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Blackwater Aquarium: 165 Gallons

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Mike: What's up YouTube? Mike from Mass here, MASS Aquariums. This is an update on my 135 gallon cube South American blackwater tank which you may notice there's a betta in there. Now, I don't think they are in South America as far as I know but I got a betta and needed to home it for somebody else and this is where he's ended up for today and the foreseeable future until I get the second spec set up right next to Mr. Seeds spec, but this is the 135 gallon update. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button, hit the notification bell so you can get all my videos and let's get right into it. I'll give you some close-ups after I talk a little bit about what's going on.

I just did a big water change, 50% I took out over 60 gallons, cleaned the glass, took off the outtakes and cleaned nozzle, cleaned the return pump, cleaned the filter sock and new carbon, the works. Just a complete overhaul, three month in overhaul. Not three month in. Three months. I usually do the works every so often probably about three weeks I do a water change but every three months I just completely do the whole thing. Angels are doing great, growing extremely quickly. Plants are doing awesome. All the pathos are growing as you can see like crazy up and the root system is unbelievable, the mangroves are growing.

I got these Madagascar lace right in the middle- I'll give you a close-up after I talk about the tank, and these two cool plants on the right and the left, have already sent out these massive shoots and are flowering. Water quality is good. The tank still looks awesome. I know this is a flat view, this literally could be like a two inch wide tank but we'll get right into it. The seamless sump from Custom Aquariums sponsored by them is doing unbelievable. I have no problems whatsoever, quiet, super easy to use, very, very simple I would recommend the sump and trust me I have a glass sump custom made that probably cost $500, $600 right next to me that I'm using for storage. Kudos to Custom Aquariums for their seamless sumps. That's about it. Let's get it on some close-ups of the fish and stuff.

As you guys can see the plant growth from the pathos is out of control, it just grows like crazy. I got all the strings attached to it, it's going to grow up the driftwood, grow right up the strings, right towards the light, looking really cool, spectacular. That's what a flat view you got. I just want to show right here how big the actual tank is if you're new to my channel and or not always watching. I've never seen different corners, different angles of the tank. The thing is just massive. Beautiful, beautiful footprint. I'm going to put my light back. There we go. Sorry about that.

Got some tons and tons of snails in here taking care of the glass, the rocks, the works. Got two bristlenose plecos that do their job as well as a common plecos, I know, which is going to get super, super huge. I already have someone who's going to take them in a 500 gallon tank. Whenever is that, a couple years, maybe three four years. Hardscape, I'm still loving rockwork, just nailed it in my opinion as far as the way everything's set up and coming together the way I wanted it to. Look at this plant right here. Beautiful, beautiful leaves. Sent up one flower the other day, it hasn't reached the top and then you got this one right here wrapped right there. Grab it for you. All goodness, look at that. Pretty cool.

Overall, extremely happy with the tank, got this extra moss ball set as well I had to throw it in here wouldn't fit in the spec, it's going in the neck spec for this betta that's coming in. Angels are doing great. I need a lot more fish. I ordered a ton of Geophagus and some Farlowella catfish that I love. I used to have in my 75. They all came in dead which sucked. There was one Geo left that lasted for about a week and then he kicked it the other day. I think I'll be waiting till after the holidays. I do have a video on that which sucks. It was not the place I bought them fault, the packing job on that was absolutely amazing. It was the post office fault they turned an overnighter into about a five-dayer and it just did not happen.

With the weather up here, I'm not sure it was the oxygen. There was at least six days of oxygen in the bags but it was just the temperature. Just way too cold up here. I learned my lesson and will never be doing that again. Do not get shipped stuff, live stuff around the holidays if possible. You never know what's going to happen. I got a whole video on that.

Just a quick update on the 135 doing awesome, pretty much getting to that point where it's going to be self-sustaining and as soon as the holidays are over I can't wait to get some more fish for this baby, get some movement, get some active. Angels don't really move a whole lot. Especially these guys have come camera shy for some reason but if I could get a giant school of rummy-nose or some Cardinals and a few Geo's, this thing's going to look sweet.

All right folks, happy holidays, Merry Christmas. I hope everybody has a good New Year. I'm out.

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