay so we got these handy suction  cups that are always great to have when  you're removing a big glass tank like  this and uh it's kind of a lifesaver I  can't feel my fingers Lloyd maybe you  should wear these extra gloves my hands  are starting to get sweaty  back  I'm busy here  oh Chester back up  okay  she's like you don't need help I got you  test come on  [Music]  that's pretty easy  yeah we're gonna slide twist  I  got a good grip  all right we're just sliding yep oh  okay I just lost it's actually okay  we're good  if I lose the other one that was all on  you I would take it he tried to  resection yeah okay hold it all okay I

 gotta take the other hand off ready one  two three  we're good okay got it the uh fogginess  added an extra element to this that we  haven't encountered before  the suction cups were slipping a little  bit but we made it it's like moving a  200 pound Ice Cube down the stairs  that's thawing  it's like the first one we moved down  here was 180 gallons then 150 now it's  like 135 and somehow it seems harder  every time I think the 180 gallon was  the problem because it was acrylic so it  was like the easiest thing ever so we  were like we can move anything down here  one two three  please don't fall please don't fall  we're good oh easy  there it is more Awkward than anything  so one of the most exciting things about  this tank is this AI blade freshwater  light that we are going to be trying out  so I'm going to unbox this and we're  gonna put on the tank let's check it out  okay here we go look at that yeah so  this is awesome it looks very Sleek thin  it's going to be a really cool light you  can see the different clusters of LEDs I  think on the 66 inch light that I have  here there are seven different clusters  and they're going to light up this tank  and make it look awesome so next step  we're going to go ahead and add the  substrate which is a mix of Carib sea  aragonite sand as well as African  cichlid mix which has some crushed up  shells I think these two Blended  together will look really nice and it  buffers your pH which is really good for  African cichlids not totally necessary  since my water is already pretty high in  PH we're basically doing as much as we  can together before my brothers leave  and then I work on Plumbing the sump but  I really like how these two caribsy  substrates mixed together I think it's a  really unique look something I don't  have in my other tanks  [Music]

 thank you  [Music]  [Music]  tomorrow okay so I'm putting on the  final coat of paint here you might be  wondering why I didn't just select the  black background from custom aquariums  and to be honest I just completely  forgot to check that box I'm not a smart  man so Alec and Quinn just left because  I have to wait for all this to dry  anyway it's going to be a multiple day  process but with the magic of editing  you're gonna see it all in this video so  next up we're going to flash forward to  the plumbing so I had two quick stops to  make the first was at Lowe's where I  picked up some PVC primer and glue as  well as the tea split that's going to be  needed for the return lines next I  stopped to my local fish store to pick  up some more rocks lastly I got some  Fritz turbo start which is really going  to jump start the cycle of this tank  [Applause]  okay guys so I already started on the  plumbing let's walk through what I've  done so far so this is the seamless soap  from custom aquariums that I absolutely  love I have one on my 150 right now  pretty simple to set up you just put it  under the tank and these different  modular units connect together very  nicely on the right is a reservoir unit  which really helps with evaporation and  Rambo seems to love it so next we have  the H2O overflow which will drain down  into the seamless sump so we'll get this  on the back and then we'll measure the  return and the drain lines and then on  the inside of the tank you have two H2O  overflows you can either have them  sticking out towards the front of the  tank or you can twist them to the side  like I have here I like them to be a  little more discreet this way and just  be to the back right and left of the  tank and then lastly we have the two  returns here which comes with a siphon  stopper from custom aquariums which  helps prevent any type of overflowing of  your sump which is really helpful so I'm  going to get these on the two return  lines now so for my return pump by the  CJ synchra SDC I've actually used this  up on my 150 here for a little over a  year I really love how quiet it is the  five year warranty is very nice and

 being able to control it all within one  app with all my wave makers and pumps  all in one spot is pretty awesome but  after I get this out of the box I need  to put it into the sump and then measure  the length that the return hose needs to  go up to the t-split so on the first day  of Plumbing I got the pump in place I  measured the return line to come out of  the sump to the t-split during this time  I also primed and glued the drain lines  to the stealth box as well as into the  seamless sump as this was drying I Was  preparing the return lines to eventually  connect to the t-split and then when it  comes to the return lines these tubes  are pretty rigid so using a little bit  of heat helps you Flex it into the spot  that you need this elbow is the top of  the return line that goes back to the  tank and it definitely would not fit  into this without a little bit of heat  so the heat gun allows this to go in  smoothly  and there you go after I had the return  lines glued into place the next day it  was time to move the tank into its final  spot I needed to move it a couple feet  to the left and back so I needed a  little bit of help to do that so we got  a quick Cameo from cichlid bro and law  Rob  [Music]  thank you  [Music]  so the Aquascape is basically done the  sump is actually full of water so now  we're going to fill this tank but just a  quick note on the Aquascape and why I  set it up this way peacocks and halves  the fish that will be going in this tank  are open water swimmers and if you had  too much Decor Rock work Driftwood Etc  it actually can create aggression as

