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UNBOXING THE NEW DREAM TANK – The 150 Gallon Custom Aquarium

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 hey guys welcome back to another video i  am troy i'm alec i'm gwen and together  we make up the sickle grows today i'm  going to be unboxing my brand new custom  aquarium we're really excited to get  this project started and  let's dive right in  [Music]  so my new custom aquarium was delivered  last week and i cannot wait to get this  unboxed and down to my basement if  you've been following along with the  channel you know i've had this planned  for many months not only the fish that  are going to go in this tank but also  the setup and the tank itself this tank  will be going into my basement which is  on the same corner next to my 180 gallon  acrylic tank i'm really excited for this  custom aquarium and seeing all this  planning come together i had to get a  custom aquarium after quinn and i toured  the custom aquariums facility last year  and got to see up close the level of  detail and the quality of these tanks as  they're being made all the way from the  glass cutting to the silicone itself is  all top quality and also one thing we  noticed was the level of packaging that  they have for each of these tanks to  ensure nothing goes wrong with a  delivery i absolutely cannot wait to get  this tank on box so let's get to it  [Music]  all right there she is wow  what a beaut okay so up top we have the  stand which has the sun in it and then  down below is the tank which is 150  gallons it looks like the tank came on a  foam pad which will also go on  the stand  when it's down and set up  one thing we've always noticed with  custom aquariums is that they box this  very well so that there's no issues in  shipping it does take quite a bit of  time to unbox but it's definitely worth  it  [Music]  doing great work rob quinn as usual

 doing nothing what would you say  you do here  got the screwdriver quinn who is this  for those of you that have been  following along you might recognize  cichlid brother-in-law rob here he was  in our video setting up billy donovan's  custom 180 gallon aquarium so uh rod  does good leg work for us and also we'll  film a little bit so thanks rob i'm  gonna hire a gun today so the tank and  stand look great from first inspection  just gotta get this completely unboxed  and then the hard part is gonna be  putting this down into my basement and  down the stairwell which is never  a fun thing at my house  all right so here's the stand and  the sump  this is the seamless sump from custom  aquariums i'm really excited to finally  have one of these and try it out there's  alec being a creep back there  all right  some of the  plumbing  stealth box and more hosing so we'll get  all that down and then the stand and  then unbox the tank itself  filter media  [Music]  the muscle of the organization i think  you say that every time alex you talk  about me  yeah i would go all the way into the  kitchen and then we can stand it upwards  and then get it done it's gonna be a  real tight one let me get both hands  under here  [Music]

 i'm glad i joined  [Music]  you want to explain uh the silicone of  this tank yeah so when we toured the  custom aquarius factory uh it was pretty  cool because we saw from start to finish  how these awesome aquariums are made um  so they use a really uh high density  black silicone for all of the corners  here and the edges and you can see at  the bottom here it's really thick so  they purposely make that as thick as  possible because that's where  obviously all the weight is sitting and  it doesn't really matter that it's all  thick and  not very aesthetic because we'll be  covered by the substrate if you would  request for a bare bottom tank they  would not make it as thick there it  would be cleaner like you would see on  the corners here probably the most  important thing with the tank is you  don't want any seals to break so that's  why there's a lifetime warranty for  these absolutely yeah so this is about  as quality as it gets in terms of  aquariums the other thing i love is that  this aluminum brace  can come off temporarily so if you ever  have a huge piece of driftwood or decor  you could actually remove that and then  put it back on before you fill the tank  it might be  coming in use whenever i set up the tank  we will have to see also we got the  glass lids that are very high quality  thick lids um that look very good on the  tank so we'll take those out before we  move the tank obviously the glass they  use is ultra clear low iron glass which  makes it even more crystal clear uh the  makes your aquarium even more  aesthetically pleasing so that's what i  got for the front panel i believe the  other panels are just normal  low iron glass yeah and you can see the

 black the back panel is black glass  there so we don't need to use one of  those flimsy backgrounds or anything  like that so  um already painted and you can see the  pre-drilled holes which are  cleanly cut and we've actually seen  those made and it's a pretty cool  process  yep  yep okay  now  good  this is the full mat that comes with  custom aquarium  to keep the lifetime warranty you have  to have the foam  at here it's crucial for making sure we  have a level surface and it's even on  the stand  okay so we got the custom aquarium in  place it was not fun getting it down  here in the basement um but we have it  off the wall just a bit as we're gonna  be setting up the seamless sump and then  gluing some of the plumbing in place  before we move it back so the tank is  150 gallons it is five foot long by two  feet deep and two feet tall and it's  basically the same dimensions as my 180  here just a foot shorter although the  tank does actually look bigger in person  than i was expecting it almost looks  bigger than the 180 for some reason but  overall just can't be happier with the  overall quality of the tank the glass  looks awesome the tank the stand  everything the seamless sump is going to  be one of the more exciting parts of  this tank i can't wait to set it all up

 and get it put together so you'll have  to go ahead and hit that subscribe  button so you don't miss the future  update hopefully we'll get that video  out in the next couple days so  to be continued  uh are we doing it or what  what we're saying  i don't know  so we're doing the dang thing or what so  we put the sand in or what  [Music]  you   

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