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February 22, 2020 Update!

By Dad Aquarium on

Speaker 1: Right after last video, I did a test fill and that check to make sure that my plumbing didn't leak and the aquarium was just fine, no leaks there, and that the stand could hold all the way, which is quite a bit. This is a quick update. We had another baby and her name is Elizabeth, we call her Lizzie for short. We did some fishing and boating up in Canada and some more fishing. That's my wife, my two girls and I and some two dudes behind the boat.

That's Halloween with our exchange student and the neighbors and batgirl, and bat baby, and some skiing, and some more skiing.

That's Ginny up on some skis, she just turned three in January with Amelia for the catch. Asleep on the chairlift. New year's fire. Trips to the park, Lizzie's a big fan of the swing, and our exchange student Emilia on the board, she's pretty quick, and this is me coming off the top at Mammoth [unintelligible 00:01:26]. My wife Amelia and I, my two girls and the art practice.

Girl: Can I [unintelligible 00:01:44]

Speaker 1: You open it?

Girl: Of course.

Speaker 1: Finally some aquarium stuff at long last. What it is?

Girl: Rocks.

Speaker 1: What kind of rocks?

Girl: I don't know.

Speaker 1: What color are they?

Girl: White.

Speaker 1: What are we going to use them for?

Girl: For tile.

Speaker 1: No, not for tile, they're going to go for the aquarium.

Girl: Aquarium? Are they new?

Speaker 1: Yes. This is what a hundred pounds of rocks looks like and that's a nice holes for putting crags and things and they look pretty stackable. What do you think Ginny?

Girl: Yes.

Speaker 1: They're good. Do you know what the little ones are called?

Girl: Rocks.

Speaker 1: They're called rubble.

Girl: Rubble?

Speaker 1: We're going to New Zealand for three weeks for my sister-in-law's wedding, but I thought I should get the rocks curing. This is a quarantine tank that we're setting up in the corner and really all we're going to do is soak them and we churn any anything that's in there. I hired a lady who has a Tonka truck here and she's very precise and likes to get the load very even and stacks one rock at a time but does a federal job. To the aquarium?

Girl: Yes.

Speaker 1: All right, vroom, vroom. Taking all the stuff out of the truck, the rubble.

Girl: On a dabble.

Speaker 1: Can you say special delivery?

Speaker 2: Special delivery. Do they want special delivery?

Speaker 1: Yes, special delivery. The suitcases are packed, they are loaded in the car and this is about the last thing on my to-do list. The next video I will be partitioning my sump, which is a 150-gallon glass aquarium. Thanks for watching, and I look forward to sharing the next video. Happy birthday to my clownfish who turned 7 this month.

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