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Filling and LEAK Testing the SCA 135 gallon AQUARIUM: Side Note, IFG is my HERO!

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Let's see. Probably good camera maybe I'll go up a couple. Let's see if I can get on here. I got my wife's iPad so I can try to read some comments. It's not a scheduled livestream. In my last video I did say I'd be jumping on here clickety-click. I got to mute this. There we go. I got a bunch of chairs around here. I'm going to be honest. I'm super nervous about this. I've been postponing it and postponing it.

One, I've never had a tank this big. Two, I've never had a sump. Three I've never done any plumbing. Which I didn't do Greg Jones did it.

If the tank explodes water it's all Greg's fault. Thank you so much for Greg's hard work. This will probably known as Greg's tank because he's done so much work with the stand, the plumbing,and the works. I got some instructions from Greg. We're going to go ahead and start filling this up slowly. I have a bucket underneath the bulkheads in case we see any drippage.

What I'm going to do is fill it up slowly get it to the point where the sump is halfway filled. Then fire up the pump. Let's hope this does not become a disaster and water is everywhere. Luckily, it's in the basement but still. Anytime there's water involved I have never had good luck with plumbing. Whether it's house this hose, that house sump pumps this or that makes me and gets me all like super anxiety. How's everybody doing? What's up Lisa. Hello everybody Melanie Jean reefs at all, Honeybee, and John James how you guys doing?

Let's stop procrastinating and get the show on the road here. I've got my Python hooked up to the water. Got it clamped couple paper towels over here so the glass doesn't get scraped. Let's do this. [pause] I'm going to go nice and slow to start. [pause] 50 feet of Python and we have water. Now what I should be concerned about is not the actual plumbing. Because that according to Greg will slow drip. What I should be concerned about is the amount of water in this tank.

If say one of these panels crash now we're talking about a huge nightmare. Oh boy, fingers crossed folks. We got water. We got nothing going on so far underneath. Everything looks good. Let's check down here.

So far so good. Everything looks good. Like I said we're going to slowly fill this up. Lisa's promote my aquarium box what a wonderful wrench Lisa is. Dominic, the legs are not going to snap. This is all 2 x 6. It's extremely reinforced. I am not worried about the stand. The stand can hold the weight, trust me. Yes, Jean this is going to be fresh water. We got Everglow watching in South Korea. Folks MASS Aquarium has reached South Korea. What's up, Bubba?Everything seems to be dry. Going nice and slow. I'm going to crank this baby up a tiny bit.

Just a tad. [pause] Huckleberry is interested in what's going on here. Sorry if I keep sticking my ass in your face folks.Pickerel unfortunately those are also illegal to keep. Because I could totally go catch them. I went fishing yesterday morning caught a few bass. Went fishing with Greg the other day. He caught a bunch of. We could put all that stuff in the tank unfortunately it's illegal in Massachusetts. Huckleberry is in the house as always. He follows me everywhere. Yes, way easier than buckets. Seeing water in this thing is been weighing me down so much it's crazy.

Bucky get out of there, Huckleberry come on. Sit, down, lay down. [pause] I got this tank so long ago. I feel like it was over a year for sure maybe last summer I think it came. I'll have to go back and check. I feel I've been working at for a long time. Hey thanks, Bubba. Dilly dilly buddy. Tall boy on Bubba. I was debating on what I was going to do over and over and over again. Finally I decided what I was going to do and it was all about getting it down here. Getting the stand built, getting the sump, getting everything plumbed and that went along quick. Greg's been pushing me to do that.

We've got it. We've got it filled. We've got no leaks. Which is good but we'll see what happens when the water gets up to the standpipe and starts going down through the bulkhead.

I still do not quite understand how this works. This overflow box it has slits in the bottom. The water is now above those slits. Should it not be in the overflow box surrounding those bulkheads? Which it's not I looked down in there. Like I said folks, I've had aquariums for 30 years now.

