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New Aquariums Are Here! – VLOGMAS DAY 5

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My first two aquarium racks with four 120 gallon glass tanks just got delivered today. I'm freaking out a little bit, I'm not going to lie because I was not expecting delivery until later in the week so I'm totally not prepared at all, but you know what? It’s all right I'm going to make this work. Hey guys it's Jennie welcome back to solid gold. This is a really impromptu unexpected time for me to be filming because I was not expecting these aquariums to show up today, not at all. I knew they were showing up this week but I thought that they were going to show up later this week, at the earliest Thursday. This is like a mad scramble.

The delivery driver showed up, I was sitting in my pajamas, in my office taking care of some calendar orders, getting labels printed and everything, signing calendars. Doorbell rang and it was the delivery guy. Him and I got these unloaded from the box truck. He delivered them with a big box truck that had a lift gate so thankfully he was able to put these on the lift gate and lift them down to ground level, and then he had some kind of pallet lift, pallet jack thing that he scooted them all the way up close to my house with. There’s two huge crates. They're like almost six feet cubed and I've got four glass aquariums inside of here with the rack system as well. Thankfully I was able to round up some help in the very last minute. This is JJ. Hi JJ.


Gustavo, right?


They're going to lift the glass tank. [Music] There's four 120 gallon aquariums and, of course, they're all glass because they're from Custom Aquariums and they only make glass tanks. They’re quite heavy but they're literally built like tanks, no pun intended and they're going to last forever.

I was really happy to see that nothing was damaged in shipping. As you can see here these crates are basically indestructible. Custom Aquariums builds them out of plywood and two by fours. They build a custom crate for every single order and they showed up perfectly fine. They told me to remove two side panels and the top just to make sure that nothing was damaged before I signed for delivery and everything was good there.

[Music] They've got almost everything uncrated and brought in here now. We’re just stacking everything up in the center of the room for now and a little bit later, I don't know if we'll do this tonight or maybe another day, we're going to get everything actually put together the way it goes. These two units are going to go on this wall close to this tub, like pushed up against it kind of.

Oh my gosh, look at all this stuff. This is one of the-- part of one of the rack systems. There’s a cabinet base and then it holds two 120 gallon aquariums stacked one on top of the other. Here’s one of the tanks here. Beautiful glass tank with the aluminum frame, super nice. This looks like a piece of one of the racks. I don't quite know yet what piece that is or where it goes. Another part of one of the racks back here. We’ve got parts of the sump, the seamless sump that's going to go underneath these tanks that actually looks like probably the sock tubs. Just some more pieces over here.

Oh my gosh, so much stuff. This is really exciting. [Music]

We're done.

Is that it?


Sweet. You guys are awesome, thank you so much.

You're welcome.

JJ, Marlowe, Manly. Gustavo, he ran away, he doesn't get any credit.


Yes, JJ gets all the credit.

I'm the boss.

All right, they got everything moved in here for me. I am so thankful and honestly super lucky that all those guys were-- we're just next door. Marlowe is my next-door neighbor and JJ's the guy that comes over and cuts my lawn every few weeks, and they just happened to be next door and available to help me. Yes, this is everything and it's all just piled up in here right now obviously. All kind of a mess. This is a lot, wow, but when everything's all set and done, and all put together it's going to be two racks that are going to stand side by side together right next to this tub, against the wall there and each one holds two 120 gallon aquariums.

They’re all drilled and everything for the overflow and also there's a drain hole right there, so I'll be able to turn a valve and just drain the tanks for my water changes. But this is going to be quite the task to get all this set up and put together properly. [Music] Oh my gosh, you guys, look at this. I'm speechless. I'm like wow; I don't know what to say, this is amazing. I have the racks mostly set up. This is approximately where they're going to go in the room. They actually have to scoot over a little bit that way. I might not have as much room on this wall as I thought I would have. I don't know why on paper it always seems like you have more room than you really do.

I'm going to have to maybe rethink having some tubs stacked right here and yes they might not fit there anymore but I don't know, we'll see. Everything is still in the works but this is what we've got so far. We’ve got four aquariums here so far. Four 120 gallon tanks and I started setting up the racks. They’re not completely fully set up yet, because I still want to vacuum out the aquariums and wipe down the glass with vinegar, just to get everything nice and clean, and clear to start setup.