 they fight over territories in the tank  and it takes away from their natural  swimming behavior and also there are no  live plants in this tank because  peacocks and haps are usually just  brutal on Plants either destroying or  eating them over time sometimes you can  get away with certain species of plants  but I'm just not going to waste my time  with that I will have a clear water  algae scrubber on this tank to help  reduce nitrates so we'll go over that in  just a bit but I'm really just excited  to get this tank filled up and then move  the fish over see the final product  coming very soon so let's get to it  [Music]  thank you  [Music]  [Music]  so if you're wondering how we put fish  into this new tank so quickly we cycle  the tank fast by pulling over biological  media from my other tanks I took a full  tray of biomedia from my 150 and put it  into the sump of the new tank I also  took filter floss and some different  sponges out of the 75 gallon Tank's  filters there'll also be a little bit of  beneficial bacteria that's on the Rocks  coming over from the old tank so with  the seated media the rocks from the old  tank Fritz turbo start and feeding the  tank lightly in the first week there  should be no issues with ammonia or  nitrite the tank is basically cycled  right away we've done this process on  all of our upgrades and bigger tanks and  it's worked perfectly  [Music]  all right foreign  [Music]  [Music]

 [Applause]  [Music]  [Applause]  [Music]  foreign  [Music]  foreign  [Music]  so obviously I'm very excited to have  this tank in place and finally set up  with all the fish that I had planned to  go in this tank for so long it might  take another day or two for the tank to  look totally clear but it is looking  great already the colors on these  peacocks and haps are already really  popping in this tank and I think they're  really enjoying the extra swimming space  in the tank this six foot aquarium fit  perfectly in this Nook of my basement  and I feel like it really tied the room  together that rug really tied the room  together did it not I absolutely love  the custom aquarium I feel like it even  looks better in person just the quality  of the tank itself just really can't be  beat I love the seamless sump it's  totally quiet behind me with the CJ  pumps running I have the CJ pumps and  wave makers all in the same map as my

 other custom aquariums so it's very  convenient and then the lighting on this  tank is another Aqua illumination light  so that's also on the same app as my 150  so these two custom aquariums are really  sharing a lot of the same technology  this AI blade light is one one of the  cooler parts of this tank we actually  try to fit the mounts on the back of the  tank to have this lifted about six  inches above the tank but because the  custom aquarium has a pretty thick  aluminum frame the mounts themselves  just couldn't really squeeze on there so  I'm still trying to figure that out  that's one thing that will be coming in  the next video on this tank very soon  but even with this light sitting flush  on the lid and not mounted it still  looks great and I'm very excited to have  it another thing that will be coming in  the next video on this tank very soon  will be the installation of the clear  water algae scrubber I know I talked  about this a lot in recent videos and  I'm very excited to have it reduce  nitrates in this tank over time  especially as these fish grow and  produce more waste that algae scrubber  is really going to be key at reducing my  nitrates and my water changes that clear  water scrubber will actually sit on top  of my Sump and that's one of the reasons  I went with a 36 inch stand for this  tank that allows for enough clearance  for the sump plus the height of the  algae scrubber which will be sitting on  top of the sump and obviously there's a  great benefit of having a taller stand  with your tank just up a little bit  higher and be able to look directly into  the tank versus hunching down so much  I'm also very excited to have this  aquarium finally set up and in place  because I moved the electric fluocara's  from the 20 gallon tank into the 75  gallon tank temporarily this will be a  nice upgrade and grow out tank for these  electric locara it's actually kind of  funny seeing the electrical acara Army  in the 75 gallon tank  and by moving them into the 75 gallon  tank that opens up some quarantine space  for future fish that I'll be buying so  there are a lot of exciting updates new  fish new equipment that are all going to  be coming and falling into place now  that this big aquarium is set up if you  have any questions on the setup make  sure to leave that down in the comments  below I'll leave affiliate links to any

 and all products that we showed and used  in this aquarium build I'm very excited  to have this custom aquarium set up I'm  going to be showing many updates on it  very soon as well as some of the other  projects happening in my basement and  that's not even counting out and Quinn's  projects that are ongoing and on that  note thank you to the other cichlid Bros  for helping me out in this aquarium  build make sure to hit that subscribe  button and thanks so much for watching  

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