I've had under gravel filters. I've had hang on bags in-tank filters canisters filters, you name it I've never dealt with the sump due to a little bit of paranoia about something happening. Power going out, not filling it the right way. The tank overflowing, all that jazz. Greg is pretty confident about this. I was thinking even about going with a huge canister filter on this tank and I decided not to. We'll just have to see what's going on. The tank itself seems to be going pretty good then again it's not filled with water completely and as soon as we get the water up to the stand pipes and the sump starts to fill up I'll fire up the pump get that ready. That is good to go. Again I just want to see something real quick here. It looks like we got a ways to go, I'll read some comments here. How's everybody doing on this Wednesday afternoon. I'm sure you guys are all that work. Should have made it a reef tank, that was one of the things but I debated for over a year and I just really wanted some big fish like some huge monster fish that could fit in here that would be like just thrilling to watch.

I also want to really make this tank all focused on the hardscape, rocks, gravel, beautiful driftwood. I want you to be able to see this tank from all different angles and be able to really enjoy the hardscape from different angles and where the driftwood is. Then I'm also debating on putting pathos in here which the roots will be submerged and you'll see like nice roots like you would like frog bit or something but then the pothos will wraparound the driftwood which is going to be sticking out of the tank. You can even wrap around some of these poles in the basement.

What's up J, hey Marcus, Honeybee, 54punchi, Melanie Darryl, Dilly Dilly, Dave's Nano tank, is my tablet pink? No, this is my wife's iPad. It was better than my daughter's iPad which ran out of batteries which has like this purple bunny thing and everything but since I'm doing this live stream from my cellphone I just needed something where I could read the comments because I can't see the comments flying up there. Dave I mean but you know what, you got to love pink.

Pink is the new black or was that like 10 years ago? What's up Dank Tanks, hey thanks Jay. Jay I'm going for the Barry Melrose, get that nice slick back mullet. I don't know, I keep getting ready to go get a haircut and my wife keeps saying no, don't do it. I like the curls maybe I'll get a perm. Just get a nice perm bring that back. Thanks Sandy. KG, what's happening? Yes, the daughter love is much more important. What else was I going to say? Better take a quick look, still no leaky.

It would be amazing if there was no leaks and J just-- I mean Gregg just killed it on the first time, the first plum. No mistakes doesn't have to comeback tonight as I'm panicking because everything's leaking. What I should have done actually is actually I have a tub because if it does start to leak I have to shut this water off and then I got a pump shit out of here. As soon as it gets to this overflow and starts going down I'm going to have to really pay attention and then hope that I know what the heck's going on.

What's up Gamer, Everglow, DubRexy. Did you fill behind the wiar? See I don't even know what that means. Is that the overflow box? I have not filled that yet. This tank is a 135 gallon. I'm not sure how big this sump is I think it's like 50 gallons or 45 gallons some. KG you may just see me run around and start to panic but you'll really see me panic if one of these glass panels falls off and water goes everywhere I may just give up at that point, hopefully that doesn't happen.

Greg said what will happen if something's leaking it'll be just drips it won't be like a mad rush of something underneath the tank. I got a bucket under there. I have a fill line on this sump which they when custom aquariums sent me this sump, I told them the dimensions and so they sent me the sump that fits the tank so if power does go out or something that when the overflow drains down to the standpipe it'll fill up the sump pass the fill line so as to not overflow the sump.

Yes, so Dave that's what I was thinking it's just to fill the overflow first so if it leaks it's not that much water, so but Greg I never go against what Greg says he seems to always know the right answer, then again this is not his basement but I have trust in Greene how if you're a Pats fan you know in Bill we trust well in Greg I trust. He's got me doing exactly what I'm supposed to be-- This is what you need to do just start go slow do this do that so that's what I'm doing. We'll see what happens.

That's why I did it live just because you guys get to see my reaction and everybody loves watching a tank filled with water like they love watching paint dry, so I figured why not, just do it live if something crazy happens it's live, you guys get to see it if nothing crazy happens then oh well. I tried to film some of the plumbing but it was just way too many hours. It was way too many times over it wasn't just like a one-time deal. Greg is here when he's here and he did a little bit at a time and so it was tough to get that all on.

