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NEW SUMP! SCA 135 Gallon Aquarium Plus BONUS Reef tanks

By MASS Aquariums on

What's up Youtube, Mike from Mass here Mass Aquariums. I feel like it's been a long time since I've sat in front of a tank and actually showed my face on camera.

Usually, I'm showing my tanks or you'll see this mug on a live stream. I figured tonight why not get in front of the new build which I am completely excited about to tell you guys what's going on pretty soon and what I have in store for this tank. Let's get to it.

Greg is coming over and he's got all the plumbing supplies which we will be plumbing into this new sump, this Custom Aquariums seamless sump. We'll going to give this thing a try. I do have a SCAquariums sump on the way but I really wanted to give Custom Aquariums sump a try. They were generous enough to ship this on over my way. Ted Judy, I don't know if you guys know who he is, they were able to ship this on over to my way and I can't wait to get it set up, super happy. This tank is absolutely gorgeous-- Hello, Huckleberry, yes, I know. Come on, Huck, get down. Everybody always used to complain when I pushed Maggie away in my old videos now I got to push Huckleberry away. I can't wait to get this set up. Not only do I have the sump here underneath I'll show you in a sec, but I also have some Pacific Northwest driftwood coming in. I'll post that link down below.

They have huge, awesome driftwood. I can't wait to get that in this tank. I've got some driftwood coming from Tom Barr that's being shipped to Han Aquatics. I've got this beautiful roof that's going to come way out of this tank. I got the gravel upstairs I just got to wash it out. Greg's got his homemade bucket sifter that I'm going to show you guys. I got the gravel, got the plumbing, driftwood's on its way and then I'm going to buy some nice river rock and we're going to hardscape the crap out of this 36 by 36 by 24, 135-gallon tank. Let me show you the sump real quick before I check out. Sorry about the finger, folks.

This tank is going to be absolutely awesome. Rimless, beautiful thick glass. I just love this tank, I can't wait-- Sorry for the glare. Huck, come on boy. This is the sump, it's three chambers. Filter sock comes in this. I'm not sure whether I'm going to leave it in there or just pack this full of some sponges and poly filter. Then it flows right over here. This comes with five media baskets. Count them, one, two, three, four, five. This will house my bio home which will house my beneficial bacteria. Then like any sump that goes under comes up and fills this, and this will have my return pump in.

Fairly simple. Plumbing goes from the tank under here into the first chamber, overflows into the second chamber, overflows into the third chamber. Return pump pumps it back up to the overflow which will have these nozzles sticking out for both ways. Then I'm going to have a few wavemakers, a couple of airstones. I'm really just going to focus on hardscape. That's all I've got to say. This is a quick one, I'm going to give you a quick bonus vid of the 13.5-gallon Fluval Nano. You can see I've got some green coralline that'll turn purple soon. These rocks are going to be all purple soon. Corals are starting to take over.

Clownfish is getting nice and plump, Gobies are still alive and very nicely getting along which is awesome because these fish was so tiny when I bought them a couple of months ago. I was like, "Oh my God, tiny fish never live" but these saltwater fish are really cool. Love these Gobies. Clownfish is really plump. of my aquarium box, folks. Aquatic Christmas every month. Now we got the 40. Got the three blue Chromis still alive so they also came well and lived well. Got my Clownfish pair that's been in here for three years now. There he is look it, Mr. Grumpy Face has shown his grumpy face.

This fish was my very first saltwater fish in this tank. Sometimes he disappears for a long time and I never see him, and I wonder if he's dead, and then I get sad for half a second but he's still there, and he still has a giant grumpy face. Tank's looking good. Where's Mr. Hawkfish? I don't see him, usually he comes to-- There he is. Anytime I don't see Mr. T, I get nervous for half a second because he did jump into a breeder box full of one time. I thought he was dead because I couldn't find him for a week. Then finally my dumbass decided to look and see if he was in that and he is.

Tank looks bomb. Huckleberry, Hucky, Huck, Huck, Huck say goodbye. Peace, this is Mike from Mass get yourself a my aquarium box. I'm out.

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