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Playing in a 220 Gallon Aquarium! And getting it up onto the stand…

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Speaker: My two-year old woke up from her nap to find an aquarium in the living room. Of course she had to get inside and check it out.

Speaker: What do you think of the aquarium?

Toddler: Good.

Speaker: It's good?

Toddler: Yeah.


Speaker: But before my daughter could check out the aquarium, and get inside it, we actually had to get it up onto the stand and being 500 pounds, it's uh, quite a job.


Speaker: I think the really tough part is that the stand is so high. The top of the stand is about 43 inches, so getting it up to that level, you kind of lose a lot of strength, and you can't use your legs to lift off, it's all in the upper.

[Talking, moving aquarium]

Speaker: Then once we actually had it up on the stand, we spent a few minutes, kind of fine-tuning where it was going, and getting all the edges lined up.


Speaker: Back to the inspector and quality control here. What are you holding?

Toddler: I want to get out.

Speaker: Okay, you don't want to live in here? What's going to go inside here? You know, you fill it up with water and then are we going to put fish in there? What kind of fish?

[Dad and daughter talking]

Speaker: Of course, my daughter had to show our neighbor friend the aquarium too.


Speaker #2: What are you guys?

Child: We're fishes!

[Laughter, children standing and playing in aquarium]

Speaker: Well, that's all for this update, and remember to like, comment, and subscribe.

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