Yes, the Greg method is right. Yes, the stand is legit. I'm hoping not to see anything blow at all. I mean the glass is like almost an inch thick. He was concerned about the thickness of the silicon. Yes, the glass is three quarters of an inch thick. Sorry Huck, the glass is three quarters of an inch thick. I mean fingers crossed I've been nervous about this for over a year and you know what, fuck it. It's time to just do it.

One man aquarium's, I'm from Massachusetts. Yes J I think I'll be fine. Greg what's up Bo. Rehoboth in the house, Greg doesn't usually let me down on stuff like this. He's very thorough he does things the right way, he takes his time. He didn't just willy-nilly it. He thought about it then we came back with something new, he didn't just try to Jimmy something together with parts he didn't have. If it does leak then it's a tiny leak and I'll start draining the tank.

I'm still so curious like whoever's had a sump these slits in the bottom of the overflow like why is there water not going into the overflow of this slits there, What is preventing that? I just don't get it. Glass seems to be doing good. I'll crank it up a little bit more. I was curious to see it was pretty level like really level when we set it up. I know the polystyrene helps itself level. I mean this is really level. Bubbles right in the middle. "What are the basics of sump and why are they better?" Joey Young just put out a nice video, five reasons why sump's so good. It increases water volume, you can work underneath here better. I'll probably be doing a video on pros and cons after this thing's running. Greg says, "I don't know if I tighten the bulkheads enough." I hope you're kidding Greg. See Greg, now you got me nervous. I hope you were just kidding. Why you got to do that, man? Killing me. "Any recommendations for fish on Cape Cod? I mean you can always order fish online, LiveAquaria.

"Less chance of leaking if you fill the top half first." See, that's what I was thinking, like why wouldn't I just fill the overflow if something's leaking then only the overflow is filled. But Gregg said to do it this way so I'm doing it this way. I don't know if there's any clubs on the Cape. I haven't been down the Cape since last summer, but when I do go down, I usually look for like Facebook things down there. Just in case.

All right, we're getting close. I mean the tank has not broke so that's good. Glass looks good. I don't really see any type of bowing. I can always take this and put some down and see what happens. But nothing. Still nothing. That's good. Good good good good good. So far so good. We'll see. I mean it is what it is. It's almost there now anyway. See what happens.

Right, Dave, so that's what Greg was saying, if it's going to leak, it's going to leak behind the overflow. Worse comes to worse, shut the water off, get the python in there, drain the water out, and call Greg over here, tell him to fix the bulkheads. Greg's my plumber. "IFG is inquisitive fish guy." I'd like to give a quick shout out to IFG. IFG was a subscriber of mine, when I first started, maybe a year after, and he's always been there for me, he's always been there to help messaging me, like what I'm doing to improve my channel with tags and thumbnails.

A quick shut off to IFG, he has always been there, in a positive way, for my channel. He's always had my back. I know there's tons of friends you get in this aquarium hobby, and he's been a good loyal friend to me for all these years. Shout out to IFG, go check out his channel. I know he's filming right now. There you go, see, Lisa's always there. My wrench. She's the best wrench, by the way. Lisa’s Aquatics, put your channel down there too. Go check out Lisa, she's seriously the best livestream wrench on the planet. I say wrench, not winch. Wrench wrench wrench.

All right. We're almost there. The tank hasn't fallen over. What time we get? My kids will be home-- oh geez, my kids will be home in like 30 minutes from school, so they'll probably be come running down. I got my two-year-old Lukey upstairs taking a nap. Hopefully, he doesn't wake up and come running down, and then, the kids come running down, and then, all of a sudden, the tank explodes and there's water everywhere and there's kids running around everywhere. Show us the flooville.

the acrylic The lights just kicked on the 13.5. I did take some suggestions from subscribers and took the acrylic lid off, filled up my 5-gallon auto top off, because now evaporation is going to be a killer, but the corals seem to be doing a lot better without that. I also bumped up the intensity of the Kessil slowly, so we'll see how that goes.

