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Unboxing My Custom 75 Gallon Aquarium!

By Tyler Rugge on

Tyler: Hey, what's up you guys? My name is Tyler Rugge. Welcome back to my YouTube channel. So I finally get to share with you guys my custom aquarium that was sent to me by Custom Aquariums, and I'm really, really excited. It got delivered to me a couple weeks ago on a freight, and I just want to show you guys how it was delivered to me, because it was really cool, and yeah, I just want to show you guys that. So, let's go check that part out. [laughs]

So my aquarium from Custom Aquariums is here. It arrives on this freight. So I gotta unscrew it, so I'm gonna go unscrew it now, make sure everything looks good and then we can bring it inside.

Alright, so I got all of the outside pieces off and you can see how well this thing is packaged in there. So it's gonna take a while to actually get this out, but I'm really glad that they did such a good job shipping it. Everything came. It looks like everything's pretty much intact, like, everything's just in perfect condition and I'm super satisfied so far. I'm so excited. You can see they drilled holes for the input and output and everything. Now we just got to get this stuff inside.

Up here we have the stand, and then down there is the actual tank, and it also came with the sump, and I think that stuff might be in there. Yeah, I gotta get to work unpacking this and bringing it inside, but once I got it all set, I'll be back so, let's go and get this inside, finally!

Gypsy was the one being the loudest, so she gets what she wants, she knows how to get what she wants and she just, you know what you're doing. She's smarter than I am.

So yeah! As you can see, this is 75 gallon aquarium. So this thing is 26 inches high, 36 long, and 18 inches deep. Gonna be my brand new, freshwater planted tank. We're currently in my kitchen. This is not going to be where the tank goes, I've just placed it here temporarily, because I want to put this tank where my freshwater aquarium I already have is, because I'm gonna be kind of swapping them out, and I'm gonna be dumping my old freshwater tank that I got from PetSmart, and replacing it for this work of art. So, for anyone who might be new to my channel, I currently have a 60-gallon planted tank that I set up a couple years ago. It was my very first — it was my very first freshwater tank that I set up, not really knowing what I was doing at the time and I've been really proud of it because it was my first tank, but now that I'm getting more into the fish keeping world, I realized how lame my tank really is, and I hate it now. So I was like, we need to just upgrade things, we need to take it to the next level so, you know, I contacted Custom Aquariums. I was like, "Guys, I need a cool aquarium, like please help me." And I have a cool aquarium now, and I'm so happy about it. So, again, this is 75 gallons. This here is solid oak wood with a dark walnut stain. It's so fancy, like it's way too fancy to be in my house. I'm just blown away, like it looks amazing. Ultra clear glass. The glass looks really, really thick and a heavy duty. Like everything is just built so well, and I just kind of wanted to give you guys like an overview — Gypsy, just stop, stop Gypsy, you need to calm down.

I wanted to give you guys an overview of kind of like everything that I got here delivered to me. I'll go more into detail about everything once it's all set up in a future video. I'll go more into specifics on everything but I just kind of wanted to give you an overview of what we're working with, because again, this is not set up yet. All the plumbing isn't quite finished, and I'm not going to be setting it up until I get a custom background in. I should probably explain that I have a custom background being made for this aquarium. It's hopefully gonna be getting here pretty soon, but until then, I can't set this up yet. Once it gets here, I'll be making a video of me installing the background and then we can finally, you know, fill up the tank, aquascape it, get all the plants in there, and we can start deciding what to put in the tank. I need your guys's help deciding what should I put in here. Because I got a bunch of fish for my old freshwater tank when I first started it, but as time went on, fish started dying here and there. I never really bought new fish so, so my old tank literally doesn't have that many fish in there at all. So I'm considering just keeping a couple of the fish from my old tank, and potentially, taking this new tank in a new direction. I was thinking it would be really cool to do something like angelfish or discus, something like that, but also I thought it'd be really dope to just have a community tank with like a bunch of cool stuff like neon tetras, and like, just a bunch of cool fish. Like, a variety. So let me know what you guys think. I love discuss, I love angelfish, I want to take it to the next step, but I also love community planted tanks that are just with a bunch of like, cool, friendly fish, so figuring that out, I'm thinking I'm leaning more towards just doing another community tank, but angelfish would be cool, discus would be really sick. I feel like that's not gonna happen now. Gypsy, what do you think I should do? Should I do angelfish? Should I do discus?

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