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The Aquarium’s at Dallas Aquashella 2018

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Ted Judy: My name is Ted Judy. I'm from Custom Aquariums and Custom Cages and we also sell Vision products. We're here at Aquashella at this weekend presenting two different aquariums from Custom Aquariums. Our paludarium it's 6'X5'X2' front to back with water in the bottom, air in the top. We also have one of our hexagonal aquariums with a rock and reefs insert and seahorses from Seahorse Savvy. A good example of one of our full aquariums and full systems, and one of our amphibious aquariums and full systems, our Vision cages and our Vision rack systems.

We acquired the company Vision about a year ago and are just getting to the point now we can really get out the shows and promote it and then hang it around.

Speaker 1: If you're interested in checking out what we have to offer, and, and then you can also call us.

If you have questions, need recommendations, we have a great staff there that can help you with anything you need from our cages to our aquariums to our vision racks and cages as well.


About Swhiskey

Custom Aquariums met Jimmy Nguyen, (Swhiskey on his YouTube channel) at the exciting Aquashella event in Dallas in April 2019. While there, Swhiskey captured many beautiful shots of the fish and other aquatic life displayed at the fish show. Watch the video here, as well as his other aquarium and fish keeping footage on his channel.

Swhiskey is a video creator and aquarium enthusiast. On his channel, you can watch beautiful videos of cichlids, bettas, goldfish, and other fish and aquatic animals. He is additionally a photographer, and captures stunning shots of fish. Check out his Facebook page here: and also his YouTube channel to see incredible footage of freshwater fish, aquariums, fishrooms, vlogs, travel and more.

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