Seamless Sump® Aquarium Sumps Filtration System

seamless® sump

Fully Functional One Piece Molded Filter Tubs, A Revolution in the Aquarium Sumps And Filtration System

seamless sump® filter sock tub aquarium sumps

The Seamless Sump® Filter Sock Tub

seamless sump® baffle tub aquarium sumps

The Seamless Sump® Baffle Tub

seamless sump® reservoir tub aquarium sumps

The Seamless Sump® Resevoir Tub

seamless sump® aquarium sumps filtration system

The Patent Pending Seamless Sump® aquarium sumps filtration system

  • One piece molded construction- no seams, no welds, NO LEAKS!
  • Glass lids - no warping or yellowing, great for UV lights
  • Made of High Density Polyethylene
  • Far superior to acrylic or glass for sump use-No more brittle, stale, “old tank” syndrome
  • Three different tubs are easily interconnected and expandable for many configurations
  • Fits in most commercially available stands from the front!
  • Great for both salt and fresh water tanks-Compartmentalizes the various filtration tasks
  • Optimizes micro particle filtration, biological filtration, and aeration
  • Easily transforms from a wet filter to a wet/dry filter
  • Works great with the H2Overflow® system or any other 1-1/2” overflow
  • Cord management grommets to easily plug in your heaters and pumps
  • Pre-molded pilot hole dimples- easy fabrication for many custom bulkhead configurations
  • Commercial quality, professional look and feel-Engineered and Built to Last a LIFETIME!

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Aquarium Sumps Key Features and Details

Seamless Sumps® Aquarium Filters - Filter Sock Tub Key Features:

  • Prevents debris from entering your media stack
  • Polishes micro particles from water for extreme water clarity
  • Easy to change sock without turning off your pumps
  • No high-pressure seal that can leak
  • Water can bypass sock in the highly unlikely event it gets clogged without disrupting the remainder of the filter system
  • Glass lid won’t turn yellow or curl
  • Comes with a 100-micron filter sock and bracket
  • Replacement socks inexpensive / disposable / reusable
  • Tub made from 1 piece molded HDPE sump material, a material far superior to glass or acrylic for this use
  • A must for any aquarium sumps system.

Seamless Sump® Double Filter Sock Tub Key Features:

  • Up to 2400GPH of flow!
  • Can handle up to two H2Overflows
  • Adds very little to the footprint of your filtration system with very little added cost as compared to a single sock tub
  • Sturdy HDPE construction that is easy to clean and will not absorb chemicals
  • Glass lid will not warp or turn yellow
  • All of the other benefits of the single sock tub!
  • A great upgrade for any sump system

Seamless Sump® Jumbo 4 Sock Aquarium Filter/Protein Skimmer Tub Key Features:

  • Height of a sock tub with footprint of a reservoir tub
  • Up to 4 aquarium filters socks for a flow rate of up to 4800GPH!
  • Can accept up to four H2Overflows in a single tub!
  • Large reservoir area perfect for submersible skimmers and/or live rock
  • Hinged glass canopy (optional) minimizes evaporation and lets you view the top of your skimmer
  • Adds massive water volume, flow rates, and particle filtration with minimal footprint and cost

Seamless Aquarium Sumps ® Baffle Tub Key Features:

  • Most innovative, patent-pending baffle design on the market!
  • One piece molded baffle design - no seams, no welds, no leaks!
  • Media baskets provide organized, high volume, high surface area, efficient bacteria culture for biological filtration
  • Easily organize and rotate media baskets providing a consistent, fresh supply of bio media to the culture
  • Optional pad on top of media stack prevents debris and refuse from getting into your media stack
  • Baffle design prevents debris and micro bubbles from getting to the pump side of the tank
  • Baffle design ensures media stack always submerged in water even if water levels go down on right side due to evaporation
  • Not under pressure - no reliance on seals that can fail over time
  • Redundant pumps - in the event of a failure replace an inexpensive pump rather than an entire filter-Use with Siphon Stopper® to drastically reduce likelihood of back siphoning
  • Comes standard with cord management grommet to easily connect your pumps, heaters, and other in sump equipment
  • Standard 2” molded in slip fitting over media stack to easily connect to your overflow
  • Many other configurations available.

Seamless Aquarium Sumps ® Reservoir Tub Key Features:

  • Use to compliment the sock tub or baffle tub, or as a stand-alone sump or refugium system
  • Use as an evaporation tub, refugium tub, feeder fish tub, or simply to add water volume to the entire system
  • Glass lid won’t yellow or curl, great for UV plant lights
  • Easily fabricate holes for tubing, bulkheads etc. to the top or sides of the tub
  • Pre-molded pilot hole dimples ensure consistent height and spacing for fabricating a multitude of configurations
  • Recirculation tee in line with baffle pump allows controlled reservoir circulation without investing in another pump
  • Many more uses and features.

Seamless Aquarium Sumps ® Mini Reservoir Tub Key Features:

  • Same features and benefits of the standard reservoir tub
  • Slightly smaller footprint allows more tubs in smaller stands
  • HDPE construction has no welds, no seams, no leaks!
  • Great for evaporation or refugium use
  • Glass lid will not warp or turn yellow

Seamless Sump® System Common Configurations

Below are a multitude of possible configurations for the Seamless Sump® aquarium sump system. However, the possibilities are endless. Many more aquarium sump configurations can be accomplished with this versatile system. Design your own, or give us a call and have one of our experienced service technicians help you design the ultimate aquarium sump setup.


  • S = Sock
  • B = Baffle
  • R = Reservoir
  • SB = Sock Bulkhead
  • BE = Baffle Evaporation
  • BR = Baffle Refugium
  • RE = Reservoir Evaporation
  • RR = Reservoir Refugium

Basic Blank Tubs

1S Tub aquarium sumps


1B Tub aquarium sumps


1R Tub aquarium sumps


Basic Blank Tubs with Bulkheads Installed

Note - the height at which a hole is drilled and the aquarium sump tubs are connected will determine if the reservoir tub behaves as an evaporation tub or a refugium tub. Connect them low, it will behave as an evaporation tub. Connect them high, it behaves as a refugium tub.

1SB Tub aquarium sumps


1BE Tub aquarium sumps


1BR Tub aquarium sumps


1RE Tub aquarium sumps


1RR Tub aquarium sumps


Common Configurations of Multiple Tubs

1SB-1B Tub aquarium sumps


1SB-1R Tub aquarium sumps


1BE-RE Tub aquarium sumps


1BR-1RR Tub aquarium sumps


1SB-1BE-1RE Tub aquarium sumps


1SB-BR-1RR Tub aquarium sumps


1SB-1BE-2RE Tub aquarium sumps


1SB-1BE-2RR Tub aquarium sumps


1SB-1BE-1RE-1RR Tub aquarium sumps


Basic Common Configurations of Multiple Tubs with Multiple Baffle Tanks for Multiple Overflows

Note - once you introduce multiple overflows a more robust 2” connection line is required between all tubs that contain return pumps to maintain equilibrium without increasing the risk of backing up and flooding. This is a precaution in the event one overflow takes on water at a greater rate than the other.

2SB-2B Tub


2SB-2BE-1RE Tub


2SB-2BR-1RR Tub