All right, relax Hucky. All right, we're almost there. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. I don't feel any leaking down here, so that's good. We will be there very shortly. Got like, I don't know, two and a half, three inches to go. Here's the fun part, I guess this is what everybody tuned in for is to see the tank fill over the overflow, down into the sump. It'll fill up the sump, and then, as soon as the water gets above the pump, I will flip that pump switch.

One thing actually that I am a little nervous about is, when we tighten the outtakes, one was really flush and the other one was a little-- I had to almost not tighten it too much because it was bowing the top of the overflow and I didn't want to snap it. Hopefully, you don't see water flying out of it. Huckleberry come on, buddy. You've been laying down all day and now you want to bother me.

Thanks, I hope that I pronounced that right. Everglow thinks the business model would fit Korea. Well, I'm happy about that. Thanks Dave. Dave, are you subscribed to my aquarium box now, are you getting the box or did you just see the unboxing videos? Yes, Sandy. That's true, that's for sure. She works it. All right, we are right there.

Okay. We're like a centimeter away, and this is where I'm going to start to freak out. It's really so weird, I've had aquariums forever and I have never been nervous about anything with them. I wasn't that nervous starting saltwater, I wasn't nervous making stands for 40 breeders, setting up small tanks, setting up a 40 breeder in the living room. I've never been so nervous then filling up a custom-made aquarium with sump that I've never used before. This is weird for me.

The overflow is filling and, as soon as the water hits the standpipe, it's going to start filling up the sump. Let's check real quick for leaks.The sump is filling. There is no leaks. So far so good Greg. It is a little noisy, but it's not too bad. The glass seems good. These seals we got some Huckleberry hair in here. I saw this thing on Facebook that said it's not dog hair it's Labrador glitter. If anybody has owned a lab when summer comes it's shed city. I got to get him shaved. Believe it or not you can give labs haircuts and it works miracles.

Yes, huckleberry is a leak detector Dave and he senses no. No Greg the pumps not on you. I don't have water in that part yet. The second chamber of the of the sump is filling now. [pause] Any minute now I'm going to power up the pump, Huckleberry, come here sit. Chill-ax will you? Let's check real quick on the hair again. Still no leaks.

I'd say we have about one minute and 45 seconds. I'm going to shut the water off and we're going to fire this pump up and see what's what.Let's shut it off. Pump's submerged.Let's fire this baby up. Pump is turned on. Everything looks good underneath the sump. We do have a leak on the return. I got to turn it off we have a leak coming from the return that's leaking from the top.

Hopefully, this water stops soon because the sump's about to be filled. We have a leak son of a B. Greg you on your way over? Let's read some comments here. We have a leak coming from the return pump. Let me see if I can tighten these things down. Good news is no leak from the-- from any of the bulkheads other than a return pump leaking, let me get a towel here. This is why you test it right?

I don't think it's coming from the bulkhead seal. What we have is we have an inch bulk head. We have a fitting on and the tubing is on the fitting it's leaking out of that. I'm going to try to tighten the clamps down see what happens. If I can get under there.Son of a B. I'm having a difficult time getting my wrench up and tightening this clamp. The clamp is a little loose. I'm thinking all we got to do is tighten it down and it's going to work fine.

If not, no big deal no leaking in the tank. No leaking anywhere else besides the fitting on the return pump. Let's try this again.Let's try this from this angle. Maybe I can get under there better. I'm really hoping not having to drain this thing right now. You never know. You got to do what you got to do. What a pain in the butt it is to get underneath here. Try it from this angle. I got that tightened down. Let's try this again. Put the pump on.. I know it's the pump. It's like the tiniest little drip drop coming from where the tubing seats on the the nozzle. Then there's a clamp right here and it's like the tiniest little drop. Problem is is the tubing is at such an angle that I need a ratchet with a flat head on it is what I need.