Also the holes are drilled in the tanks but the bulkheads aren't set up yet so I still have to do that. I think all the bulkhead parts are here in this box along with all the hose and the overflows, and the returns, and things like that. Here we've got the sock tubs. I think this is the first thing that the water goes through in the filtration, so that's the mechanical filtration, the filter socks, help catch all of the debris and then it goes through I think this chamber next, which is full of trays that will have biological media on them. The biological media are here in these buckets and then it gets returned back to the tank.

These sumps will go underneath the cabinet so this bottom part here, where it's sitting in front of, that's the cabinet under the tanks where the sump filters will go. They’re going to sit in there and they're going to be nice and hidden, and covered up because these front panels go on the front of the cabinet. They’re all wrapped up right now but you get the picture. There’s two panels for each rack and they slide back and forth so you can open one side and then open the other side. They also just lift right out really easily, so those are going to be really handy.

Then this here is where the bottom tanks will sit. Bottom row of tanks will sit right here and then there's a spacer here. This is how you actually access the bottom tanks to maintain them and things like that. I think this is a space of about I would say like 10 inches or so, so you'll be able to reach in here and maintain the tank as you need to. This space here will also have a front panel covering it, that's what these here are. They’re all wrapped up but again you get the picture.

These go here. You can slide back and forth to open it. Then the top row of tanks is way up here. This is so tall. Just to give you an idea this my eye level. These tanks are so tall. I'm going to need probably a taller stepladder to maintain them because this is the one I have now and it's just not going to cut it, you guys. It’s not tall enough, so I'm going to have to get a taller stepladder. But what I really want is one of those ladders they have like in libraries that are on a track and they just like slide back and forth along the bookshelf. It’ll be like that except aquariums instead of a bookshelf. No, I'm just kidding, I probably won't do that but I think it would be funny.

Then there's kind of a canopy up on the top to hide the light strip and that also has sliding panel doors that will go on the front of it. Those are the first two racks. there's going to be one more that has the same exact footprint that's going to have one of these glass tanks on the bottom the same size as these, but on the top it's going to have an amphibious aquarium so it'll hold water on the bottom and then have an open-air portion up top for some kind of arboreal animal or maybe just plants that are kind of growing on up on the background and stuff. It will be really cool.

Then there's going to be a larger tank down there as well, so I'm quickly running out of wall space on this room here. I calculated how much space I would have and planned accordingly so everything should all fit but it's going to be a tight fit. I might have to take away some space from this little area here to make everything fit really nicely but we'll see. As if I wasn't already busy enough this month with Vlogmas and all the calendar orders that I'm getting out. I now have really got my work cut out for me, you guys. I cannot wait to start getting these tanks set up. They're going to be really beautifully, nicely put together, goldfish tanks. I want to get a cross-section of all the different goldfish varieties. Not just butterfly telescopes, even though those are my favorite and honestly I'll probably have one entire tank dedicated to just butterfly telescopes, but I have plenty of other tanks to work with as well.

I really want a cross-section of the different goldfish varieties, so that no matter what variety it is that is your personal favorite, most likely you'll see it represented here somewhere in my fish room and in my videos. I'll probably have enough aquariums to work with realistically that I can have some other species in addition to just goldfish as well. I haven't quite decided what other species I might want to bring out here into the fish room, but I have plenty of time to decide that. That would be some content for another day because honestly we have our hands full as it is.

I think we have enough to do here. That's where I'm going to wrap up today's vlog. This has been a really unexpected day of filming. I wasn't planning on filming today at all. I was just planning on getting some behind-the-scenes things done like the calendar orders and planning for this arrival to happen, but it just surprised, it happened today, so I'm filming today. I guess that makes this Vlogmas day five. This month has been crazy so far, you guys. I have to say, crazy in the best possible way. Thank you, guys, so much for watching. I'll see you next time. Until then, stay gold.


They're so tall. Therefore he was tall. He was very, very tall.

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