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How do you move a big aquarium?

By Dad Aquarium on

[Semi truck drives up]

Speaker: How do you get a 500 lb. aquarium into your house? Well, I'm about to show you.

First step, is to get it off the truck, and the driver handles that. The next step, is talking him into getting it down the long, sloping driveway and with a good palette cart, the driver, my father-in-law and I managed okay.

Speaker: Pretty good palette cart. That's a good palette cart.

Speaker 2: It is. Where do you want it?

Speaker: Do you think we can get it down that driveway if we're pushing it?

Speaker 2: We can, but, I don't know.


[15 minutes later]

We did have a couple of [unintelligeable] ready with some Philips drivers on them and that helped us get the crate lid off. I just went to check everything before signing the paperwork. The crate was really well built and everything arrived undamaged. And then once we signed the paperwork and the driver took off, we got to look at the tank and on first look, the quality of the tank is superb. All the edges are beautifully beveled and polished and everything was spotlessly clean. The 3/4 inch ultra-clear glass looks really nice and this is my biggest tank I've set up in a long time. It's my first large rimless, so it's gonna be really great to get water in it.

But first, I had to rope some friends into moving it into the house. It's no-joke 500 pounds. We have a single-width front door, so that is a bit of a trick.

[Talking, moving aquarium]

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