I wonder if it was just the initial force because it doesn't seem to be leaking right now.It's running pretty good. I'm sweating now. Let me take a break see if there's any comments. Let this run for like half a minute. See what happens.

Yes, Dave I did shut off the fill water. Greg, I don't think there is room for another one. I might have to see if there is. I can still turn that clamp screw, but I can't get my hand there's not enough room to get my hand in there to actually be able to have the strength to turn it more.Let's take another look. It's so tight under here. It's like the tiniest drip.

What I need to do is shut the pump off. What I need to do is see if I can get that a little bit more tightened. Either that or loosen it. Try to squeeze that tubing up a little bit more and put two clamps. I'm going to try that and then should be fine after that. Like I said it's like a one tiny little drop and it's coming from where the bulkhead comes down. Then the tubing fits over that and then there's a clamp around the tubing.

It's like the tiniest little drip coming over that. I can't get my hand in there to tighten that clamp anymore. I do have a ratchet set that I can grab and see if that'll work. Dave says, "Cold water makes the tubing stiff so if it was warm the tubing would wrap around that better." You think Dave? Let me know about that Dave. I'm going to go grab this ratchet set. This should work. Let's see if this works.

Maybe I can get this in there. No, not going to work. Let's see. I'm going to try one more time to tighten it via hand. Then going to have to just let it sit. Let me know Dave if you think if the water's heated if that is going to make any difference.Greg the tubing's all the way up. The clamp needs to be tightened though there needs to be two clamps. It is what it is. I'm really happy about the tank filling up.

It needed to be leak-tested anyway to make sure the tank itself wasn't going to leak. The plumbing looks good. The sump looks good. If anything was to go wrong with this tank that is the easiest thing to fix. It is literally PVC plastic tubing that runs up to the outtake and it's not-- I don't have to drain anything. I can pull that off. Maybe get some new stuff or try to squeeze it on a little further and do two clamps. Overall I'm going to call this success because of all the plumbing Greg did id not leaking. The tank isn't leaking. Everything works properly. When I say minuscule, I mean it is the tiniest of drop just popping out of the top of that plastic tubing. Dave has a point. If the water maybe was heated and the tubing was warm, it would fit there a little bit better.

All I have to do is just-- I just can't turn it to get it a little bit tightened. We're going to fix that and should be good. That's it, folks. Thanks for coming on the live stream and watching me and my ass underneath this tank filling it up. I appreciate everybody who stopped by. Greg says, "Just tighten the clamp and should be good." I know Greg and I'm trying to tighten it I can't-- It's so weird. Where the screw's flat part is. If it was like turn this way, then I could actually do this, but it's turned so that it's so flat. I can't get any leverage to tighten that clamp anymore.

I thought this ratchet set had an adjustment to put a flathead on there and just like ratch it to close, but it doesn't. I'll have to figure out something else. Maybe get one of kids to get up in there and turn it over. You know those stupid things-- You know when you have a drill and you put the flathead in, you slide it over. It locks it in, so can't go out. The screw I'm trying to turn it and it just keeps slipping out of that tinny little flathead. The tank is filled. We can let it sit.

I don't have to drain it to fix what needs to be fixed. Let me see. I'll show you what's what. See if you can actually see. Let's see what's going on. What' the better view. All right. we've got the pump pumping up this which attaches to the outtake and it's not these right here. It's that one clamp up there. It is what it is. We got the tank. Everything looks good. I'll leave it like this and I'll do my best to tighten that tank up. That fitting up is best I could. We'll do it again.

Thank you all for coming by. I appreciate everybody who watched this. Stay tuned, I'll get this clamp tightened over. Worse case scenario I'll undo the clamp completely. Maybe get a new little piece of tubing or whatever. We're trying to put two clamps on there and we'll get it figured out. Thanks again. PB how's it going. Thank you, Lisa, for wrenching up. I hope everybody enjoys the rest of the day and I'm out.

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