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Freshwater Planted Aquariums: 3 Tanks, 3 Evolution’s

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Mike: What's up, YouTube. Here comes a freshwater update and stay tuned for a special live stream Friday night talking about Betta Oasis. Betta Oasis. Fresh water update, coming up. What's up, YouTube. This is Mike from MASS Aquariums. This is a freshwater aquarium. All freshwater aquariums update. Stay tuned. Hey, guys. Here is the 135-gallon SCA aquarium, along with a Custom Aquariums sump which is 35 gallons. This tank has been such a pleasure to set up and watch grow. I wanted this tank to be really focused on hardscape and with the driftwood and the rocks, as opposed to a heavily planted tank like I've always done.

These Buenos Aires Tetras are savages, let me tell you. The Gios down on the left. I got my pair of angels. Eventually, I will add some more fish to this, but I've always kept sort of a low bioload even on the biggest tanks. Then look way up here in the corner, we get your Betta. Who says a Betta doesn't need a 135-gallon tank, right? This is the 135 South American black water tank. I wanted to start with this one because it's one of my favorites.

It was one of my favorites and longest to set up. Once I finally get it set up, it took me forever as opposed to all my other tanks that I just got so excited about, it just whipped together anyway.

I want to feed this tank for you guys to see what a bunch of savages these guys are. These Buenos Aires Tetras are just crazy. I know the light is bright coming on top, that's not actually the fish tank light and the aquarium light. That is the suspended light for all these pothos. Let's see if I can get the glare out. Pothos growing like crazy, I love it. I wrap them around this wood. I have strings attached that they're growing. Look at this guy right here. All these guys going right up the strings. You just come down every once in a while if you need to readjust the pothos here or there. I trimmed all the roots awhile ago, they were taking up the whole tank. These Gios, gorgeous fish. The Angels love it.

This plant has seen better days. The Buenos Aires Tetras have destroyed every plant I even tried to put in this tank, as well as the Pleco, the Big Common Pleco I had in this tank who has since been re-homed, thank you. I had a video years ago about Common Plecos in the planted tank. If they don't have enough to eat, they're going to eat all your plants. That Common Pleco did eat all my plants, but he was gorgeous. I always get two Bristlenose in here. Where does that guy go? I got a couple of Bristlenose. Those guys are the best, but here's the 135. This is going to be an all freshwater update. I just wanted to start off with the 135.

If you have any questions, comments, hit the like button, hit the subscribe button, and leave your comment below. We'll surely answer all those questions. Let's move on to another tank. Now we have the 40-gallon breeder. This tank is junglefied, for sure. I don't know if you guys remember my 75-gallon tank years ago in my old house that was just completely taken over. There is definitely some-- You can tell that this on the left was- at some point, has awesome lava rock and was a school island and was a nice aquascape. I just don't want to take this Tiger Lotus out of the tank. Even though when I do take the Tiger Lotus out, it will be so much more open and more escape. For now, it's a jungle.

I trim it back, I pull it out. I have not done a water change on this tank. I would say if I go back to my board, I would say probably July. It'll be a year pretty soon. This tank is self-sufficient. I just pull plants, pull plants, pull plants. I'm running co2, no ferts, clearly no water changes. I feed minimal and I just stock it with Rummy-nose, Cardinals, SAEs, and we got a couple of nice Plecos in here, we got some Cory cats that bum around. We have 20, believe it or not, we have 20 Red Cherry Shrimps from Flip Aquatics that occasionally- I'll catch one, but literally, they just disappear into this island of plants.

It will be nice when I can get rid of this actually because as you can see, it takes up a ton of this tank. I ripped out probably a bowling ball-sized worth of Java Moss. The only Java Moss I've left is attached to this driftwood and attached to this wall, back wall of the aquarium. All this down here was all pulled out. Java Moss, anybody who knows Java Moss you can't get rid of this stuff. I didn't think it was cool that it attached to the back of the aquarium wall, and then I got a bunch of shrimp thinking they would all just gather together, but they all disappeared in this abyss here.

I'm hoping to just sort of fill this tank up with as many shrimp as I can because it's probably my most stable tank. It's been running the longest. Really, I don't really have to do any water changes on this tank. When I do, I do a 30% water change, clean out the filter, even the last time, it took me a year to clean out the filter and it was still like money. I got that cup of Dwarf Hair Grass there for that video. This tank, as you can see, is pretty sweet, looking good. Everything's good, growing like crazy. It's not just like some random grow that it'll all melt back. This tank has been going strong for ever since I moved into this house really. That's a 40-gallon breeder. Tetra tank, Rummy-nose, Cardinal.

Wish I could see any type of shrimp, but they only come out when you don't have your camera. Let's move on to the next one. Which brings you to the final tank. This is Mr. C's tank. My betta, my Mustard Gas Betta. I do have some shrimp in here, some Amano shrimp. This tank is just growing mental. No co2, five-gallon fluval spec, minimal filtration. I have the outtake right on this heater which really disperses. There's not a whole lot of surface agitation, for sure. Look at this freaking snail. Hello. There's not a lot of surface agitation with this tank. This tank is just planted, some nice stone, nice driftwood, a betta who just got hurt because I scared the crap out of him the other day.

He looks so much better. I don't know if you can see that right there. He was gorgeous. I came in here, and walked over to the tank, everything was out. Right as I walked over to the tank to look in, the light went on for the timer and he was buried down in here. He always likes to sleep right next to this little log with these little plants next to the moss ball. Don't you, brother? The light went on and he woke up from his sleep, looked at me, and freaking geeked out and bombed all over the tank like you would see a panicky fish do when you wake them out of a dead sleep. He bounced off everything in this tank. That was two weeks ago. It looks way better.

I thought he was a goner for sure. Not even going to lie. It was bad. Normally I'm just, "Fuck it. Going to toss this fish so that he doesn't suffer and get a new fish," but I've been attached to this guy because he's traveled around like a little puppy. He's been all over the country. This fish has been in more places than me, and more countries, probably. I know he look sad, but he is extremely happy. He's way better than he was two weeks ago when I had scared the crap out of him. This tank, look at the root systems on all this Pennywort. As the leaves start to turn yellow. Even these ones back here, I know they look yellow on camera, but they're not that bad. I'll just pull them because they just start to fall off and then more grow. Then when I do a water change, I just clip it all back and they just grow all over again. Anubias, some crypt, Micro Sword, dwarf hair grass. This tank, I really love this tank. Very minimal. I do a weekly water change on this tank, but it's five gallons, it takes two seconds. Substrate, rinse out the sponges, boom, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am. Job done.

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